Is Killing Frustration The Way To Changing Your Life?

12 Mar 2019

The alarm rings. You immediately wake up, brush your teeth, jog, have breakfast, and leave the house. Your day flows smoothly. People on the street smile at you. You feel confident and ready to conquer the day. Your thoughts are encouraging, positive, and loving. You are living in the present moment.

If the above paragraph does not accurately describe your usual morning, let me tell you something – it could! You don’t have to be frustrated, sad, and angry. You don’t have to feel blue. You can become happy by taking a deeper look within.

When we live in the non-present, our mind fabricates random thoughts about our past our future actions. We then unconsciously think of them as being accurate and choose to identify ourselves with it. This is how frustrations are created – by focusing on anything else but the present. So, being present is one of the best advice we can give you!

Interestingly enough, being frustrated can quickly become a routine. If you’re used to blaming other people for their actions, you’ll never find peace. In the next days, pay attention to your thoughts and notice when you judge people. Then ask yourself why and write down your answers. By noticing your thoughts and emotions, you become the observer, which is a great step towards discovering your true self.

To win this ego battle, you have to look at the cause, not the effect; and guess what foundation is frustration based on? Dissatisfaction! Instead of criticizing around and being unsatisfied with your life, take another approach. Take a moment each day to appreciate what you have!

….. and in moments of self-debt, think of Julia Roberts! I know this might sound odd, but it works! As soon as you realize you’re frustrated, make yourself laugh, then remember how being present feels, and then love yourself for the efforts you’ve made to overcome the challenge.

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The most significant step towards overcoming anger and frustration is finding the cause. Find the root of the evil; ask yourself, what is my biggest fear? Answer the question sincerely and find a way to calm yourself down whenever this idea pops into your mind.

To sum up, be present, break the routine, get rid of fears, be grateful, love, live, and laugh! If you respect these “pillars,” you’ll re-read the first paragraph of this article at some point, and realize, “man, that’s me!”

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