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Character Count Tool - Save Your Time!

Whenever you go online, you will often face the problem of character count. Are you selling or buying goods? EBay sets a character limit for messages and item descriptions. Are you working with content? Then you probably deal with letter count. Even such simple action as posting a message on Twitter will make you use this tool. This is a reason for us to develop a simple and reliable tool and allow every user to get the number of characters in a document of any length for free.

How Simply Does It Work?

There is nothing easier: you copy your text and paste it here. In a few seconds, you will get the result and will know how many characters exactly there are in your paragraph. You can access the tool for count from any browser using any kind of device. It means that no matter where you are, just check your internet connection and our character counter will be available to you. For your convenience, we recommend bookmarking this webpage. That’s how you shorten the efforts and time for qualitative letter counting.

Why Do You Need To Know The Letter Count?

At the present, the amount of services and activities involving a text counter is barely imaginable. Almost every service, social network, website or blog sets a definite word and symbol restriction. Every search engine has its own regulations concerning the letter amount question. Do we have to mention all those assignments in schools, colleges, universities and even buisness letter writing with strict word and letter limitation? Here is just a little list of people who use our tool for business and leisure:

  • Students come here not just to ask for essay writing services or to use a plagiarism checker, but also to use our letter counter in order to check the number of words needed for their essays. Symbol and word count are crucial for any kind of academic paper, that is why collegians are always welcome here.
  • Professional writers find our service useful, as they need to watch the overall load of text or sentence. They need to count characters in order to see if a phrase is not too extended and easy for understanding.
  • Bloggers and people who like social networks also come here for help. You have surely noticed that even Facebook make you go into details. That is why it is important to see how many characters is this or that message or post.

Save More With Our Counter!

Firstly, you save your time with our tool. It will take you about 20 seconds to open this page and check the number of symbols from any device. Secondly, you save your device, as there is no need to download any application or additional software. Just open your browser and start texting like a pro! You save your money, as the usage of our tool is unlimited and absolutely free. Forget about difficult and heavy text editors, never mind paid services, forget about hesitations and start using this service now!

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