70 Best Student Discounts

Are there people on this planet that do not like discounts? Everybody loves when something is being sold cheaper than it is priced regularly. While some folks have to wait for the Black Friday to come to stock up their homes with new things, students are the happiest campers here because they are allowed so many discounts that nobody else in this world could have even dreamt of. So, if you are a student, you are lucky because you can take advantage of the discounts you have not known existed. In this article, we are going to talk about 70 best discounts for students that will surely make your life easier.

70 Discounts You Should Use If You Are a Student

One of the pivotal reasons why students often reject the opportunity of using discounts is simply because they do not know about their existence. Indeed, the overwhelming quantity of these options sometimes makes it hard for them to realize that they actually exist. So, we have made a step forward and compiled a selection of student discounts for you divided into the subcategories that each of you should make the most use of.

Streaming Services

There is no student in the world who would not like listening to music, watching movies, shows, etc. As a matter of fact, music can become a proper partner of yours when it comes to finding the right kind of motivation for hitting the books hard. So, here are ten streaming services with splendid discounts for students.

1. Apple Music

If you are a student, make sure to make use of the 48 months of discounted prices for students. Furthermore, you and your friends can pay for the family subscription, which is only $7.5 a month and use it on five various platforms.

2. Amazon Prime

There is the special Prime Student service package, which can get you up to 50% off the standard membership package. Make sure to claim it with your ID.

3. Pandora

Even though Pandora is not the most popular streaming service in the world, make sure that you claim your 50% if you are a student. This means that you can use the service 60 for free, and only then you will be required to pay.

4. Audible

Having discounted access to audiobooks might be quite beneficial for a student. While regular members have to pay $9.95 a month, your offer envisages a 30% discount.

5. CBS All Access

While CBS is a producer of one of the best shows in the world, you might want to save your money claiming your 25% student discount and enjoying your favorite series, movies, and shows.

6. YouTube Music

While YouTube does not offer students discounts to its music streaming services, it gives them a chance to try it free for one month in order to define whether it is worthy of an eventual monthly payment of $4.99.

7. Tidal

Listening to a good podcast might be exactly what you need when you have to learn and relax simultaneously. While Tidal also features a lot of music and videos, it offers students a 50% discount for their annual and monthly subscriptions.

8. Sirius XM

This American broadcasting company offers the students three months of a free-of-charge subscription, which is then changed by a monthly fee of $4.00.

9. Spotify

One of the world’s most popular and widespread music streaming services offers the Student Premium package.

10. Google Music

Google also takes proper care of students, and that is why it offers a lot of interesting options for students, which you can check on their website.

IT and Tools Discounts

It seems like every student is a bit of a developer these days as we all have to use advanced software if we want to deal with our educational endeavours swiftly and efficiently. If you ask, if there is a computer software to write my research papers in 10 minutes, the answer would be probably "no". However, there are numerous programs that will surely guarantee more convenient approach to your everyday tasks. Here are the discounts that you might find useful in order to ease the technological aspect of your student life.

11. Github

While being a professional platform for developers, Github aged above 13 a substantial discount with no regard to their major. Coding might become a key skill for people in the future, so don’t miss your chance to become a member of this community.

12. Office 365

This is the world’s most widespread package for editing your textual files, creating presentations, receiving and responding emails, etc. Enter a school email address in a corresponding field on their website and get a substantial discount.

13. Ableton Live

We have all dreamed of becoming rich and famous in our lives. Start producing your own music with the incredible student discount from Ableton Live of 40%.

14. Adobe Creating Cloud

Today’s world is a fast-changing one, and what seemed to be a mere hobby of taking and editing pictures can nowadays become a lucrative profession. Claim your Adobe Creative Cloud discount of 60% per month.

15. Evernote

Taking notes is an essential requirement and a need of every student. Evernote offers an up to 50% discount for all the disciples who can prove it with their ID.

16. Treehouse

Creating your own apps might become your lucky ticket in this life. Make sure to buy it with a discount while you are still a student.

17. Ulysses

Another text-editing and note-taking app that offers up to 50% discount to every student willing to become a more effective writer.

Hardware Discounts

While having proper software to deal with your tasks is important to every student, it is no less important for students to have reliable hardware for their software to work in a decent manner. Here are the discount offers which you can use to buy proper gadgets cheaply.

18. Apple Store for Education

Working on a laptop running on Mac OS is an experience that you cannot confuse with no other. Get a myriad of discount offers from Apple if you are a college student.

19. BestBuy

One of the world’s biggest online stores, BestBuy takes proper care of students as it offers them not only incredible discounts of up to $200 but also a chance to win some cash.

20. Lenovo

Lenovo has always been known as a company that took proper care of students. If you are a college student, make sure to claim your 5% for all the gadgets produced by the company.

21. Logitech

Every student can get a 25% discount from Logitech by signing up for Logitech and proving your student identity with via UNiDAYS.

22. Dell

One of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, Dell offers impressive options for students who want to freshen up their learning machines.

Clothes and Shoes Discounts

Now, who does not want to look incredible regardless of their financial opportunities? Clothes and shoes discounts are exactly what every student needs, especially when the new semester is about to begin.

23. Goodwill

Visit your local Goodwill store on Thursday and get a special offer by showing your student ID to the salesperson.

24. JCrew

The JCrew chain offers you to brighten up your wardrobe before a new semester starts while getting a 15% student discount on everything.

25. Sam’s Club

There are always special offers for students at Sam’s Club. Get your UNiDAYS subscription and buy whatever you want.

26. Banana Republic

One of the students’ all-time favourites, the Banana Republic chain offers a 15% discount to all the students who can verify their status.

27. Kate Spade

One of the favourite clothes stores for ladies, Kare Spade also offers a 15% discount to those eager to verify their academic status.

28. TopShop

TopShop offers a 10% discount to all the students purchasing stuff online.

29. Club Monaco

Show your student ID and get a 15% discount when buying at a shop, or log in with your .edu email when purchasing online.

30. TOMS

All the US students are eligible for a 10% discount from TOMS when purchasing online.

31. Joe’s Jeans

There are 15% discounts waiting for if you are a member of the Student Beans program.

32. Levi’s 

One of the world’s most famous denim manufacturers also gives you 15% off the final price with your UNiDAYS account.

33. Oasis 

Use your UNiDAYS to get 10% off the final price.

34. Under Armour 

There is a stable 10% discount for you at Under Armour if you are willing to verify your academic status.

35. Vineyard Vines 

You can come and pick up your student 15% discount at any of the chain’s retail locations.

36. Adidas

The sports attire manufacturer lets you get 15% off any cheque if you are still studying in college.

37. Converse

Converse makes sure that students wear comfortable and stylish shoes at 15% off.

38. New Balance

Of the newest names on the world’s global athletic attire market grants you 10% if you are willing to use your UNiDAYS subscription.

39. Nike

Nike grants a 20% discount to the university and college students who can share their SheerID with the company both online or at the company’s brick-and-mortar stores.

40. Puma

If you are a student in any of the European of Northern American universities, you can expect 10% off your cheque from Puma.

Home Utensils Discounts

Living in a dorm is quite an experience. Therefore, adjourning and adjusting your room to your needs might be pivotal for you. Below are the discount offers which you might use to do just that.

41. A.C. Moore

There is a 15% discount waiting for you if you have a valid school ID.

42. Eight Mattress

What can be better than feeling well after a comfortable sleep? Get your 15% discount right now!

43. Budget Truck Rental

Moving to a new location? Get you a 20% student discount for the truck rental services.

44. Hello Fresh

There is a 15% discount waiting for every member of the academia with a UNiDAYS subscription.

Health and Beauty Discounts

Looking good has never been a whim but a necessity. Make sure to check the list of the discounts which you can use to take proper care of yourself.

45. 1800-Contacts

There is a 10% discount waiting for you with your UNiDAYS subscription.

46. EyeBuyDirect

Every student is eligible for a 20% discount and free shipping of the commodities purchased through Student Beans.

47. Helberg Diamonds

Having an eligible student email? Go and grab your 10% discount.

48. GlassesUSA

Get a 60% or even a 65% discount for any of the non-premium frames.

49. Sigma Beauty

There is a 10% discount waiting for students with UNiDAYS accounts.

50. MAC

You can get a 10% discount here with your student email.

Entertainment Discounts

Having fun is important regardless of how responsible of a student you are. So, here are some options for you to use.

51. Regal

Check Regal’s website and check the locations where they offer their discounts that might vary from one location to another.

52. AMC

There are special pricing offers to wait for you if you are ready to show your ID.

53. Cinemark

At Cinemark, there are special discount days and hours, and you can read more about them on the company’s website.

54. Xbox and PlayStation

The two pillars of the global gaming industry provide a lot of interesting discount offers, which you can learn about on their respective websites.

Newspapers and Magazines

Reading newspapers and magazines, even their digital versions is important if you want to stay up to date with the latest news. Here are the best discount offers from America’s best tabloids.

55. Time Magazine

The magazine offers students a special offer of paying only $20 for 52 issues, or you can pay only $6 if you need only 12 issues.

56. The Wall Street Journal

There is a student sale at the Wall Street Journal, which envisages the need to pay only $4 per month for the digital and $10 per month for the print copies.

57. The Economist

One of the world’s most respectable magazines lets the students get a yearly subscription for only $12.

58. The New York Times

The most famous newspaper in the world drops its weekly subscription price of $1.50 to just $1 for everyone willing to verify their academic status.

59. The Washington Post

If you are a student, just pay $1 for the first month of the subscription and then get your price reduced by half.

Universal Discounts

There are companies and organizations the mission of which is to take care of students. Here comes a selection of websites that you can use in order to learn more about the discounts available to students of your college, university, or high school.

60. Zipcar

If you are a student, you might want to travel around the country, and you might need to rent a cart for it. Zipcar offers special deals for students, as renting a car when you are younger than 25 years old, it might be a daunting experience.

61. AT&T

America’s biggest cellphone communication provider offers a lot of discounts to students. If you want to know what your discount is, long in at the linked address with your .edu email.

62. NBA, NFL, etc.

If you are a sports fan, make sure to check the association’s website for the discounts available to students.

63. Eastwood

Order whichever guitar you need from Eastwood and get a 10% discount on your final price if you are studying in Europe or North America.

64. Adorama

You will, probably, find a lot of interesting information about the discounts available to you as a student on this website.

Book Discounts

While we have talked already about media products, clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc., we have almost forgotten that students might need some books from time to time. Here are the best options to use.

65. Google Books

Of the most widespread online e-book stores in the world, Google Books often embarks upon providing various discounts. Sign up for their newsletter in order not to miss anything.

66. Paperchase

One of the world’s most popular booksellers, Paperchase often offers the students from all around the world a 10% discount on their prices.

67. Freetextbooks

This is not actually a discount, but this is an app that will make buying books quite lighter on your pocket.

68. BookBub

This is an e-book selling service that provides discounts of up to 20% for both fiction and academic books that are compatible with every single platform.

69. Chegg

This is the platform where students can find the very best book offers for their classes. Make sure to check on Chegg when you need a book that costs an arm and a leg.

70. Book Outlet

This website holds a myriad of special offers for students when it comes to purchasing books.


Being a student is a tall order to deal with. While you have to keep up with the immense tempo of studies, you have to be able to live your life and communicate with people. Striving with your homework till midnight you might ask yourself: but who else can write my essay for me? And sometimes, there is no better way to let your hair down for a minute than to listen to your favorite music or watch a TV show. Or maybe, going shopping or learning new things is what lets you relax and forget about your problems for a moment? Hopefully, this list of discounts that we have provided you would be of great help. Make sure that you use the benefits that you are provided with as a student to the greatest of your advantages.

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