What is a research paper for psychology?

When you are faced with a challenge to write a research paper about psychology you need to know that psychology is a developmental study and your paper will be focused primarily on the psychological aspects of person's life like mental processes, consciousness, subconsciousness, people's behavior in different cultures and various ambiance. Psychologists predict and describe human behavior to explain such typical situations as why crimes occur more often in the poor districts than in the wealthy ones, why girls perform better in schools than boys, why we have dreams, whether it is possible to train memory, what intelligence is and even more. As one may mention, this branch of science is a unique one because it discovers and explains what interest us more.

Some Pieces of Advice on How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

  • Make the paper engaging for the reader that is why present all the important goals of your research in the first sentences. Demonstrate that the information contained in this paper is indispensable for them by representing how your outcomes and investigation may be implemented in the everyday life, for example.
  • Adhere to the APA style. It will help you not to lose grades by citing all the sources correctly.
  • Target yourself towards the particular audience from the very beginning. Choose educated people who will be familiar with the basic terms and concepts but will not be knowledgeable about what you have investigated.
  • Always introduce the information clearly so that it will not be overwhelmingly difficult for the reader to grab your message.
  • Make a coherent structure.
  • Before starting writing your work make an outline of it.
  • Each paragraph should contain one central idea and a topic sentence.
  • Support your results and hypothesis with appropriate sources like theoretical and practical findings by other prominent scientists.
  • Try to turn to primary sources more.
  • To choose a topic you may look for it in the database of social psychology research papers, psychology analysis papers, textbooks, dissertations, lectures, even education papers, social psychology paper etc. These sample papers will also help you to define the structure and work out a template for your paper.

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The Common Structure of Psychological Papers

Helpers from our research papers writing help try to use accurate structure like this:

1. The title page. The title should precisely tell the reader about the essence of your work. Try to comprise all the topic, not more than in 13-15 words.

2. The abstract (the optional part, depends on your requirements). You should start it after all the stages of your paper are completed. It should include the research problem/question, methodology, results, implications of them. Make this part very brief and informative.

3. Introduction. Introduce your topic in a clear manner, summarize the goals of your investigation, proceed with stating some general knowledge of the topic you are working on.

4. Methodology. Here you are supposed to describe the participants, process, and procedure of the survey.

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5. Discussion and conclusion. These may be two different paragraphs or just one. In the discussion section, you speak about hot it is possible to improve your research, the advantages, and disadvantages of it, its prospect for the future development and further investigation. To conclude everything just summarize all the goals and say whether they were achieved or not, tell what are the outcomes of your research.

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6. References. All the references should be ones used in your survey.

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Common Mistakes

  • Too biased in the citation of facts.
  • Use of long sentences.
  • Colloquial expressions.
  • Too much of “I”, “I suppose”.
  • Grammatical, stylistic, spelling mistakes.

Possible Topics for the Research Papers in Psychology

“Psychological types of people”

“The relationship between religious identity and social interaction in the family”

“Life values in students understanding”

“Stereotypes of perception of political terrorism”

“The influence of reflection on mental state”

“Internet addiction among the participants of computer games”

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