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This Dalmatian Wears His Heart on His Nose – So It’s Easy to Fall in Love at First Sight!

01 Mar 2019

Image credits: hi.wiley Instagram

This Dalmatian doesn’t have to hunt for a heart emoji to put on his face. He already has one in the form of his nose!

This is very rare and it’s doubtful that you will find another – but, then again, there are all sorts of wonderful things in our world so you may just. Wiley is a lovable, playful Dalmatian that wears his heart not on his sleeve, but his nose – and this shows that he means business in the love stakes.

Dalmatians normally have beautiful markings that are loved and admired the world over. But Wiley has a very special marking – that of a beautiful heart. While Dalmatians have a lovable and playful spirits, it’s obvious that Wiley has been set apart to provide that special kind of love!

Obviously, this is just a fanciful observation, but who knows, Wiley may just go on to be the most lovable Dalmatian ever!

His heart mark kept on growing!

He was born with a spot on his nose, which grew bigger as Wiley grew up and people noticed that it had grown into the shape of a heart. Now, Wiley and his heart-shaped nose have become sensations on YouTube.

Wiley’s mom, Lexi Smith, from Colorado, adopted him from a Dalmatian litter in Oklahoma. But she never fell in love just because of the marking – in fact, she thought it would fade as he got bigger, so never paid much attention to it.

Smith became smitten because he showed the same characteristics as his mom, which was to sleep, snuggle and eat. This she found out with great glee when she brought the pup back to Colorado. In fact, soon after bringing him home, he proved to be a bundle of vibrant personality and playfulness. It was if the two had been made for each other – or, to put it another way, it was a match made in heaven!

Instagram postings shared the joy

She found that, as with most pups, he could be very stubborn at times, but she said it was hard to remain cross or frustrated with him for long. Plus, as he grew, the heart-shaped mark on his grew as well, which endeared him to her even more. She shared his face with Instagram viewers, and he obviously went viral.

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Wiley’s Instagram presents him at his very cutest. He appears to be an adventure-loving mutt – and at a moment’s notice, he’s off with Smith hiking in the mountains and playing in the snow. Every picture of Wiley abounds with his charm, love and energy! There’s nothing that Smith likes to do outdoors that Wiley doesn’t try and keep up with. Often, it’s Smith that must keep pace with Wiley’s seemingly boundless energy.

She admits that he’s her very best friend and she’s never had such a fun time-sharing life’s adventures with him.

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