Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Halloween Costumes 2019

EduBirdie surveyed more than 5,000 students to find out how they will be dressing up for Halloween this year.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes

  1. Characters from Netflix’s original series Stranger Things. EduBirdie discovered the most popular Halloween costume for 2020 are the characters from Stranger Things Season 3, which include Eleven, Demogorgon, and Scoops Ahoy employees.
  2. Aliens. Following the recent viral internet obsession with storming Area 51, college students are planning on dressing up as aliens of all types – sexy, scary, funny, etc.
  3. Sports players. Some college students don’t care enough about Halloween to put much effort into their costumes. These students said they are going to grab a random sports jersey out of their closet and call it a day.
  4. Superheroes. Superheroes are classic Halloween costumes for college students. Following the release of Avengers Endgame this year, college students said they are going to dress up as their favorite heroes and show off their best features.
  5. Lifeguard. A yearly classic, college students are planning to find the best red bikini they can, throw on a pair of daisy dukes and call themselves a lifeguard for the night.

Halloween Stats

  • 88% of men in a relationship said they will probably be dressing up in couple costumes of their S.O.’s choice for Halloween this year.
  • 15% of college students surveyed said they are too cool for a costume and will show up to parties in their normal attire for Halloween.
  • 60% of females surveyed said they are going to dress up in an outfit that will show off their bodies like skeletons, lifeguards, boxers, etc.
  • 70% of females surveyed reported they are dressing up in group costumes with their friends, while only 20% of males surveyed are planning on participating in a group costume.
  • 55% of students reported that the weather does not affect what their costume will be. Even if it is 30 degrees out, they will wear their lifeguard costume if that was what they had planned.
  • 76% of college students reported that they will celebrate the holiday for longer than the actual night of the 31st and will wear at least 2 costumes.
  • 50% of students celebrating the holiday said they plan their costumes months in advance to make sure it will be a hit.

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