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Introduction to a notion such as dissertation conclusion

29 Feb 2016Essay Writing Guides

Many members of the scientist or dissertation council, taking up the study of the next project, often begin to read it, as they say, from the end so this is a paramount part in your academic writing. Given that the conclusion, in proportion to the rest of the work, is given the smallest part of the thesis, and the concentration of useful information is high, very often this is enough to draw some conclusions. The conclusion shows how deeply the author elaborated thematic issues, which research methods he used, whether the result has been achieved or if there is a need for further study of the involved issues. The conclusion chapter dissertation encompasses brief outline of the main points stated in your Dissertation including introduction and main body. On this stage of your work you need to restate the hypothesis, explain the results of the Dissertation and give your personal thoughts.

What about the size of the Dissertation Conclusion chapter?

Be concise and informative! These are the main points while considering this part of your survey. The reader should completely understand the matter and be interested in going deeper into the Dissertation.

Dissertation Conclusion help: advice on how to write a Dissertation Conclusion 

Conclusion of the thesis is the final part, which describes essential aspects of the study that is why you need to include the following information:

  • Scientific information on the topic of the dissertation in a compressed format;
  • The achievement of the goals of the work;
  • Scientific novelty of research methods;
  • The importance of scientific work (scientific and practical);
  • The recommendations concerning the ways of improving your study;
  • Personal attitude and thoughts that you want to get across to the reader.

Before coming up with the conclusion of your own skim through dissertation conclusion examples. In the example of dissertation conclusion you may spot productive ways to render your own thoughts and information. Dissertation proposal conclusion will be a source of some cliches and important phrases to put all the data in a correct way and also a template for the conclusion of your own.

You may start with the phrase like “The study was set out to explore...” and proceed with “The study has also sought to know...”.

! More phrases to pay attention to.

"The subject of our further consideration is...";

"Let us, first of all, consider the following...";

"On the other hand. It should be emphasized that... ";

"This statement is at the same time implies that...";

"We are considering...;

"It's clear that…";

"The logic of reasoning leads to the following...";

"As is well known...";

"Let us analyze this fact from the point of view of...";

"It should be noted…";

"Thus, it is possible with sufficient accuracy to conclude that...";

"Therefore, we can prove…".

What is unnecessary in the Conclusion of the Dissertation

  • Establish new ideas not previously stated in the paper
  • Going deep into detail and restating all the data again
  • Reiteration of the introduction too precisely
  • Stating completely different outcomes and inferences from those established  in your research
  • Conclusion does not meet the criteria of the goals formulated in the introduction of the Dissertation
  • Procrastination 

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