Forgot Homework? The Best Responses According to Students

19 Jul 2019

Best Responses for not doing homework

EduBirdie surveyed college students to find out the most outrageous excuses they have ever used for missed homework. Hey -- we’ve all been there at one point in our lives. Here are some of the highlights we received:

  1. My dog peed on my homework.
  2. The assignment was on my computer and I accidentally ran over my computer with my car.
  3. I knocked over my candle and it set my homework on fire. 
  4. I got food poisoning and couldn’t leave the bathroom for two days.
  5. I was getting rid of old assignments and accidentally shredded it.
  6. I had to get my eyes dilated, so my vision was too blurred to see my homework.
  7. My cat was in labor with 6 kittens.
  8. My elderly neighbor was having car troubles, so I had to take her to run her errands. 
  9. On my way to class, a guy ran up to me and stole my backpack that had my homework in it.
  10. When I was doing my homework my computer started smoking and I thought it was going to explode, so I couldn’t finish.