How to Handle Your Geography Research Papers with Ease

Often students lack skills, experience or time to cope with their academic writing. In addition to this, when a person enrolls into the university he gets tens of new subjects and new forms of assignments, so it becomes a real challenge to keep up with everything.

Creating geography papers is not less problematic! At our service we will help you to understand how to write a geography research paper, what is its purpose, tell you about its structure and will give some useful tips on how to make a high-quality work easily!

What types of this work exist?

Geography question paper – any type of academic paper. The main idea of it is that instead of selecting a topic, a student receives a specific question that he must answer in his work.

Geography test paper. Over the past years, it became a popular tendency to include one question that requires a full answer (in the form of essay) in the exam or test to reveal student’s ability to think logically and express their ideas in a written form.

Geography paper 4 – this is a coursework, and the grade for this type of task makes 27.5% of your final score. It is not exactly an academic paper. It is a form of written examination that takes around one and a half hours to complete and consists of 30 questions that require concise answers.

Structure of the text

The template for sample paper of geography is a bit different from, for example, history paper or political paper, and should be the following:

  • Introduction – specification of the topic, presentation of the main objectives and statement of hypothesis;
  • Methodology – explanation of how the information was collected;
  • Data Presentation – the main part of the work presents the collected information (here you can use additional materials like chart, graph, example, or other);
  • Data analysis;
  • Conclusion and evaluation – the first one summarizes the work, and evaluation tells what went well in your study, what problems you faced and how the research can be improved in the future.

Few tips for choosing a good topic

First of all, try to find a well-written geography specimen paper. This will let you see what you must get in result of your work, and if you will dedicate a little more time and find a few more examples, you will be able to determine what mistakes other students have done to avoid repeating them.

It will also help you to see what topics were used by other people, which should help defining your theme; and to give you a clue on how should sound a good topic for this work, here are some samples:

  • Changes in temperature throughout the day or between seasons;
  • Changes in traffic;
  • Sphere of influences of settlements or services.

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What mistakes to avoid?

  • Don’t choose a theme in which you are not well versed;
  • Don’t use ideas and phrases of other people without proper citation – otherwise your work can have high percentage of plagiarism;
  • Use a proper language;
  • Avoid watery words and expressions;
  • Be sure to follow the recommendations of your teacher and requirements of your university.

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What to do to reach better results?

One of the key nuances that all teachers pay attention to is presence grammar mistakes in the text, so if you want to score well on this work you should not just check your text with a grammar checker. You have to conduct thorough paper proofreading yourself! And it will be even better if you can read it few times, to ensure that you haven’t missed out any errors.


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