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One of the most challenging tasks a person can encounter is discussing the salary increase with the head management for the job that you already have. While there may be various negotiations in this field, it usually comes down to the presence of a certain certification that makes it possible. If you can provide a serious certificate in your field, it means that you are capable of a greater analysis, deeper skills, and knowledge that puts you above the rest in terms of a professional range. Regardless of your initial field, your annual payments will always change and make a significant difference if you can offer the best professional certifications for your job. It guarantees at least a 20% increase to your annual payments, which is a serious reason to consider making some changes in your professional life and career. 

Top 10 Certification Options to Consider for Salary Increase in 2021 

As it is with the majority of employment options, you can choose between technical or business certifications to move forward and consider an improvement in terms of your annual income. Therefore, let us review some options that pose an interest and possibilities to earn the required changes. 

  • Certified Nurse Midwife Certificate. While you may have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Nursing or have employment as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, the presence of this specific CNM certificate will place you in a different position with a possible salary increase of 36%. It will give you the CCNE accreditation after the exams that can be taken online. If you are also interested in postnatal care, consider this option. 
  • Pupil Personnel Services Accreditation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the necessity for school psychologists continues to grow at the 8% rate, which is much faster than the national average for all types of jobs. Therefore, you can consider at least a 30% increase in your salary and make a median of $57,040 a year. While it is a demanding job, it is one of the most valuable certifications to check for educators and psychologists. 
  • The Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. If you are looking for something constant, stable, and secure for your job position, consider the responsibilities of an actuary. The talk here goes concerning the analysis of various statistical information in the field of insurance. In simple terms, this certification focuses on your increased ability to study and calculate the benefits and liabilities. The requirements include e-learning courses, personal flexibility, and passing of the FSA exams. The expected salary increase is about 75%, which is not so common! 

Moving on towards various technical certifications, here are some wide-range options:

  • Process Management Accreditation. One of the best options for analysts and those who can spot something that does not function right. The annual income of such a job with a certificate (usually obtained online) is $79,000 annually. It also requires soft skills and diplomacy, which is why earning this certificate puts you in constant technical exploration. 
  • Project Management Certification. It is often believed that it only relates to those highest paying IT certifications, which is not entirely true because it also deals with Engineering, Architecture, Strategic Planning, Media Studies, and more. While it is another career with some stress and pressure involved, an average income with a certificate is about $90,000. 

Of course, many non-technical fields also provide salary increase options even for those with a high school diploma. Earning one of them will give your career a much better start and will place you head and shoulders above the other applicants that do not have a valid certificate. 

Here are some simpler examples to consider: 

  • Exercise Physiologist. Even the fitness instructors have a way to raise wages for at least 19% or about $4,000 to the annual income. There are various courses that help to obtain this kind of accreditation, which also acts as a great way to find employment at the sports academies and private centers. 
  • Certified Public Accountant. The CPA document is definitely one of those highest paying certifications one can earn even when already holding a Bachelor's degree in the field. According to Becker Professional Education, the presence of CPA increases income for at least $7,000 more and widens the gap between non-certified and those with a certificate for about $50,000. 
  • Quality Control Inspection Certification. One of the easier fields to consider even if you have not entered college yet. This particular document can increase your possible salary of up to 40% and represents a great career start in numerous fields at the world’s top companies. 
  • Master Automotive Technician. For example, the usual payment here is approximately $50,000 annually, while the presence of the MAT document will have about $70,000 or at least a 30% increase. The new responsibilities and skills will not only give you additional knowledge for the job but will secure your position in the automotive or car sales industry. 
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist License. Since most people think that getting employed as the usual laboratory supervisor is nothing special, it is good to consider this particular certificate because, in addition to about a 25% salary increase, it also lets you work and conduct research in restricted areas of a typical clinical laboratory. Be it Immunology, Microbiology, or innovative fields of science, this CLS license will give you the required access and help make a name in the scientific community. 

As you can see, the options are virtually endless for most fields of employment, which means that if you know a subject, always consider the possibility of earning more. It does mean passing some exams to earn academic recognition, yet it always pays off immediately! 

Top IT Certifications to Consider

As a rule, the IT field is always related to various certifications, which makes it possible to approach certain equipment, work with demanding code, or control the projects that have an international agenda. See these examples in the IT industry to see how you can increase your annual income:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional. Without a doubt, it is one of the most affordable, yet valuable certifications for any IT specialist. At the price to pay of $150, it's the best investment you can make to work in the development or MS Solutions field by earning about $15,000 more than those without a Microsoft certificate. 
  • Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect. With an average salary of $155,000, it is hard to deny the value of this certificate, especially considering that it lasts for two years and grants an opportunity to work in the field of Google Cloud Solutions by applying design, strategic, and analytical skills. 
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Coming from the demanding ISACA, it is meant for those who are ready to manage the risks and incidents in the field of IT security. This CISM document has a valid power for 5 years and grants you an average salary of $150,000.  
  • Information Systems Auditor (CISA). With an average income of $130,200, this position does not go without certification per se because it requires good knowledge of control, monitoring, and evaluation of the various IT solutions for organizations and medium-to-large businesses. The credentials require at least 20 CPE work hours each year. The earned certification itself is valid for 3 years.  
  • VMWare Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV). Speaking of the most valuable IT certifications, it is hard not to mention this particular document. It grants you access to administer, manage, and repair various VCP6 infrastructures and help make the required transfer to cloud computing solutions. The best part about this certificate is that it allows IT specialists to renew their validity on their own without expiration per se. The expected income is $140,500. 

Since the work in the IT field itself is quite challenging and requires flexibility, the presence of certification often becomes a crucial requirement not only for the salary increase but also for better employment options. Regardless if you want to work with Data Management or become an analyst at the likes of National Geographic channel, your chances of getting the job are much higher if you can provide a certificate that helps you to prove your applicability. If you can work with the latest solutions or know how to implement cost-efficient options, the presence of a documented proof is a must-have! 

Get Certified Online 

If one considers the pandemic situation of 2020 and the uncertain future, thinking about earning a certificate may also look vague. No need to worry though! The majority of certificates in our lists above can be earned online, which means that you can choose your preferred schedule without leaving the comfort of your home. Pick your programs, see the possible plans, and let your salary increase dreams finally come true. When you handle your new certificate, it is a guarantee of a different income, job position, and even the attitude to your skills and knowledge. 

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