EduBirdie Sponsors Epic College Parties
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Are you a college student? Receive a free party package from EduBirdie to help host your next college party and have a chance at winning the ultimate prize.

We will provide you with a package that includes 250 branded party cups and an EduBirdie cardboard mascot. If you happen to belong to a fraternity or sorority you will also receive $250 in cash to help you organize your party. All that is required from you is to post at least 5 pictures from the party together with the EduBirdie mascot, using the hashtag #EduBirdieParty and a distinguishing hashtag of your choice on either Facebook or Instagram.

The party that receives the most coverage on social media will be awarded $3000 in cash and a 2-hour DJ set from one of the world’s top DJs to help you create an epic party in the spring of 2018.

Let’s Party!
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