Common Grammar Mistakes Students Make - You’re Not Alone

19 Jul 2019

Grammar is tricky. Even trying to decipher which form of a word to use in a sentence can be a real struggle. Without thorough proofreading, a text may acquire a different meaning or may be misunderstood by the reader.

Common Grammar Mistakes Students Make

EduBirdie receives hundreds of writing assignments a day, and we have come to the conclusion that word forms are among the most common errors. From a recent batch of 100 papers on our site: 

  • 90% of customers have unnecessary commas in their work.
  • 89% of customers have an instance of incorrect word usage in their written work.
  • 80% of students cite sources incorrectly in their work. 
  • 75% of customers don’t know the difference between its and it’s. 
  • 72% of students omit words from their piece.
  • 70% of papers have an unnecessary shift in verb tense. 
  • 66% of papers have incorrect word capitalization. 
  • 63% of customers have more word usage errors than grammar errors in their work.
  • 55% of students have run-on sentences in their papers.
  • Only 10% of papers have less than three edits that need to be made.