Colleges with the Lowest Tuition in 2020

In our days, finding a lucrative job without education is nearly impossible. Even people with raw talent tend to lack experience and theoretical knowledge as long as they remain without a degree. To improve their chances, millions of individuals all over the world plan to study hard, but almost all of them face the issue of money. Education, especially the one provided in the US, is known for being extremely expensive. But the great news is, it’s not always so. There are colleges that the majority will find affordable. We’ve devised a list of them, so check it out. It has 32 options, and you’re guaranteed to find one that will meet your needs and interests while also fitting your budget.

Top 32 Cheapest Colleges in the US

We’ve researched colleges based on various criteria, evaluating the ratio between their reputation, tuition, accommodation price, as well as acceptance rate. You can be certain that colleges below are all viewed as credible education centers on a global level. Their number in the list is determined by the lowest in-state tuition, so make sure to check them all. The prices of all of them are acceptable, but some will fit you more than others depending on your location and focus of interest.

Harris-Stowe State University

This college is located in the city of St. Louis in Missouri. Its in-state tuition is $5,340 while out-of-state sum with fees reaches $9,529. The acceptance rate is 55.7%, meaning that this place is relatively picky and getting there might not be easy, but it has an excellent reputation and provides 50 diverse education programs. The standard housing plans include double-room that costs $7,400 for a year, though other more luxurious options are available as well.

New Mexico Highlands University

This attractive college option can be found in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and the price for in-state education is just $5,954. The cost of out-of-state education is more expensive, comprising $9,300, but it’s still pretty low in comparison to average numbers. The acceptance rate is 64%, so your chances are moderately good. Like in a college before, boarding for a year is worth $7,400. NMHU is located close to the wilderness, which enhances its allure for those who want to enjoy the quietness.

University of Wyoming

Located in Laramie, Wyoming, this college has an in-state cost of $6,151. Out-of-state students might not find it beneficial, though, as they’ll have to pay $18,721. Still, this education center has a good reputation; average housing is $10,437, and the acceptance rate here is 97%, meaning that you have few reasons to worry about. It has seven main colleges and over 120 programs, so take your pick.

Central State University

Placed in Wilberforce in Ohio, this uni costs $6,246 for Ohio residents and $8,762 for out-of-state students. Boarding and meal plan combined together is worth only $5,200, which is one of the lowest prices in the country. The drawback is, the acceptance rate is 48%, making the competition fierce. This place consists of 4 colleges functioning in diverse branches, so everyone will find an option for themselves.

University of Central Florida

Nestled in Orlando, Florida, this uni asks for $6,368 from Florida residents. But the price for out-of-state students is very high, equaling $20,980, so this option is better suited for local people. Boarding costs are $10,010, with an acceptance rate being 50%. It has more than 200 degrees, and its reputation, average tuition, and diversity place it on the fifth position in this list.

University of South Florida

This Tampa college requires $6,410 from in-state students and $17,324 from non-residents. Boarding is $11,610 while the rate of acceptance is 44%. Locals will clearly find it more sensible than others, and the available option between three respectable institutions with all universal specialties will meet any academic interests.

Florida State University

Situated in Tallahassee of Florida, this college asks local residents for $6,516. It focuses on research extensively and will be a great choice for those interested in becoming a scholar. As it’s common in Florida, the price for out-of-state students is much higher, reaching $21,683, so again, this option is generally preferred by Floridians. The housing stands at an average of $10,816, and due to it being recognized as one of the best public US unis, acceptance is only 33.7%. So, while you won’t pay much as a resident, getting it is difficult.

Florida International University

Found in Greater Miami, this public research center is famous for its credible research activities that are acknowledged all over the world. Tuition for two semesters is $6,558 for locals and $18,956 for non-local residents. Low in-state price and universal recognition help it stand out. Housing is $10,882 while the acceptance rate is 50%, so study hard and you’ll find a good chance to enroll.

Henderson State University

This liberal arts college is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and its price set for locals is $6,630. Out-of-state residents should pay $10,612 for the academic year, and accommodation value reaches just $4,454. The acceptance rate is high, 91%, so don’t worry about failing as it’s unlikely. This college has reached amazing heights in the sphere of Public Liberal Arts. If you’re interested in this branch of development, HSU could be an amazing choice for you.

Mayville State University

Located in Mayville, this college asks for $6,666 from residents of North Dakota and $9,399 from everyone else. The picturesque sights around it will please any student aesthetically, letting them explore the unique verge of the modern world and suburban beauty. Accommodation prices range from $2,310 to 4,220, and the acceptance rate is 48%.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Situated in Goodwell, this college offers different programs, particularly in the area of agriculture. Tuition is $6,739 per year for residents of Oklahoma and $7,789.20 for others. The price for living in a dorm along with proper meals ends up being $8,313.50 The rate of acceptance is about 90%, so a friendly atmosphere and diversity will make you feel at home.

Dickinson State University

This college can be found in Dickinson in North Dakota. Year-long tuition for residents is $8,768 while for non-residents, it reaches $11,044.18. There are meals and housing plans, but on average, their price is about $4,000, which is very low. The acceptance rate is 66%, meaning that there is a mild level of competition. This college covers 75 directions each student can select, and it encourages foreign enrollment.

Wayne State College

This school is located in the city of Wayne, Nebraska, and its set price for state residents is $6,848. For others, it’s a bit higher, reaching $8,712, but it’s still affordable, so if you’re attracted by one of 130 programs offered by four major divisions of this college, definitely consider it as your option. Standard housing cost is about $4,580, and acceptance equals a record number of 100%. Learn details via

Northern State University

This active college is situated in Aberdeen of South Dakota, and it’s known for its long history of education based on 38 diverse majors as well as 42 minor specialties. Tuition is $7,191 for residents, but it’s more expensive for non-residents: $10,611. Cheapest meal and housing options are $5,600, and the acceptance rate is 88%. It’s pretty easy to be accepted, so try if you have a passion for one of the multiple programs this college proposes.

Thomas Edison State University

Located in Trenton in New Jersey, this college is accredited by MS Commission on Higher Education. It’s a small but friendly place offering 5 large programs of arts, nursing, technology, public service, and management. Residents pay $7,300 while non-locals pay $9,856. The boarding price tends to be approximately $5,670. 100% of students are accepted, so apply regardless of how successful your were during school studies.

San Diego State University

This education center has been founded in San Diego, California, and it’s one of the oldest state establishments. It has a startling rate of ethnic diversity, which makes it friendly to students from all over the world. Tuition is $7,488 for residents as well as $19,368 for out-of-state students. Accommodation is expensive, equaling $16,735, but most students seem to think it’s worth it. The acceptance rate is 34%, meaning you’ll be competing fiercely and your grades must be among the top ones.

Minot State University

This college is presented by such branches as Business, Arts and Sciences, as well as Education, and it can be found in Minot, North Dakota state. In-state tuition costs $7,592, and the good news is, it’s the same for out-of-state students. Housing and meals comprise about $6,400, which is an acceptable price for most. Competition is moderate as acceptance rates are 60%. This college has a developed sports sector for both female and male students, so if you’re an athlete, you might be particularly interested in this option.

Granite State College

This college can be located in Concord, New Hampshire, and it’s famous for its focus on GSC education. Full-year tuition is $7,593 for in-state students and $8,760 for those who live out of state. Young people who feel particularly independent will enjoy the relative freedom to make their decisions: there are great online courses offered here, and there is only off-campus housing, which also adds to one’s independence. Along with a meal plan, it’s worth $9,810. The acceptance rate is absolute — 100%, so put your fears to rest.

Carolina Christian College

Situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this college costs $7,600 for both in-state and out-of-state students. It doesn’t offer accommodation since it’s a very small place, but you’ll be able to find a home within a community that always welcomes others. The acceptance rate is 100%, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can consider this college without unnecessary worries. GCC is a special place since it’s focused on preparing young people in terms of Bible and ministry education.

West Texas A&M University

Taking a place within Canyon of Texas, this college is fair to both in-state and out-of-state students as it asks for $7,846 from the former and the same price plus an extra $30 per credit hour from the latter. Housing and meal cost about $8,000, though — it’s rather expensive but still mostly affordable. The acceptance rate is 61%, which shows a moderate competition level. It offers an education that stretches in different directions, being represented by 60 undergraduate programs alone.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

It’s a public college type located in Goodwell, Oklahoma. The price is $7,930 for Oklahoma residents and $8,674 for non-residents. Accommodation in private dorms along with meals costs $8,313.50, and the acceptance rate is 89%, meaning that your chances are good. There are three main divisions, such as Agriculture & Nursing, Technology, and Business, as well as Arts and Education.

Bemidji State University

Found in Bemidji, Minnesota, this college offers the same price of $8,677 for everyone regardless of their place of residency. Boarding together with a proper meal plan cost only $4,330, which is basically an all-records-low amount. The acceptance rate is 66%, so it’s selective but not strictly so. The peculiarity of this college is that it offers a specialty in creative as well as professional writing, which isn’t provided by any other education center in this state.

Bellevue University

This private college is situated in Bellevue, Nebraska, and it costs $8,970 for everyone. Housing depends on how many months you want to live on the territory, with $780 paid for each. The acceptance rate is 100%, so no worries about getting accepted! This college is one of the largest in the state and it provides excellent athletics opportunities in addition to other branches of education.

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Founded in Syracuse in New York, this public college has a price of $9,115 for in-state students and a much more expensive $19,025 sum for non-residents. Housing price is considerable, too, reaching $16,270, but excellent conditions fully make up for it. The acceptance rate is 52%, so as you can see, despite high accommodation prices, students compete fiercely to be enrolled. Focus on environment and sustainability makes this place unique and perfect for those with similar interests.

Dakota State University

Situated in Madison, South Dakota, this college is majorly focused on technologies as well as computer sciences. Residents can pay $9,276 while out-of-state students pay $11,812.50. Housing with meals will cost you $7,033, and with an acceptance rate of 84%, you have few things to be concerned about.

Rust College

Being a liberal arts college located in Mississippi, the city of Holly Springs, this education center requires an equal price of $9,700 from everyone, not paying attention to their place of residence. Accommodation is very cheap, costing only $4,300, but the acceptance rate is about 52%, so you’ll have to work hard. Rust College is closely connected to Church, so if you want to immerse yourself into a religious atmosphere, you’ll find it suitable.

Chadron State College

This college is found in Chadron of Nebraska, and it offers similar prices to both in- and out-of-state residents. The former pays $9,714.78 per year while the latter has to provide $9,720.78. Average accommodation with meals is $3,900, a price that can be both cheaper and more expensive depending on your preferences and circumstances. The acceptance rate is 100% as it’s a small college, but education here is solid and sufficiently diverse. Business and Humanities are two major spheres you can choose from.

Kent State University

Located in Kent, Ohio, this college is known for its multiple focuses on technical as well as humanitarian specialties, including more rare branches like journalism, library science, aeronautics, etc. There are more than 300 programs provided in this college. In-state students pay $10,012 while out-of-state tuition is much higher, comprising $18,714. Average accommodation is $11,362, with an acceptance rate of 88%, so you are likely to be enrolled without problems.

Alice Lloyd College

Located in an extremely beautiful Pippa Passes, Kentucky, this college asks for $10,310 from in-state students and $11,460 from non-residents. The price for housing is pretty cheap, constituting $6,240. Alice Lloyd gives its students a chance to enjoy the rural kind of unique beauty and peace, and it has 18 major study branches. The acceptance rate is 26%, though, so it’s very difficult to secure a place here.

LeMoyne-Owen College

It’s a Church-affiliated college that can be found in Memphis, Tennessee, and which ensures an understanding and warm atmosphere for its students due to its religious focus. Tuition is $10,776 for everyone, with housing and meals equaling about $6,000. The rate of acceptance is 93%, so try applying and be safe in the knowledge that you’re likely to succeed.

Ohio University

This is a public research college situated in Athens, Ohio. In-state students pay $12,192 while others have to give a sum of $21,656, which is pretty expensive. Housing is worth $12,966, with great conditions students tend to appreciate, and the acceptance rate is 74%. It’s the oldest Ohio college and provides education in more than 250 directions, so you can find literally any branch you’re interested in here.

Montclair State University

This public uni is found in Montclair of New Jersey, and tuition is $12,788 and $20,576 for in-state and out-of-state students respectively. Boarding can be expensive, reaching $14,759, but most young people agree that it’s worth it. The acceptance rate is 71%, which is relatively moderate. It’s one of the largest state unis with five colleges and six schools, so you’re guaranteed to find a specialty you want here.

Additional Resources Students Should Study Before Sending an Application

Choosing a college is something that is going to change your life forever. You must be attentive when making a choice, so study all sorts of information to be as informed as possible. Let’s see useful examples.

  • ‘What should I major in’ tests. Try passing some to see what’s recommended for you if you aren’t sure what specialty to pick. Many universities offer their own detailed tests, Loyola University Chicago.
  • Check for grants and financial help that the US government provides for people wanting to get a college education.
  • Find sites with ratings and check how well a college you’re interested in is doing.
  • Study US-specific resources detailing the college application process.

Make a Cost-Effective but Worthy Choice

Education can be cheap, it’s a fact, but you must ensure that it’s also credible. It can be profoundly frustrating to spend any amount of time or money in a place where no real knowledge is provided. To prevent such a possibility, look through known, even if small, colleges with both affordable tuition and significant educational benefits.

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