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Learn How to Write an Annotated Bibliography From Experts

10 Aug 2018

After composing your research project, you then have to create a page of references, and depending on your professor, you might have to create an annotated bibliography. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to do this, and do it well!

how to write an annotated bibliography

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Developing a Dissertation Outline

21 May 2018

Writing a dissertation thesis is the most time-consuming phase of a student’s postgraduate education. Before you dive deeply into the process of creating a scientific masterpiece, it is essential to develop a plan for completing your inquiry successfully. If you are not sure about what you have to do, you should find some dissertation or essay outline templates online.

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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

17 May 2018

Writing a dissertation proposal is an initial phase before you start writing a thesis to receive your Master’s or Ph.D. degree. It is crucial to be innovative and exceptional. It has to reveal the importance of the research and outline the methodology of your future investigation. The paper enables you to verify the topic of the thesis, although it can be changed during the process of writing.

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How To Write a Dissertation?

13 May 2018

Doctoral studies (Ph.D.) for some students can be a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and support for their research, and for others – an extra "a headache". Not everyone is ready to go for it. Indeed, admission to PhD – this is perhaps the most important step for the student because it is the highest level of education. Thus, obtaining a Doctoral degree always demands energy, commitment, time and money from students. In short, the doctorate is not for everyone. Therefore, to enroll in the PhD programs you need to be highly motivated.

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Structuring a Dissertation & Thesis

10 May 2018

A dissertation is the final step of your educational path to get a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. It shows all knowledge and skills you acquire to conduct a scientific project. It demonstrates an ability to set the targets, critically analyze the data, and produce a deep survey of the literature. The academic discourse has to find the solutions and clarifications, provide comparisons, and generalize what findings can be used to extend theory. Remember that fruitful academic writings are those, which are narrowly focused.

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How To Write A Précis Efficiently

17 Apr 2018

College life can be fun until that bubble of happiness bursts due to the workload modern students have to cope with. Some students possess strict dedication towards learning process, others would like to have more free time and fun. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your college life! However, you cannot miss the submission date because you may not get your degree.

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How to Write a Professional Business Email?

11 Apr 2018

For every business around the world knowledge regarding how to write a business email has become a necessity, thanks to the advances in technology that now exist and keep coming. The importance of this issue is not only stuck on having the ability to write brochures, but it also focuses on finding how to make it in an effective way to take a company to success. It might seem simple, but worldwide this form of communication is used more regularly than it is believed. That’s why every person who is trying to start a business or make it grow, always tries to make contact with the majority of partners possible. And to achieve this goal, the content of messages has to be well-explained and take some requirements in count not to be ignored. Even having a business email account, it doesn’t mean that every message is going to be read and answered.

What Is Business Email Writing?

This is just a method that it is used specifically for business communication that represents an important tool for every company. It helps to establish relationships with partners, sponsors, colleagues, and others. It is written with a high level of grammar and a formal language. They are usually composed by the name of the company in the address ([email protected]). Also they are a big and simple contribution to the advertising. How is this possible? It is because as the name of the company is included in the address, people will be able to see where the message comes from, they will immediately recognize that is from a company and will give it a chance. It doesn’t matter if a recipient doesn’t know the name; it will take into consideration that comes from a company and might be interested in reading the information that comes in it. Of course, to get this opportunity it is important to try to get the best business emails, which should be attractive and representative.

For the best email writing it is crucial to know exactly the objective of the message that you want to send. Fortunately, there are structures that can be followed by everyone who wants to start to write a business email on their own.

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Definition and Basic Rules of Academic Writing

04 Apr 2018

It is quite difficult to come up with a strict definition for academic writing term, since this particular type of writing is used in many different forms. The common things for all these forms are the style, language, structure (rather a strict one), accurate formatting, and the purpose. Academic writing style is aimed at demonstrating the evidence of learning. This term is very diverse. That is why there are few aspects you have to find out prior to start completing another coursework or research paper.

Study Well Means Write Well

Do you know what an academic paper writing is? Any piece of writing (research paper writing, essay writing, lab reports, assignments, and dissertations) done to fulfill a requirement of a college or university can be called academic. Therefore, a broad academic writing definition could include any assignment given in an academic setting.

academic writing

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How Much Academic Plagiarism Is Allowed?

29 Mar 2018

If you ask your lecturer how much plagiarism is allowed in the research paper, he will not hesitate to say zero. Saying that ideas and thoughts are yours when they belong to someone else is not allowed and acceptable in the academic environment.

When conducting research, it is important to back up what you have found and support your own ideas. But you have to be careful with how you do it, otherwise, it is referred to as cheating. To make it simpler you can ask professionals to “write my research paper for me” because writing on your own can be difficult and plagiarism percentage significantly affects your academic grades.

plagiarism percentage

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The Issue of Plagiarism or Academic Citation

18 Mar 2018

Plagiarism and citation can possibly create great troubles and increasing concern of college students. While performing different types of academic papers, a student is obliged to stick to certain rules to aviod different types of plagiarism. They are necessary to fulfill an assignment properly. Those rules ought to be fulfilled precisely as it is stated and no mitigating circumstances are accepted. One of the most significant and inevitable requirements is to make the correct citation and avoid plagiarism.

Why is it important to cite sources?

When a student writes an academic paper, adding some proved examples that will strengthen the suggestions is necessary. Use the information to get those examples and prove some of your concepts. This is when the issue of plagiarism or academic citation will appear.

why are citations important

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