Guide for Marketing Students & Helpful Resources List

What is Marketing and What Does It Strive For? 

When an average person hears about marketing, they instantly think about the sales and profits that come along, yet it is much more complex than that! In addition to promoting and selling certain products or delivering services, there is a lot of specific market research work, analysis, and targeted advertising. In a certain sense, it can be described as the art of making people follow a trend and spend their time, money, and resources on something that they may not even know yet. In truth, the purpose of marketing acts like complex guidance that helps people to understand their needs and make the right choices. 

Types of Marketing

  • Digital Marketing. Any sales that are done digitally relate to digital marketing, which follows the same classic rules by incorporating them with the latest data distribution methods, outsourcing, and the different commercial strategies that range from localization to Internet banking, and the social media. 
  • SEO Practices. Once again, the Search Engine Optimization practices relate to digital sales because it always depends on what kind of strategy has been chosen and what keywords have been implemented. As a rule, SEO work is also done for any on-location strategies of large corporations since it also leads to greater recognition and sales. 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM). This type of work follows a slightly different structure by focusing on blog posts and direct interaction with the clients. Even though it is considered a fairly old method, there are still new ways to advertise a product and study the audience based on specific criteria. ​
  • Paid Advertising. It has more than one approach to the subject. As an example, print media and Internet ads fit in here. The most famous implementation is pay-per-view or pay-per-click methods. 
  • Cause Marketing. As the name implies, it is always linked to a certain social cause, event, or issue. 
  • Relationship Marketing. This one bases itself upon customer relationships and the loyalty of a certain market group. As a rule, it is one of the most efficient marketing strategies once it works.
  • Transactional Marketing. This is where most retailers inspire their clients to use various discount codes, shopping coupons, participate in various campaigns, or use various promotions as a commercial benefit. 

Career Fields For Marketing Graduates 

The most prominent examples of the fields where marketing graduates can work include:

  • ECommerce.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Market Research & Analysis Studies.
  • Strategic Planning. 
  • Promotion and HR Management. 
  • SMM and Optimization. 
  • Social Media Work. 
  • Analysis of Consumer Behaviors. 
  • Career Agencies. 
  • Social Sciences. 

It must be noted that marketing work is not only dealing with the sales because it also involves analysis and an in-depth study of the social aspects of advertising, ethics, and the ways how a customer can be protected by making a certain choice. 

Top 10 Offline Universities For Marketing Sphere 

Below are the top programs for the non-online course at the U.S. best universities, divided by course type:

Top Programs For Bachelor’s
Top Programs for MSc Marketing Courses

Michigan Ross BBSA.

Columbia University's MS in Marketing Science.

UT Dallas Business Global Marketing Course.

USC, LA. Marketing MSc Course

Wharton Pennsylvania Business School. 

Michigan State's UNI Marketing Research Program.

UW Madison Marketing Course.

Florida International MSc in Marketing. 

William & Mary College.

Texas A&M Global Research Program. 

Carson Business School, Washington.

Purdue Krannert Business School. 

Brigham Young Global International Studies Marketing.

John Hopkins SMM Marketing Course. 

Maryland Uni Customer Relations Analysis.

Culverhouse Business School.

Terry College of Business, UOG.

Lindner Ms in Marketing Program. 

Miami Herbert Business School.

Bentley University MSc in Marketing Analytics. 

Top 10 Online Universities in Marketing Degrees 

Here are the best online course options that you can choose from: 

Bachelor’s Degree 

Master’s Degree 

1. The University of Minnesota offers an online bachelor's degree in marketing with a scientific approach that allows students to study customer needs and practice several theories. It includes internships and has a graduation rate of 80%. 

1. Massachusetts Lowell Uni. This 42-credit MBA course is one of the most demanding programs to date since it focuses on financial accounting and excessive work with the numbers in addition to the typical organizational behavior. 

2. Amherst Massachusetts University. Social media, strategic thinking, consumer behavior, and social media marketing are only a few aspects of this great online course. The military experience is a great benefit. Send your resume with a personal statement and describe how exactly you think a marketing specialist should work. 

2. Wisconsin Whitewater. It focuses on internet marketing and requires at least 36 credits in the field received during past studies. It is also considered one of the best business schools. 

3. Temple University. You can choose between part-time and the full-time course. This particular entry has a focus on SEO practices and digital marketing, which is a good choice for any online course. Filled with multimedia content, it is a good choice for those who would like to learn more about technology. 

3. Indiana University Bloomington. You receive 30 credits by becoming an MS in Marketing. It studies various consumer tendencies and focuses on solid marketing management methods. Moreover, it offers practical work and even international trips to countries like China, Brazil, India, or South Africa. 

4. Washington State Uni Management Course. Even though it focuses on Business Management, it has great opportunities for those who would like to receive a Bachelor's degree in international financial marketing. 

4. The University of New Hampshire. If you want to study international marketing, this Master's program is the best choice. The course must be finished in 3.5 years. It also has AACSB accreditation. 

5. Houghton College. Become a bachelor of Business Administration and focus on the studies that allow amazing flexibility. It does not have strict deadlines, so you can manage work and studies without any hassle. 

5. Walsh University. One needs 42 credits for this particular program that focuses on ethical leadership and IT systems. It also focuses on SMM and helpful business webinars. A Capstone project in marketing is required. 

6. Memphis University. A great choice for those who would like to study retail marketing and SMM practices. It is necessary to complete at least 120 credits and submit various online assignments. 

6. Lasell College. Once again, this course requires completion of a Capstone project and some research work in the field of global marketing and business communications. 

7. Oklahoma State University. What we like about this course is that it also teaches you the basics of business communication, research, and analytical work. If you want to become an educated salesperson, look no further! 

7. Tiffin University. This particular program offers unique opportunities because it teaches concept analysis and management tactics in relation to understanding the product awareness. 

8. Lubin School of Business. Based in New York, it focuses on accounting, business analytics, and the ways how these subjects cannot function without proper management. It also offers optional internship options that are a valuable extra. 

8. Colorado Technical University. You can study global marketing concepts and focus on customer relations. It also includes interesting simulation labs that will help to understand the practical approach to things. 

9. The University of Toledo. Unlike other entries, it also focuses on Sports and Entertainment marketing, which is really interesting and high-paid. 

9. Saint Joseph's Uni. This program requires 53 credits, which is quite high, yet you can request for transfers if you have already studied some subjects. It is a good choice for global marketing specialists. 

10. Regent University. Receive your bachelor of science degree online by focusing on business management with a course concentration in marketing, which is the best of both worlds. You must complete an eight-week curriculum and pass a short interview to be eligible for enrollment. 

10. Dallas Baptist University. If you want to focus on business ethics or pursue a dual degree, DBU can increase your program by one year and include such subjects as problem-solving or leadership. 

Marketing majors are very often associated with a lot of research. Do not forget that it is totally okay to say, "write my essay," or, "write my research papers." Even the best of us need help sometimes!

Top Marketing Scholarships 

  1. Marketing EDGE Scholarship. You can receive an amount from $1,000 to $7,000 by applying in February 2021. You must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have an interest in the subject. 
  2. James A. Turner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. If you are a full-time student enrolled in a four-year course and plan to start a managerial career in the distribution of products or welding store business, this $3,500 award is for you. The deadline is February 15th, 2021. 
  3. Harry and Joyce Wachter Business Scholarship. If you are a resident of Florida and currently pursuing studies in Business Administration with a clear financial need, you can apply for this $1,850 financial assistance. The deadline is March 6, 2021. 
  4. SLS Consulting Scholarship. If you have a high school diploma from 2014-2016 and are a current student in either 2-year or 4-year institution and a marketing, design, IT science, or a digital commerce major, you can apply for this $500 financial aid. GPA 3.0 is recommended. The deadline is April 15, 2021. 
  5. 10x Digital Marketing Scholarship. It is meant for college undergraduate and high school students who plan to study digital marketing or related fields. The only requirement is to have at least 10 credit hours per course. The award is $1,000. Apply before June 30, 2021. 

Top Resources That Deal With Marketing Studies 

  1. Marketo. One of the deepest internet marketing platforms out there. It includes web and mobile platform personalization with various email marketing and business campaign management tools. You can measure and optimize ROI and conduct various analysis methods. It also includes great search options, forms, and tips for starting one's own campaign. 
  2. Buffer Blog app. It is a handy little mobile application that is followed by people all over the world. It is aimed at content marketing. It functions as a social media scheduling tool and the latest keyword searcher. Visiting the author's blog is highly recommended as there are online business tips, case studies, analysis work, and more. 
  3. Neil Patel. As the person behind marketing writing in the New York Times and Forbes, he is the person who knows everything about SEO practices and the ways to make any campaign successful. He also offers several free solutions on his website. One of them is a good SEO Analyzer, which will help you to see what must be changed for your website and how exactly. It doesn't get any better than that! 
  4. Hootsuite. It is especially good for those people who want to manage several social media campaigns, yet hope to have it all under control. It has great automation tools and reporting features that won't be found anywhere else. 
  5. Buzzsumo. It is probably the best tool that will help you with finding out what is currently trending online. The good thing is that you only have to enter some topics or keywords. It will help you right away by offering backlinks and more. 
  6. The Drum Magazine. An excellent online resource for global marketing. It even has job search listings and tips to succeed in this competitive and demanding field. 
  7. Campaign Magazine. One of the British magazines that really goes a long way to focus on both old-time and innovative methods of work. It is a great educational resource that should not be missed by anyone interested in media studies and a scientific approach. 
  8. Target Marketing Magazine. An independent publication that gives a good insight into what it means to cooperate and use various technologies to succeed. The good thing about it is that most issues focus on a certain industry, which is quite helpful. 
  9. Future Learn Free Marketing Courses. If you want to see if it is for you or not, check out one of the free courses that are not any worse than professional institutions. Be it the digital world that you are after or customer relations, it has it all. 
  10. Google's Digital Marketing Fundamentals. It won't cost you anything as you can pass 40 hours or 26 modules to learn about the basics of digital commerce and cooperation. A good course both for beginners and even professionals. 
  11. Business Events Guide. Stay aware of all the latest and find out about what is going on in the world of customer relations and the trends. Never miss an important event close to your location. Be the first to find out! 
  12. Figaro Digital Magazine. Another British entry that hosts online conferences and summits in relation to all things digital. It has a slightly different approach as a magazine and helps to establish a good social marketing circle. 

Competitive Marketing Field Job Opportunities by Salary Numbers

According to the Payscale survey, it is recommended to check the base annual salaries of a job and the national average. Here is the top ten list of the most popular positions: 

  • Chief Marketing Officer 

Base annual salary varies between $80,253 and $253,036. The national average annual salary is $187,000. 

It usually includes people with over twenty years of experience and it is mostly strategic marketing and branding of the large corporations. 

  • Vice President  

Base annual salary varies between $81,835 and $194,584. The national average annual salary is $155,000. 

Once again, the majority of people in this position have over ten years of experience. It is a job for advertising campaigns and communications specialists. 

  • Demand Generation Executive 

Base annual salary varies between $83,806 and $158,781. The national average annual salary is $130,000. 

The skills required include lead generation, online marketing, and knowledge of the target audience. 

  • Global Marketing Manager 

Base annual salary varies between $59,963 and $144,916. The national average annual salary is $103,000. 

Here we can see that the work experience is usually between 5 and 7 years. This is where project management skills come in along with the classic requirements. However,  business strategists can have a salary increase of about 84%. 

  • Content Director 

Base annual salary varies between $54,506 and $145,269. The national average annual salary is $92,000. 

It requires content management, copywriting skills, editing, and knowledge of how SMM methods work. 

  • Product Manager 

Base annual salary varies between $53,550 and $121,708. The national average annual salary is $89,000. 

The required skills include marketing research, work with clients, knowledge of strategic planning, and analytical skills. Competitive intelligence is highly encouraged. 

  • Channel Marketing Manager 

Base annual salary varies between $52,993 and $115,863. The national average annual salary is $86,000. 

The required skills include web marketing, strategic research, market knowledge, and good communication skills. 

  • Creative Director 

Base annual salary varies between $44,426 and $152,383. The national average annual salary is $85,000. 

You must know how to work in Adobe Photoshop and the other designing software, have good design and branding knowledge. Good leadership qualities result in higher wages per hour. 

  • Branding Management Director. 

Base annual salary varies between $41,245 and $145,256. The national average annual salary is $81,000. 

As the title implies, it requires good branding skills and understanding of what product description and advertising will work the best way. 

  • Demand Generation Manager 

Base annual salary varies between $51,076 and $109,119. The national average annual salary is $81,000. 

This particular job position requires knowledge of SMM, email distribution, and strategic planning. Usually, a Bachelor's degree is required with a good background in generational research tactics and business customer relations. 

Discover 5 Great Marketing Internships 

  1. Ring Central. Learn marketing strategies and the cloud business communications industry. All students nationwide can apply. 
  2. Event Pop Sports Marketing. It is for people who are eager to learn more about sports advertising and related campaigns. 
  3. Black Hills Energy. It pays from $17 to $20 hourly and has great opportunities for SMM and other kinds of digital marketing research. 
  4. Home Care Partners. It is the non-medical home care company that works nationwide with the headquarters in Nebraska. It might be a good choice for some who would like to learn more about coordination work. 
  5. Intel. Work at the SSD Data Center. If you are a techie, this is a great chance to learn! It focuses on analytical and research work. 

7 Professional Marketing Organizations That Might Come Helpful 

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