The Dire Consequences of Plagiarism

01 Mar 2015

Have you ever tried to copy someone’s work and flaunted it as your own creative piece? If the answer is a resounding YES then you should NOT be proud of it! It is not fair because someone has spent several weeks or years writing it! It takes a lot of research to write academic content.

Most students feel that it is somehow all right to copy someone’s work, which is posted online. The trouble is that your professor will catch you plagiarising in college and may prevent you from achieving the degree this year! You would need to face other penalties for plagiarism, which are not praise-worthy!

Here is a quick post for you to understand the consequences of plagiarism and the ways to avoid it (also you can read examples of plagiarism to avoid mistakes). How to check your paper for plagiarism? Can you find someone to provide you plagiarism-free texts? You will find all that and more in this informative post.

The Consequences You May Face

  • Bad Reputation

Whether you are a student, scholar, professional or even an academician, copying someone else’s custom research paper is not fair. It can lead to a consequence of bad reputation because you are putting forward someone else’s thought and views. 

  • Punishable Offence

The creator of the write-up can sue you for copying his/her content. There are copyright laws that you need to abide by. You have stolen someone’s work, which is a violation! You have to pay the price for it.

  • Legal Hassle

Legal hassle is another consequence you may collide with. You may need to pay a fine, and in some cases, you could even be sent to prison. The choice is yours!

  • The End Of Your Career

When your professor or supervisor gets to know that you have copied the content from some other source, you may not achieve your degree. Plagiarism is the sure-shot way to destroy your career with your own hands!

How to avoid the consequences?

Students feel a lot of pressure because they have to study for exams and there are endless assignments to submit. What to do? You can check your paper for plagiarism on certain sites, or you could download software.

‘How much of my paper is plagiarized?’ This is an important question to ask because you need to know how much of your paper is plagiarised. It should be 100% original. We understand that writing original content with proper research takes a lot of time.

You can add references at the end of your quality essays to avoid a breach of copyright. For example, if you have used a paragraph from Karl Marx’s book, you would need to mention the page number, book, author’s name, etc. Your teacher would prescribe a citation style for the same. You would need to cite the sources in your work to prevent unpleasant consequences.

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