EduBirdie is Hiring Smart Watchers

EduBirdie is Hiring Smart Watchers

Update Aug 6

The application for this position is now closed. We are very grateful to everyone willing to contribute to the research. Over the last month, we’ve received over 30,000 applications, which is even more than we anticipated. It might take us a bit longer than we thought to check them all and pick our Smart Watchers. We estimate to finish with applications and get in touch with our candidates by Aug 20.

Thank you all and see you soon with the next update!

At EduBirdie, we believe that learning is the foundation of any future. And even in summer, when most students are quietly resting and preparing for the next academic year, it is vital to engage in self-development and keep learning. But we are no snobs, and we understand that any study is ineffective without rest, and the most popular rest nowadays is Netflix and chill. Therefore, we decided to combine business with pleasure and explore which of the modern Netflix and Amazon Prime TV series motivate people to study the most.

To do this, EduBirdie is looking for 20 pioneers who will become our Smart Watchers and will help us determine and evaluate which series motivate them the most and help them to perceive information better. Our college paper writing service are here to help you succeed.

How it works:

  • We provide our watchers with 1 month subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Each watcher will have to watch at least 3 episodes of the 10 chosen TV series.
  • After watching every series, the watcher will have to fill a questionnaire and tell how generally inspired and motivated they feel.
  • To provide more numeral and objective data, each watcher will be asked to complete a short online test we developed to show how well they can remember and perceive new information after each series.

No initial data will be disclosed, only the influence of watching the specific series.

  • Every watcher receives a one-time payment of $1 000 or its equivalent in the local currency for non US countries.

Series You’ll be Watching

Smart watchers are free to choose 5 TV series from Netflix or Amazon Prime on their own, but other 5 will be chosen by EduBirdie based on the most popular TV shows in general and July 2021 specifically and the watcher’s genre preferences. Series your might be watching may include but are not limited to:

  • Stranger Things
  • Atypical
  • Sex/Life
  • Ozark
  • Virgin River
  • Manifest
  • The Witcher
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • The Crown
  • Fleabag
  • Undone
  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Boys

Who Can Apply:

  • Position is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore aged over twenty-one (21) years or over.
  • We may ask you to provide the proof that you are eligible to get this position.

Who are we looking for: 

  • Real students or students at heart. No matter if you’re currently enrolled in the uni or you just study Spanish on your own. Show us that you are willing to learn new things and we’ll consider your application.
  • Those who cannot imagine their life without Netflix and studies.
  • TV series and binge watching experts.
  • Ones who cannot study without having an episode as a background music.

How to apply:

Fill in the form or contact us using the email below. (Please, use “Smart Watcher” as a subject and include a short motivation letter telling us about yourself, and why do you think you’re the best fit for this position)

Your personal data will not be disclosed or shared with any third parties.

Deadline: 12:00 AM PT (Pacific Time) Aug 6.

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