The Best Machine Learning Courses For All Levels

When people hear about Machine Learning, half of them will instantly think of Artificial Intelligence, while others might quickly abandon an idea of studying deeper due to expected complexity. In reality, most American students that choose studies of Machine Learning applications come from diverse backgrounds, which are not always limited to engineering or data science majors.

While finding information regarding best machine learning courses can seem complex at first, there are both free and paid solutions that fit novice and advanced learners alike. Thanks to self-teaching algorithms with large volumes of data processed, the applicability of ML is virtually endless. It covers many grounds ranging from Google search recommendations to business outsourcing AI analysis that helps recognize the most efficient solutions. 

Best Online Machine Learning Courses List

1. Machine Learning Certification by Stanford University

Based upon famous Coursera offerings, it is the most popular courses that explain the depth of how computers act without explicit programming and time-consuming tasks. Flexible and detailed with instruction in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindu, and Japanese, it meets Stanford academic standards. Another important factor is that you can check this course is free to check out, so one sees whether it is a right fit before payment.

The curriculum covers data mining, statistical pattern recognition, best ML practices that range from variance theory, smart robots building up to text understanding, medical informatics, audio applications, databases, and computer vision. Reading more about the program is free of charge, including free studies within 7 days trial. Now the students who cannot pay for education can fill out an application and request financial help. Once verified and accepted, the user will be notified. The course duration is approximately 55 hours if a student spends 7 hours per week.  

2. Deep Learning AI

The best deep learning course options, which allows accessible content perceptions thanks to amazing instruction by Dr. Andrew NG, famous for being a co-founder of Coursera and a professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. This particular curriculum is, perhaps, one of the very few accessible courses that explain the transformation of several industries in both fundamental and more complex AI examples. Consisting of five courses, it includes Neural Networks & Deep Learning, Improving Deep Neural Networks, Structuring ML Projects, Neural Networks Convolution, and Model Sequencing. There are group courses and individual enrollments as well. The length of the curriculum usually takes from 3 to 6 hours a week. There are also exclusive interviews and video materials accessible upon signing up. 

3. Machine Learning Data Science Course from Harvard University

Even though the best machine learning course definition is subjective, according to a person's needs and future major, this Harvard University offering is unique because it is based upon case studies analysis. Taking a more practical approach, Rafael Irizarry, the Professor of Biostatistics, focuses on the entire spectrum of data science research. Starting with fundamental programming basics and proceeding with visualization modeling, it helps students to gain information regarding essential tools used in such platforms as GitHub and Linux. Consisting of 9 courses, it takes from 2 to 9 weeks for each course. It sums up in 2-4 hours per week. Even though it is an introductory level course, it is considered as a part of Professional Certificate. Video transcript is in English. The course is free with $49 price for Verified Certificate.    

4. Columbia University MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence 

This unique program focuses on basic AI guiding principles. At the heart of machine learning, AI knowledge is applied to real-life problems and applications throughout the entire curriculum. This program also deals with more advanced subjects like designing and evaluation of Neural Networks concerning robotics and physical simulations. Consisting of four graduate-level courses, the price for a full program is currently $1,147.50 with discounts available. A year includes 368-460 academic hours. There are assignments and tests with specific due dates. Speaking of instruction-level, there are professors from Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments, essentially, the best experts at Columbia University. 

5. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp 

The importance of Python for machine learning purposes cannot be underestimated, which explains the popularity of this particular program. At $70, with amazing discounts from time to time, this Udemy-powered curriculum covers Data Science, use of SPark, Pandas for Data Analysis of various volumes, NumPy for Numerical Data tasks, Matplot libraries application, and K-Means clustering, among other things. Anyone can enroll, as long as there is basic programming experience. There is 30-day money-back guarantee and it is accessed via mobile or smart TV devices. There are 22,5 hours of video material on request with lifetime access. The instructor is Jose Portilla, a Masters of Science degree graduate from Santa Clara University. He walks an extra mile to make studies fun and interactive experience. 

6. Google AI Learning 

Speaking of free solutions that will fit students of any level, this program is to learn machine learning online with a wide coverage of related topics. Even though no payment is required, it acts as a high-quality entry to ML concepts, including TensorFlow framework. There is a great level of instructions that allows students to make decisions and work in a personalized environment. If this option still keeps you hesitant, take a quick 3-minute-long Machine Learning Google test to comprehend the philosophy behind the curriculum and see how it helps boost your future career. 

7. Simplilearn Machine Learning Program 

Regardless, if you look for supervised learning or artificial intelligence concepts mastering, this course has it all, including Maths with heuristic aspects. There are many options like self-paced learning with lifetime access and 24/7 assistance. It costs $699 for online instruction. There is also a more expensive online classroom with 90 days of flexible access to instructor-led training. It has full access to video recordings of the lectures. Price is $799. Even though it belongs to more expensive offers, it has unique live instruction guidance with a lot of practical projects ranging from clustering to deep learning. 

8. Neural Networks Deep Learning 

Looking through available curriculum opportunities that approach neural networks, any list would be incomplete without this Coursera offer. What makes it beneficial is the number of detailed exercises that help understand the difference between shallow and deep neural networks. Another crucial factor is the availability of the newest AI system methods that were not even possible or available for open studies even a few years ago. Although it is for intermediate level students, there are four weeks with a clear focus on a separate topic, so a student does not dive deep into neural networks specifics without due preparation. 

9. Pluralsight Understanding Machine Learning 

If you are wondering why machine learning jobs are high-paid and what motivates American students to learn open source programming, it is an exact case for you. Offering 10-day free trial, it lasts for 39 minutes and is aimed at beginners. There are various payment options for more advanced programs that are between $30 per month to $299 annual subscription. The instructor is David Chappell, a keynote speaker with thousands of successful seminars and books published. His clients include HP, Microsoft, Stanford University committee, and the Target Corporation. If you are not an engineering student or a data scientist, but a Sociology or Business Management major who wants to learn more about what ML is or what Deep Learning is for, you should check it out!  

10. Udacity's Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree Program 

Created along with Kaggle and AWS, it belongs to the best online machine learning course options because of self-paced learning flexibility and a great student support community. It feels like a true physical learning experience! Joining this program will have your resume shared with over 500 employers upon successful completion. There are technical mentorship and personal career coaching. It works with real-world projects according to your future major, so there is no time wasted focusing on practical implementations that are beyond professional interests. Lasting for three months, this nanodegree allows you to download syllabus, so one may check it in full details before signing up. Speaking of prices, there is $399 per month, so students learn at own pace or $1077 payment option for 3 months, which allows saving some funds. Students always switch monthly payments if more time is required. 

11. Introduction to Computational Thinking & Data Science 

Here is an option for those students who do not know any programming languages. No matter what your primary major or scientific background is, data science is made accessible when joining this curriculum. Based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology open courses, it has a great structure for each subject studied in a virtual class. Approaching basic functions of machine learning, statistical data, mathematics, software management, data mining, and ways how computational power is increased, it has several benefits. At the end of each curriculum part, students write simple programs as they conduct research, estimate information, and achieve planned scientific results. 

12. Mathematics in Machine Learning 

The final entry on our list is a Coursera program that pays tribute to the mother of all sciences. Implementing Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, PCA and Data Science analysis methods, it helps students majoring in Mathematics to link existing knowledge to innovative concepts, thus bridging the gap between disciplines. According to instructors, even high school Math knowledge will be helpful when entering these studies. One can choose personal academic timetable and receive financial help if approved. Suitable for beginners and advanced students, it is really worth checking! 

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