How To Write a Brochure Tips from Experts

04 Apr 2018

Nowadays, people can start a business regardless of their age, education, and even budget. In fact, many successful executives started launched their companies in their students years. After starting any kind of business, eventually, you will come to promotion and marketing issues. That’s when questions like “What is a brochure?” and “What does a brochure look like?” will occupy your mind. Well, this guide is here to clarify these queries.

A brochure is a printed tri-fold sheet made of a glossy paper. It is a type of marketing tool which should capture the attention of potential customers. That’s why graphics are used to increase the readability of the information contained. Mostly, they are manually distributed. Sometimes they are sent through email or stacked in racks. Here is how to write a brochure that actually works. So that`s very important to write your brochure letter correct to all the requirements and be, in some way, the professional email writer who can interest the customer in one click.

Persuasive brochure structure

What to include in a brochure, you may ask. One of the biggest mistakes of brochure writing is including too much information rather than focusing on persuasion. Persuasion is not just about advertising. As a matter of fact, informational brochures come in big canvases where you can support your ideas and persuade the readers. If you have all the space, make good use of it; not by jumbling information but making your case as persuasive as possible.

how to write a brochure tips

What to put in a brochure is determined by your market campaign. And depending on the sales cycle, your message can outlast your advertising period. What more could you ask than a longer shelf life of your marketing tool? This tells you that a brochure will help even the smallest product on the market due to its powerful effect on your business.

Essentially, brochures are sales pieces, meaning they must generate leads for more profits. Information brochure has to be clear and convincing, with a sound and persuasive structure. This is the type of structure you need to back up your sales process. Therefore, before you start jotting ideas, consider how you want it to be used, its suitability, distribution, and the type of audience you are targeting. It can be done by professionals when you buy a business plan and wait for a profit. 

Put the customers first

Your brochure focus should start with readers as opposed to product. The idea is to make reader feel that their problems are being understood before a solution is given. This involves building the rapport before selling your ideas. This applies to print as well as sales call. Your products must highlight some weak points before trying to solve them. Your content should gain readership by stopping the audience from going astray. For this matter, every page must have attractive elements which are both persuasive and intriguing.

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A brochure that puts readers first is a head turner. The only way to find better opportunities for selling to the reader is by enticing and enchanting them. Don’t forget that what you are selling are benefits as opposed to features. Include real-life examples and applications. This is what most buyers are looking for something that they can identify with. Ensure that it answers their burning questions. You can also include a testimonial section to build more trust. Face up to common objections so you can shorten the sales cycle particularly when selling complex products or in a competitive market.

Reduce the technical weight

It is easier to lose audience on technical terms. There is no need to overwhelm your potential clients with complicated concepts. It is important to give a complete story of your brand, but technical data should be presented in visual aids instead of hammering it into a flowing copy. Difficult concepts should be woven gracefully into a compelling story and placed on its unique section. There are certain readers who are more technically oriented while others prefer straightforward information.

Voice consistency

Often, companies apply dry-as-dust formal voice in ads because the same people who respond to ads read them as well. The audience hardly changes and neither should the purpose. Brochures reflect your advertising skills, so you must avoid dull copies involving too much information. As a vital marketing piece, it has to take advantage the hard-earned time with prospects. The voice must establish credibility through an accurate tone of voice and engaging language. Visual proofs like charts and graphs are fundamental. Action items like captions are memorable, and you should use them wisely.

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Most people don’t know whether to include prices in their brochures or not. It depends on some factors like its objective. If your main aim is to generate leads, including the fees, prices, and rates wouldn’t be a good idea. If you are willing to close sales, prices will come in handy in the process of moving the sales process quickly. When your product prices are lower than the competitors’, they add greater value since most clients prefer money-saving shopping experiences. It is important to establish a strong value of what you are offering beyond low prices. If the length and complexity of your sales cycle are less complex, you can include concrete information including the prices. But if it is more consultative and longer, you can put off the pricing until you gather sufficient information concerning your clientele needs to give realistic estimates at the right time.

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A summary of steps for brochure writing

  • Determine target audience
  • Find a purpose for brochure
  • Consider the message through careful choice of format and amount of information
  • Write concise text in brief sentences and positive active voice
  • Determine the best graphics to include but do not clutter them
  • Include call to action towards the end plus the contact information
  • Proofread and edit your paper where necessary
  • Contact if you get stuck

Determining the desired outcomes helps in determining the structure and actual content of your brochure. Make your brochure an efficient lead generator and don’t forget to start with the cover. Think about intriguing, as that will position your product or company against the competitors.

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