Distant Jobs For Students During COVID-19

The pandemic has changed our lives, plans, and goals for the nearest future. It’s also affected the employment situation, leaving the majority of students jobless as a lot of countries have closed down places they could get hired for a simple job. The stats say that 62% of undergraduate students are employed. The situation would be helpless if it wasn’t for the number of distant jobs available on the Internet. What qualifications are required and where to find those job offers?

Distant Job Basic Requirements

Working from home is the only option most people have nowadays. But it doesn’t mean that they can dive in the online job market unprepared. Any employer looks for certain characteristics before hiring an online worker. So the array of skills and qualities you’re expected to have as a distant employee is diverse.

Time-Management Skills

The biggest challenge of being a remote worker is that you’re not indulged in the environment that reminds you of work. It takes time to understand that you have to create this atmosphere yourself. So time management is the first and foremost skill you’ll have to develop if you don’t have one. Constant deadlines and quite avoidable if you keep to a schedule and don’t let home affairs interfere during the preset time.


Another crucial quality of a distant employee is autonomy and self-training. There will be no one to turn to every time you have a question. That’s why you have to learn how to deal with hurdles yourself. Fortunately, Google can answer most of your concerns and logic should help with the rest. Employers value independence and the ability to solve problems on your own so if you used to turn to a supervisor about every trifle, that might be a drawback.

Technological Fluency

It depends on the job you apply for, but general knowledge of hard and software is always required. It doesn’t mean you’re required to know how to create a website (though it would be great) but at least acquaintance with Microsoft Office is nice. Another indispensable thing for remote work is a stable internet connection and reliable laptop or computer because without these you’re unlikely to stay a distant worker for long.


In this aspect, on- and offline jobs don’t have a difference. If you apply for a solid position, be ready to prove your qualifications with certificates, diplomas, whatever you have. In the application describe your experience that might be helpful for this job - languages, IT courses, initiatives. But some employers may not be focused on papers - rather on your work.

Most Popular Remote Work Options: COVID Edition

The range of online jobs is impressive. Nowadays it’s probably as wide as the number of offline offers. Looking for a distant work option, don’t hesitate to consider jobs you’ve never tried before but maybe wanted to. 


If you keen on writing catchy essays, articles or overviews, welcome to the field. The need for quality content doesn’t seem to shrink anytime soon. Moreover, quite a lot of Instagram and YouTube bloggers can’t write content on their own, so why not help them and get paid. However, mind that content writers should have the ability to tune into the mood and feel the difference between various writing styles.

Video Editing

Do you like spending free time in Adobe Illustrator and video editor? If yes, this might be your niche. Video editors are also in high demand as marketing and advertising are in constant search of motivated, fresh-minded people who enjoy creating video content. Each social media platform, start-up, or enterprise seeks visual support to make themselves recognized.


Proofreading is a job based mostly on your literacy and educational outlook. If you used to help your mates to edit their essays or other kinds of papers, now you can make money on that by enlarging the circle of potential clients. Being a student it’s easy to do, as you already have your target audience. Make an advertising post, ask a friend for a repost and you’re good to go.


If your friends often say that you’re great at explaining academic-related things, why not teach others something you’re particularly keen on? Of course, without a diploma, the fee will be lower, but being online you can pick up several students, set up a group, or conduct individual lessons to make your time work for you. Moreover, you can post an ad on websites like Wyzant to make sure you reach a bigger audience.

Being a Brand Ambassador

In case you have thousands of followers on Instagram or YouTube, brand collaboration is just for you. Making informative posts and advertising products is a real creative work you can make good money on. But here the thing is that you’ll have to keep the balance and recommend only those products you’re sure about not to lose both followers and job offers.


It’s the most obvious thing to do if you love designing and are fluent with graphic illustrators. Just like writing and video editing, design is indispensable for brands, businesses, or individual social media accounts. Now you can even cash in on editing Insta stories for busy bloggers and influencers. The graphic design opens up a million option for freelance, just find yours.


Speaking a foreign language is a valuable asset. You can be a tutor, a writer, or a translator if your level is fluent enough to meet the employer’s requirements. In this case, you not only get the money but also enlarge your vocabulary and see the real practical use of language which can boost your motivation to keep studying it deeper.

Top Websites For Getting Hired Online

The amount of websites dedicated to distant job offers is a vast one. The choice depends on the niche you choose to dive in and on the level of expertise you have. So here’s a list of the most popular sources for any kind of work you might be interested in, that won’t leave you jobless for long.

How-To Get a Job Online

Looking for employment online is a different thing from real-life job hunting. Creating a resume, listing your assets, and clicking a “send” button seems easy. But don’t you think that there’re millions of people like you, striving to get hired online? Here’re some tips and tricks on how to get onboard.

  1. Alter your CV. Your resume should not be kind of one-for-all. Emphasize the different skills for each particular employer.
  2. Mind the grammar. Since you’re hired online, there’s no way personal charm can distract an employer from your inattentiveness, misclicks, and other vivid failures. 
  3. Read offers carefully. Don’t apply for everything at once just to ensure getting a job anywhere. Be selective, read the job descriptions, and try it on before sending out your CV.
  4. Add keywords. Each niche has its own keywords that signal recruiters about your expertise in the field. So go over the websites, identify and add those into the resume.
  5. Mind communication. The way you communicate online is important. Turn on notifications, be quick at responses, and never underestimate politeness.

The Final Thought

Being a student during the pandemic is a challenge. Staying at home not always makes things easier, especially if you’re out of work and have no stable source of money. COVID has made some alterations and established the new normal we have to adapt to as soon as possible. So freelance online market is real salvation during this time. It doesn’t only help you generate income, but also brings some valuable practical knowledge, broadens your professional horizons, and uncovers a hidden potential. So before you despair, remind yourself that every cloud has a silver lining.

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