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Buy Nothing Day essay is aimed at showing your personal attitude to the issue of consumerism that became a massive problem in many countries, Canada and USA especially. Describing your reflection and judgment on Buy Nothing Day requires much mental effort and can be real stress, especially if you are not good at a written word and you don’t have enough time to do a research on this holiday.

What is Buy Nothing Day?

Buy Nothing Day aimed at fighting against consumerism and over-consumption was founded in Vancouver, Canada by an artist named Ted Dave as a concurrent to Black Friday in the United States. The holiday was celebrated for the first time in September 1992. Now it is known all over the world and is celebrated in the USA, Norway, Germany, France, Israel, the United Kingdom, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan. Buy Nothing Day is a significant and highly recommended holiday that not only conserves an abundant amount of our natural resources but also promotes a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, it is natural that the students are frequently asked to write a statement about this day.

With Edubirdie, you will forget about your worries associated with this complex type of academic assignment. Expert custom writing services will provide you with a quick and effective solution. Our highly skilled writers with long years of experience contribute excellent papers of the best quality and meet all your professor’s requirements. More importantly, they make free amendments relevant to your remarks and you only pay when the task is ready and meets your expectations. They never plagiarize and write only unique papers. Making an order on our site is easy and reliable.

How to Write Buy Nothing Day Argumentative Essay

What to write about? If you were assigned to write this kind of assignment at college or university, there are a lot of secrets you have to find out before getting to work. First of all, keep in mind the purpose of Buy Nothing Day essay: to draw attention to consumerism, reasons why it occurs, consequences, and ways of dealing with this serious issue. Consumerism is an economical and social approach that supports marketing (hidden advertising as well) and forces people to buy enormous amounts of goods. Those consumers who are extremely vulnerable to ads, merchandising, and promoting campaigns can harshly affect their lives by spending more money than they earn. A definition of consumerism is a necessary part of any writing.

After adding a paragraph or two about the consumerism, you can proceed with expressing your own opinion about this issue. The more personal experience you share with an audience, the more interesting and valuable will be the literary result. A secret to an A-level grade for such an essay is to support your evidence with statistics. Add some fascinating data, like the amount of money spent by an average American buyer in 2018, or how this number has changed within the last 10 years. Make sure to use credible sources solely and cite them accordingly.

Another secret to creating a good Buy Nothing Day essay is to develop a new technique of fighting consumerism (or at least deepen the knowledge and tips for using an existing one). Think about what can people get in case they’d stop spending so much, but do not talk about money only. Instead, formulate some correlations, e.g., how many countries could a consumer visit with money he/she spends on unnecessary purchases? Such a visualization helps readers to stay motivated to save more money.

Essay Formatting. Buy Nothing Day format of an essay is kind of similar to the classic creative writing essays. In terms of essay structure, it has to include a title page, table of contents (depending on volume), introduction, body of the text (with subsections if needed), conclusion, and references list. Also, if you are willing to impress your professor with an amount of work you put into this assignment, we would recommend you to add some tables and graphs and mention them as appendices. This section is traditionally included in such complex assignments as research papers and dissertations. However, if you incorporate appendices to support your claims, a literary work will immediately get a more professional and scholarly look.

When talking about formatting, we cannot mention the technical aspects of an academic layout of the texts. Various universities and colleges accept a certain formatting style. It might be APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.

If you have already submitted any kind of paper, you’ve probably found out what style runs in your educational entity. Double-check that you have the most recent edition of a particular style: they frequently go through updates, and in case you would use an outdated sample, your professor can easily decrease your mark.

We know that seeing all the requirements might leave a lot of students speechless and desperate about their academic performance. Well, do not jump into conclusions! We are here to take this burden off of your shoulders.

The Importance Of Buy Nothing Day Essays For Students

With a gigantic amount of tasks students are forced to cope with weekly, no wonder there is a rare student who would not reach for assistance. And it’s not just quantity – assignments become more and more sophisticated as well as specific, and Buy Nothing Day essay is a great example of a narrowly targeted piece of writing, that is no easy to create. Good news is that we actually have a solution for you! Follow this simple algorithm to get an amazing essay in as soon as a few days:

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