How to Write a Professional Business Email?

11 Apr 2014

For every business around the world knowledge regarding how to write a business email has become a necessity, thanks to the advances in technology that now exist and keep coming. The importance of this issue is not only stuck on having the ability to write brochures, but it also focuses on finding how to make it in an effective way to take a company to success. It might seem simple, but worldwide this form of communication is used more regularly than it is believed. That’s why every person who is trying to start a business or make it grow, always tries to make contact with the majority of partners possible. And to achieve this goal, the content of messages has to be well-explained and take some requirements in count not to be ignored. Even having a business email account, it doesn’t mean that every message is going to be read and answered.

What Is Business Email Writing?

This is just a method that it is used specifically for business communication that represents an important tool for every company. It helps to establish relationships with partners, sponsors, colleagues, and others. It is written with a high level of grammar and a formal language. They are usually composed by the name of the company in the address ([email protected]). Also they are a big and simple contribution to the advertising. How is this possible? It is because as the name of the company is included in the address, people will be able to see where the message comes from, they will immediately recognize that is from a company and will give it a chance. It doesn’t matter if a recipient doesn’t know the name; it will take into consideration that comes from a company and might be interested in reading the information that comes in it. Of course, to get this opportunity it is important to try to get the best business emails, which should be attractive and representative.

For the best email writing helper, it is crucial to know exactly the objective of the message that you want to send. Fortunately, there are structures that can be followed by everyone who wants to start to write a business email on their own.


How to Write a Professional Email?

It is necessary to know that if it is written correctly it increases possibilities of success for a company. There are some techniques that can help every interested person find out how to send a professional letter easier. 

Every person is different, and the ways to express themselves are different as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t few rules to follow on how how to make a professional letter for business. To create it, it is important to fulfill some simple requirements like keeping an official style, this will give the seriousness needed for these situations, and it might help to increase chances to reach an agreement. Also, it is important to keep an international language (English), unless communication is limited to a specific country. In this case, it is used their native language.

Proper Business Email Format

To get the best business email writing a subject line is needed to start. There, a short description has to be written clearly and precisely, so it doesn’t go unnoticed for a recipient. If the information is very important, the word “URGENT” should be added at the beginning of the subject line.

How to start a business email? The initial part of a message must begin with a greeting. If you aren’t acquainted with a person, start with “Dear Mr. Jones / Dear Mrs. Carter”. If a person who’s going to receive it is not known, then “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir / Dear Madam” are used. But if he/she is known, then the greetings “Dear (name)” or “Hello (name)” can be used instead.

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After this, you should write down the reason why the email is being written. It must be exposed clearly and accurately, taking into consideration the recipient’s time and paying attention to the grammar and spelling. If it is to answer a previous one, then it is recommended to start thanking the recipient before writing the own purpose. This is more polite and shows that the message received is being taken seriously.

For the main part of the content it is recommended the use of paragraphs and not straight text. Keeping short and clear sentences, this makes the content easy to understand for the reader. They should be written making emphasis on the important ideas.

If is needed to ask something, the question should be at the beginning and not at the end or the middle of the text. Also, be polite, and do not forget keeping an official language. Avoid contractions: they are not appropriate for this kind of letters, as they decrease the seriousness of the message.

How to end a formal email? To end, it is necessary to know exactly what the sender is looking for. You should do this in a very polite way, but making the emphasis that an answer is expected or to just thank the recipient for its attention.

The content of the message should look like the following structure:

“Dear Mr. Carter

My name is …, I am (a position held) at (company), and I am writing to you concerning… (Paragraphs exposing the reason)

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards.

John Smith

General Manager.”

When someone is thinking about creating a formal email, it is transcendental to go for the best advice or to hire a staff that can manage this in a very efficient way.

What Benefits Can You Get When Using Business Mailing?

There are a lot of benefits on making use of formal email:

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  • It is available for every company, and helps in the customization of the business, even on business plan stage, in employees’ interaction and marketing, no matter how big the company is. The use of this tool expands the boundaries, thus the company can have employees or contractors connected all around the world.
  • Also the efficiency that brings a well-used business email makes an important difference for owners, in terms of personal consultations or meetings for instance.

Physical mail is substituted with email. This has resulted in lower costs (a saving in postage costs), shipping supplies and employees resources, making it one of the most profitable and affordable platforms of communication.

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