History of the Whole World Into One Sumptuous Picture

11 Sep 2015

The history of the world - a very important subject that everyone should know! It is the cultural heritage of every race and nation. But to understand and remember so many fateful events is very difficult. Many people can’t remember numbers and dates, but visual perceive of information is a lot easier! Therefore, the creation of visual historical map, which covers a huge period of time - it is a real progress in the field historical education.

This stunning map come in handy to every student and all those people, who are interested in world history! Add it to your bookmark or print - and you will always be able to support the intellectual conversation or answer questions of your professor.

If you need some additional interesting information for your historical essay or research paper, then this map - your salvation! So many interesting facts and comparisons! For example, did you know that during Late Minoan Period (1500 B.C.) Aegeans constructed first canals and developed art, architecture and sanitation, while Egyptians showed literary activity and compilation of the “Book of the Dead”. These facts can be easily found in this colorful chart.

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This amazing and simple Histomap was created by John B. Sparks and firstly was published in 1931 by Rand McNally. (Here is scalable version of David Rumsey Map Collection).

This huge, ambitious pattern corresponds to nonfiction book publishing trend of the 1920-s and 1930-s: the “sketch,” in which large items (the world history! school of philosophy! modern physics!) were transformed into a form, which is acceptable to the most uneducated philistine.

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Five foot long Sparks’ Histomap was sold for just one dollar and was put into a green cover, which showed approval from reviewers and historians. The map was touted as “clear, bright, and deprived of development,” and at the same time able to "keep you delighted" by presenting:

the real picture of the movement of civilization, from ancient dugouts of the medieval monarchistic glamour to a living panorama of life in contemporary America.

Graph underscores dominance, using different colors to demonstrate how the power of different nations’ (quasi-racial understanding of the nature of groups of people) was developed throughout the entire history.

But actually, it is not very understandable what the width of colored bands is intended to emphasize. Other words, when Y-axis on the graph distinctly represents the time, what the X-axis (marked as "relative power of modern states, peoples and empires") represent? What does that “power” mean in cartography? And did the creator of map see a history as a zero-sum game, in which human beings and nations will rivals for shares of scarce resources? Considering the timing of Sparks enterprise, he made this graph between two world wars and the beginning of The Great Depression, it could be his way of thinking. In any case, this map - a real breakthrough in the field of historical education of society. Never before history haven’t been so magnificent, vivid and colorful and easy to understand and remember!

After this great breakthrough, John B. Sparks decided to extend success of his “Histomap” by publishing two more useful maps: Histomap of evolution and Histomap of religion (second map is difficult o find online).

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Thanks to John B. Sparks and his Histomap we can hope that world history will become more popular and easy to learn subject.

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