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21st Century Essays

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Optimism in the Twenty-First Century

Together as a society, we are merging deeper into the twenty-first century, with many difficult challenges and accomplishments along the way. Being hopeful and optimistic about the future will result in a positive rest of the twenty-first century. There is plenty to be hopeful about when it comes to the future, seeing all the work and effort people are putting in to better our world, inspires others to join in and start a movement. As a society, we have to...
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Relevance Of Poetry In The 21st Century

One of the biggest arguments today is whether or not poetry is relevant in the 21st century. Many people believe that poetry is not relevant to the current generation and therefore should not be taught at school. However, poetry is important for various reasons, which allow it to be relevant to the modern era. Firstly, most poetry was written long before the 21st century. These poems are about life before this time. Poetry often addresses historic problems and grizzled experiences...
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The Greatest 21st Century Challenges For Canada

A single country faces many challenges in the wake of trying to establish or maintain international and internal peace and popularity. These challenges determine the very economic, social, and international structure of the country. The decision made by a government on how to take on such challenges can either devastate or benefit a country and determine the continuity of a leader’s rule. One such country that faces many critical challenges in the wake of the 21st century is Canada as...
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Roles Of Feminism In Life Of Women In The 21st Century

Introduction Feminism seeks to create equity in the social and cultural constructs that perceive the female gender as being inferior to their male counterparts. In the 21st Century, feminists have involved in the fight for equality, not only in the family setup but also in society. A strive for gender equality, hence, exists, with constant improvements being made to eradicate the usurpation of women by men. Intervention by the feminist movements, therefore, seeks to fight for the right of women...
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Genetically Modified Food and Its Significance in the 21st Century

People depend on plants and creatures as sustenance sources and have since a long time ago utilized organisms to deliver nourishments. GMO or genetically modified foods are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Scientists and consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMOs. However, GMO are everywhere in today’s society where they effect every person through regulations on food consumption, technics and its economy. However, these methods are relatively...
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Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
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Slavery In The 21st Century: African Americans

Imagine being treated like an object instead of a human and being forced to do things that you don’t want to do and the people that hold power won’t do anything to help you because of your skin color. “Get Out” provides a sense of imagery that slavery in America is still around in modern times and that African Americans are seen as objects rather than people. The main character, Chris, is an African American with a Caucasian girlfriend named...
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The Role Of The 21st Century Corporate Security And Risk Manager

The security landscape in the 21st century differs immensely from that of the 20th, I entered the world of security and risk management 22 years ago during a time where the view of security was the stereotypical ex-military/ex-police staff who were believed to be the font of all knowledge because of the “vast experience” that they had developed during their careers. Over time it has changed and my view has changed with it, the current security field requires a new...
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Opinion Essay on Importance of NATO in 21st Century

An international organisation is an organisation founded by treaties controlled by international laws and owning its legal personality. John McCormick defines it as “a body that promotes voluntary cooperation and coordination between or among its members.” Member nations decide how the organisation is managed, cast votes within it, and finance it. The first attempt to create an international organization occurred in 1814 with the Congress of Vienna. To protect the deliberations of Vienna a kind of directory of the great...
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