How to Be Aware in Evolution and Life - Histomap

21 Sep 2015

The process of evolution of the Earth, life and mankind have always been interesting not only for great minds, but most of the ordinary people. But to understand and remember features of evolution, covering ten thousand million years is simply impossible. And as the evolution is studied at school and college, many students have difficulties in its learning.

Evolution Study Can be Easy

To make evolution more easy to understand, and facilitate a life to students - John B. Sparks, who created the Histomap of religion and Histomap of world history, also created colorful and easy to understand Histomap of evolution (Created in the 1930s) covering the development of the earth and mankind for ten thousand million years.

In this map the author shows us the most popular theories of the origin of our solar system and the planet, life and mankind.

Histomap of Evolution - is an attempt to visually show the development and the relationship of every living thing on the earth, from the most primitive forms of life to animals and human races.

The map is easy to navigate because it is divided by color into periods and eras.

What You Will Learn

You will know how old is our planet, which microorganisms were the first inhabitants of our earth and how human communities was formed.

You will learn when the first dinosaurs appeared, and which ones exactly. You will find out that 6 million years ago has appeared primitive man, whose small skull was thick with heavy brow ridges but who had almost human teeth. His nose was broad and very flat at the base. You will know that in 1860s United States of America imported negroid slaves from Africa form basis of twelve million colored inhabitants of today, while the industrial era has effected appreciable change in the inhabitants of Great Britain, as the proportion of the original dark, short, longheaded Mediterranean type with Alpine admixture has increased. This type appears to be able to withstand the crowded conditions of industrial life better then the Nordic type. So much information will become available to you with the advent of this card.

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