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Crowdfunding: 9 platforms for financing your education

29 Apr 2016Student Tips

Crowdfunding is a rapidly developing practice of a collective raising money for a project (mostly cultural), mainly through the Internet. It first appeared in the United States and soon spread throughout the world. In this article, you will find 9 crowdfunding platforms that work for the development of cultural projects and those who want to support them.

#1 Adopt a Classroom.org

AdoptAclassroom.org is a national nonprofit organization that involves parents and local community in school needs. This is a platform where teachers could pair with donors and get the resources and materials to meet the needs of their students. The AdoptAClassroom.org charges a relatively low (up to 5%) fee to cover the administrative costs.

Partners: Spong, Quaker

#2 GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding is a funraising website that works for a wide variety of projects, from individual cases to nonprofit organization events. This platform offers support and features that help participants to raise money most effectively. The fee includes a card processing and is about 6% on funds raised, while the donation is free.

Partners: CNN Money, NBC


USEED is a crowdfunding platform focused on higher-education projects. The campaigns are mostly related to technology, teaching and training projects. Moreover, the USEED is a certified B-Corporation, aspiring to support and develop educational institutions. For pricing info, you should contact the team via email.

Partners: Arizona State University

#4 RocketHub

It is a project-based platform with the focus tailored to the needs of the nonprofit and individual cases. In addition they offer many educational materials – Success School – the tools and knowledge base for the successful crowdfunding. The RochetHub fees are 4% for reached goals and 8% for not.

Partners: A&E, Comcast Business

#5 Stay Classy

It is a leading provider for crowdfunding services for nonprofit organizations. If your organization does annual study campaigns, educational events or P2P fundraising for individual projects, this platform will suit you best. The pricing has tiered structure and depends on the scale of the project (1-3% or processing fee plus $99-199/month for enterprise packages)

Partners: United Nations Foundation, Southwest Airlines, University of Pennsylvania

#6 DonorsChoose.org

The DonorsChoose.org is a long-standing crowdfunding platform related with charity in education. It engages the community in helping the schools and students in their needs. The platform is completely free for teachers.

Partners: Google.org, Apollo Education Group, Students stand with Malala

#7 Piglt

This is a education-related entrepreneurial crowdfunding platform offering online tools to raise money for both individual and organization projects. The platform highlights that end beneficiaries of the Piglt-supported campaigns are students of any kind of educational establishments. The campaigns are charged 5% fee if the goal is reached and 8% if not.

Partners: Loyola Marymount University, Skidmore College

#8 Crowdfunder.co.uk

The United Kingdom crowdfunding platform focused on individual cases and projects. The main purpose is to help people to “turn the great ideas into reality”. Main categories of the campaigns are Community, Environment, Schools and University.

Partners: Plymouth University, European Union Fund, Cabinet Office

#9 Hubbub

Hubbub is a crowdfunding network. The key advantage is a team’s expertise in education and social fund raising. The platform gives an opportunity to integrate with existing common processes and campaigns. The main focus of Hubbub is on school, college, university, charity and student projects. Hubbub platform is free and it only applies of between 1,9% and 5% processing fees.

Partners: University of Leicester, University of Plymouth Students' Union, University of Bristol Union


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