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What is EduBRIDIE

Getting married or being in a wedding and having to write vows, speeches, or even cards can be time-consuming and leave you with major writer’s block, especially during peak wedding season. Now, EduBirdie is offering EduBRIDIE as a one-stop-shop for all wedding writing needs. Whether you’re looking for your unforgettable best man speech or trying to write majorly tear-jerking vows, EduBRIDIE has you covered.

How EduBRIDIE works
  • Step 1

    Just like with any paper, send us some background – fun anecdotes, inside jokes or whatever else will help it feel really personal.

    Tips for You
    • Tell us your role at the wedding. Are you a bride, groom, mother-in-law or father's brother's daughter?
    • Send us any details that may help to get in your shoes and get to know your relations with the marrying couple.
    • Write what personal wishes you have for the marrying couple.
  • Step 2

    We will help to create an unforgettable speech that will touch any guest at the wedding.

    Tips for You
    • Tell us about your bonding moment or other sentimental incidents.
    • Recall some info about the marrying couple that may be new for other wedding guests.
    • We will stay in touch with you 24/7, ready to accept your recommendations or updates regarding the speech.
  • Step 3

    Get ready to be a YouTube sensation and collect millions of views!

    Tips for You
    • Read through the speech and make sure it fits your style. If you have any tweaks, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s perfect.
    • Prepare for the wedding, learn the speech by heart to make an impression.
    • Make wedding guests cry, laugh and gasp!
EduBRIDIE Features

Check out our EduBRIDIE features. We guarantee that your custom speech or vows will not only be delivered on time, but will be of the highest quality.

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    We want your speech to be perfect, so we will strictly follow your guidelines and deliver the best toast you could imagine.

  • Get Quick Results

    If you procrastinated, writers will create a speech even if it is only 3 hours before the ceremony.

  • Unlimited Support 24/7

    Our team is ready to reply at any time and address any concern you might have.