How To Create AMCAS Personal Statement?

14 Feb 2015

All students who are going to become doctors and start sending out the applications to the schools of their choice come across an unknown and confusing abbreviation AMCAS at a certain point. However, do not get terrified by it. Although it can confuse you at first, very soon you should find it quite handy as it can save you lots of nerves and time? How? Let’s figure out what it is to find the answer!

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What is AMCAS?

AMCAS is a single centralized medical school application service that allows applicants to save plenty of time. It is a network of more than 140 institutions. If you live the USA and wish to obtain medical background, then you will likely use the services of AMCAS. It is an extremely convenient service. However, nearly every applicant encounter experiences certain difficulties because most of the candidates have similar backgrounds. In this case, the AMCAS personal statement is exactly what you need as writing a top-notch paper is the best way to explain to admissions officers why you should be chosen over other candidates.

This may become a pretty difficult task. You will need to write an essay of about one-page long that should include the most important information making you one of the best candidates to be chosen. AMCAS does not provide a prompt. You will just be given a task to write about yourself, so how do you know what should be included in your AMCAS essay?

It is up to you what to add. At the same time, your writing should be convincing for the admissions officers that you really have a passion for patients and a great potential to create a successful career path. We can give you several helpful tips.

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Useful Tips For Writing An Essay

Studying medical sciences can be difficult. You will have to remember lots of important information and be able to use your knowledge practically. Are you really suitable for this? It is important to prove that you can be a good and responsible student who is able to study hard. The medical school personal statement should not be vague. You should be able to demonstrate that you are absolutely confident in your decision to enter a medical school and that you believe this is going to be your profession for the entire life. How to do this? Find some tips below!

The following are some tips for writing your personal statement medical school that you can use to succeed:

Create the structure of your paper and note everything that you want to include;

Include a short story of how and why you decided to become a doctor, nurse, or another professional, it is good to know (if it is so) that you have been confident about your decision to go to a specific school for a long time as this proves that you have really serious intention;

  • Try to use attention-capturing writing techniques, for example you can change case online, underline the text, which make the reader imagine you and your situation;
  • Avoid repeating the same statements;
  • Check that the length of your essay does not exceed the limit;
  • Use grammar checker online to make sure that your essay has no grammar or spelling mistakes;
  • Give someone (or several people) to read your essay;
  • Check essay samples before you start writing your paper;
  • Write down everything you have in mind, and then you can simply edit your thought.

Things That You Should Include In Your Medical School Personal Statement

The beginning of medical school essays should include the information about you. This may be not that easy as you think. If you are not sure of how to start your personal statement for medical school, you can check out some samples, which can give you a basic idea of what to write.

You should describe your motivation. It is important to provide in your medical school personal statement convincing reasons so that admissions officers really believe that you are suitable for the medical position. Try to express your passion for the work. Unlikely, the reasons like “I want to help my parents” will be good enough to demonstrate that you can, eventually, become a good doctor.

Writing about your childhood is not a good idea. You should provide some information on your personal developments, what have you done to become a specialist in the medical field, and so on. It is important to have certain personality traits. You should show that you clearly understand the requirement of what your future job and that you meet the needed characteristic, for instance, ability to work in a team, respect for patients, being a hard working persons, etc. In the text, try to avoid general phrases and keep in mind that you should give the clear reasons why you choose this specialization and why you are suitable for it.

Medical School Personal Statement Length

What should it be? The medical school personal statement length should not be more than 5300 characters and you should not exceed this word limit. This will not make the needed impression on the admissions officers. Write an essay of 1.5 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font. You can use a word count tool to check how many words have been written.

Goals That You Aim To Achieve

It is crucial to approach writing an essay with your goal in mind. You want to be chosen. When an admission officer checks your personal statement AMCAS, he or she should believe that you will make a great professional in the medical field. Every sentence is important. This is not only about your desire to enter a medical school, but about your traits, skills, experience, and ability to become a specialist. Try to fit everything in your writing. Basically, to succeed to enter a medical school, you should have a potential to become a nurse, doctor, etc. and you should prove it in your writing.

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