25 Best Online Jobs for Students & How to Get Them

Almost every brand uses social media as part of marketing strategy and those services and companies who do not use social media will start doing so very soon or seize existence. The first thing to do in order to become a good SMM is to know social media platforms and how to post and manage content there. It is simple enough, almost every student has several accounts on different platforms. The second step is to check whether you have all the important skills necessary for this job. Finally, start checking businesses in your area to see who can offer better options.

Student life presupposes not only constant studies, exams, assignments, and attempts to manage all the deadlines. Many students have to think about tuition fees and repay student loans or debts on their own so that they also combine studies with work. EduBirdie conducted many interviews among students and more than 70% of respondents mentioned that an online job is the most sensible option for a student who is seeking for a job. We have compiled the list of the most popular and profitable ways to earn money online.

Choose Online Job That Is the Most Suitable for You

1. Freelance Writer

Expected salary: $10 - $100 per hour depending on your experience and sphere of knowledge.

Textual content is everywhere and not only blogs and websites are to be filled in with professionally written texts but also multiple services and products require descriptions and marketing articles. Employers look for different types of content writing from creative to technical one and you may become one of the reputable specialists in this sphere, especially if you choose a certain niche and continue developing in it. Checking job search platforms for freelance writers or following other steps that are based on real people’s experience does not require any other resources except for your time, computer with a comfortable keyboard, and desire to start writing.

2. Freelance Editor

Expected salary: Experienced editors can earn $35 - $50 per hour.

It can be either combined with freelance writing or serve as the main source of income for a student who can easily proofread and edit both a short article and a long book. A student can deepen his or her involvement in the scientific world by either becoming a freelance editor of articles or joining a company that offers remote work as the editor and proofreader. In this case, it might be the start of your scientific career.

3. Start Blogging

Expected salary: $50 - $250 per blog post depending on skills and experience.

When you know a certain topic very well and have countless ideas to share with other people, the opportunity to have a regular and sufficient flow of income arises. You will have to spend some time to set up and customize the blog on the chosen platform. It will take some time to start making money from ads as well. And, of course, you will need to continue writing blog posts. Ultimately, you will have a source of income that does not require much time or specific working shifts but may bring several thousand dollars every month.

4. Translator

Expected salary: $10 - $40 per hour for novice and more experienced specialists respectively.

The rate depends on the complexity of work, for example, it may be 12 cents per word of the standard text to be translated into Spanish or 19 cents if the text is technical. Definitely, one needs to know at least two languages and be able to write and speak them fluently, this is the first step. An additional requirement is to understand the peculiarities of translation as the job since it is impossible for a professional translator to use machine translation software. Completion of a specific translation course is a must as well as constant self-education. Once you have some certification that proves your qualification you may start searching for online translation agencies and offer them your assistance. The last step in forming your online career would be getting acquainted with the professional software for efficient translations such as SDL Trados Studio or some other free alternative.

5. Remote Simultaneous Interpreter

Expected salary: Approximately $30-$32 per hour. The average annual pay was $70.000 at the beginning of 2020.

Globalization dictates its own rules for all players on the market. People who know several languages and possess skills that allow different parties to understand each other will always be needed. In fact, the demand for proficient interpreters is growing and modern technological means allow people to be present in meetings and conferences only virtually and this is very convenient for everybody. The first step to get this truly international and boundless job is to understand basic requirements, for instance, check them on the website of the International Association of Conference Interpreters. You will definitely need to finish a training program before you can enter the profession.

6. Freelance Web Developer

Expected salary: $40 - $90 per hour.

Possessing even basic skills in web development will allow you to create an entry-level portfolio, which is the second major step to obtain this online job. The first step was to gather knowledge and develop skills to build a website, for instance, with the help of online courses. Once you already have something to show your prospective client as proof of skill, start registering on reputable freelance platforms. Ask your friends as well since they may bring you many clients even if you don’t expect this.

7. Audio Transcriptionist

Expected salary: Average monthly income on one of the biggest platforms Rev equals $245 – but you can earn much more. The usual rate for such type of work is from $0.30 up to $0.60 per minute of audio.

All you need to have to get this job is your computer with a stable connection to the Internet and knowledge of English. Listening skills are the must as well, that is why the next step will be to sign up on Rev or any other similar platform such as GoTranscript, pass the language test and assessment of your abilities and start working in a team of true professionals on the remote basis.

8. Voiceover Work

Expected salary: $16 - $35 per hour.

Synthesized voice still cannot meet the quality of narration made by a real professional such as Stephen Fry. High-quality voiceover made by a real human is what many content owners are looking for to enrich videos, books, and other media materials. You will need to have basic equipment to start earning online recording your voice: a computer with audio recording software, headphones, and a microphone. Once you have everything, you may start looking for available jobs on freelance platforms such as Upwork. Don’t forget to improve your qualifications as voice actors need to possess many skills to be successful.

9. Video Captioning

Expected salary: If you choose Rev platform you may earn from $0.54 to $1.10 per minute of video. Thus, your salary depends on how many projects you will complete.

The main difference from audio transcription is that you will need not only to type what is being said but also sync the typed audio with the original video including conveying all other sounds in the text. Syncing process might take a lot of time so once you completed the registration on one of the freelance platforms, which is pretty much the same as the application for an audio transcriptionist, start looking for helpful software such as AHD Subtitles Maker.

10. Video Editing

Expected salary: $20 - $65 per hour depending on your skills and experience.

The process of getting this online job is more complicated as it requires special skills. Video editing is more like a full-time job that you do remotely while at home since it is time-consuming and requires substantial dedication. Firstly, you must learn the basics of this job. You may consider checking online courses on Udemy or similar platforms. Secondly, possessing professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro is a must. Don’t forget to take advantage of your current status as a student and receive a substantial discount on Adobe products. Once you have completed some projects, you should create a portfolio to demonstrate your professionalism to prospective clients.

11. Photography

Expected salary: $30 - $70 per hour according to Upwork.

While this job is not entirely online as you will need to visit many places to take stunning photos, the income you can make being a photographer completely depends on your online profile on the chosen platform and your portfolio. The latter is one of the most important things for anyone who wants to become a high-paid photography guru. While boosting your professionalism with the help of various courses and obtaining good equipment is essential, a good portfolio needs to be constantly developed so that you can raise your rate. What is more, you may just sell the photos you have made to the relevant services and stock photo websites such as Adobe Stock and earn extra money.

12. Image Editing/Retouching

Expected salary: $7 - $50 per hour.

This job requires possessing a good computer and relevant software, for example, Adobe software package. In order to get this job, you will need to learn the basics of photo editing and retouching and some online courses may be helpful. Completing your portfolio will help to bring more clients, thus, you might need to do some retouching for your friends free of charge just to have practice and their permission to use photos in the portfolio.

13. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Expected salary: It varies greatly as income depends on ads and side activities such as live streaming when people donate money directly. If a YouTuber has 500.000 subscribers and generates popular content, he or she may earn at least $3000 per month from ads only.

You will need to have a computer capable of running video editing and understand how monetizing YouTube videos works. In order to create a profitable YouTube channel, you must choose your niche first to become influential and increase chances to earn money from sponsorships in addition to income from ads. For example, Gopher chose the niche of games’ playthrough videos and you are free to invent something special and interesting for people all over the world to become as popular as PewDiePie with his 103 million subscribers in 2020. Remember that the prerequisite of becoming a successful YouTuber is the ability to create high-quality content, thus, improve your skills in video production and be patient since any YouTube channel needs some time and a lot of work before you will start earning money from it.

14. Start A Podcast

Expected salary: You should not expect immediate and stable income. You will need to deserve the audience’s support as you would do starting the YouTube channel. An average podcaster can earn approximately $700 - $800 per month and increase revenues to $5000 - $13000 by including ads, affiliate sales, sponsorships, and Patreon support.

Undoubtedly, running the podcast will consume a lot of your time. You may consider it to be your full-time job on a remote basis if you intend to earn money for living. Thus, you should really know what your podcast is going to be about and how to attract the audience. Following all these steps is the path for every beginner podcaster. Secondly, you need to take care of proper equipment as audio recording devices’ quality is crucial for this type of work. Thirdly, learn how to work with proper software such as Audacity or GarageBand. Finally, find the podcast host and start launching your episodes.

15. Social Media Manager

Expected salary: There is no fixed rate but you may earn from a few hundred dollars to $10.000 per month depending on the number of clients.

Almost every brand uses social media as part of marketing strategy and those services and companies who do not use social media will start doing so very soon or seize existence. The first thing to do in order to become a good SMM is to know social media platforms and how to post and manage content there. It is simple enough, almost every student has several accounts on different platforms. The second step is to check whether you have all the important skills necessary for this job. Finally, start checking businesses in your area to see who can offer better options.

16. Complete Online Surveys

Expected salary: $50 - $100 or more per month depending on your enthusiasm.

Once you have created an email account solely for working purposes, think twice and create another one if you decided to earn some extra cash by completing online surveys. This is the first step to do if you don’t want to receive tons of notifications from your primary account every day. After that, set up an account on Survey Junkie or the other reputable platforms that gathers people’s opinions and start earning cash or vouchers in a fun yet important way. Remember that your opinion matters and you can help to make a certain product better.

17. Online Teacher/Tutor

Expected salary: According to Upwork, the rates vary from $6 to $70 depending on the tutor’s experience and subjects.

If you developed strong skills and knowledge in a certain sphere you may want to share them with other people for a decent compensation. Even if it just helps with homework or online English lessons, you can still earn some money and make your life easier. Once you determined what you want to teach, create your profile on Udemy or TutorMe and start earning money online. Of course, remember that it will require constant planning, developing effective lessons, and creating content that will boost one’s knowledge.

18. Graphic Designer on the Freelance Basis

Expected salary: $30 - $100 per hour or even more if you are offered a fixed price for the project that you can complete faster.

You will definitely need the relevant skills as it is impossible to create something, for example, a logo, without theoretical and practical knowledge and required software. The ability to work with Adobe software package is a must for any graphic designer. Another obligatory step is to create an online portfolio, for example, you may use Adobe Portfolio which is free for those who have Creative Cloud. Finally, you can start searching for more clients using platforms like Upwork.

19. Data Entry

Expected salary: $5 - $20 per hour of work.

Getting this job is rather easy as you don’t need to have a lot of skills or very specific software. Basically, this type of work requires turning handwritten documents into digital format as modern software tools still struggle with precise processing of such data. All you need is the knowledge of English, fast typing skills, and basic Office package. Excel proficiency would be a huge plus as you will be able to charge at least twice more. You may start looking for clients on well-known and reliable platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

20. PPC Marketer

Expected salary: Ranges from $15 to $100 depending on the experience.

This job continues to be in high demand since internet advertising appears to be very effective. You may learn more about using such tools as Google Adwords and start offering your services on freelance platforms or to various local businesses through social media. This is the best way to gain real working experience and find a big project with decent compensation.

21. Music Production

Expected salary: $20 - $50 according to Upwork’s rates in 2020.

Obviously, the first step to get this online job is to have a true interest in music to produce it. You must be familiar with the specialized software such as FL Studio to create beats and then sell them online. In order to do this, go to well-known platforms similar to AirBit and start earning money while doing things that you like.

22. Virtual Assistance

Expected salary: The rate is $15 - $35 per hour for entry-level specialists.

This online job does not have a defined set of responsibilities, but in general, you will have to deal with social media management, website management, work with documents, phone calls, planning, data entry, and many other related tasks. Thus, the first step is to think about whether you are ready to cover the secretarial type of work on a remote basis. Secondly, you will need to hone your planning skills, for example, using all features of Google Calendar or similar apps.

23. Online Software Tester

Expected salary: $25 - $45 per hour for beginners.

Many companies need to gather user experience and fix bugs prior to releasing the product whether it is the software, website, or mobile application. Being enrolled in computer science studies is usually a primary requirement for students who want to gain practical experience and try freelance software testing jobs. Apart from being computer savvy, you will need to get acquainted with appropriate software, such as TestLink or JMeter. Please consider obtaining certification from ISTQB to improve your chances of getting hired.

24. Start Drop Shipping

Expected salary: Depends on workload, however, it may range from $200 to $3000 on a monthly basis.

The first thing to do is to choose the niche and products you want to sell. It would be great to understand the peculiarities of this type of selling business. After that, you will need to find suppliers and build stable cooperation with them.

25. Participate in Research Studies

Expected salary: Behavioral Research Lab offers $15–$25 per hour for lab studies and $11–$20 per hour for online studies.

If you do not feel like spending a lot of time to learn new skills at the moment or simply don’t have much time, you can still earn money online by just completing questionnaires, interviews, and performing various tasks for scientific research studies. The only step to get this job is to sign up and become the participant. You may even participate in clinical trials and contribute to the development of treatment options, but only if you have specific conditions.


While this guide is not exhaustive, you can either choose the most suitable job for you from the list or look for some other variants (last years more and more popular are non-profit jobs since there are multiple opportunities for students to earn money online. What is more, any of these part-time online jobs may become your true vocation in the future.

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