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500 Word Essay on Career Goals Example

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I believe that building a personal and professional network that is both strong and reliable is one of the most critical assets to possess. From my experience, I have discovered that the secret to building strong networks is helping others without expecting anything in return. This results in impactful, strong relationships that not only present great opportunities but also build on personal growth. In addition, by interacting with people who are more knowledgeable in various fields, I have gained invaluable knowledge that has allowed me to travel and learn about different opportunities and career paths available.

For me, social media was a medium of interaction until I realized its value in networking. I have always dreamed of studying abroad, but coming from a family of twelve, I knew that my parents could not afford to pay for my education. However, one day while on Facebook, I came across a random user studying in China and I decided to enquire how he was able to secure a chance to study there. He mentioned CUCAS, an organization that offers scholarships to international students to study in China. I applied for a scholarship and because of my good grades, I not only got a scholarship but also became a CUCAS agent enlisting new students to join the program.

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Career Goals

Short term plan

Having graduated with MSc in Chemical Engineering, I intend on utilizing the knowledge I have acquired to better my country. Firstly, I will tour learning institutions in Tanzania to create awareness of the existence of Chevening scholarships with the aim of increasing the number of experts in the country by attracting more applicants. Secondly, I will volunteer with UK-based organizations such as which are on the front line in ensuring every Tanzanian child gets an education. In doing so, I will be playing an important role in providing support crucial for children's growth and development, as well as bettering the communities.

Medium-term plan

As in a country where 24.6 million people lack access to safe and clean water, despite having several freshwater bodies, the need for water treatment is imminent, my knowledge in waste treatment will enable me to collaborate with UK organizations such as WaterAid to create awareness of the impending problem and provide expert training and support to local authorities. Additionally, I will initiate educative campaigns on proper waste disposal through the radio, television, and social media. The idea is to educate people on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation.

Long Term Plan

Having worked in various organizations and in the public sector, my next step will be to step out of formal employment and start my own company. Over 80% of the Tanzanian population relies on agriculture as the main source of income, with agriculture amounting to 32.4% of the country’s GDP. However, due to the country’s inability to produce fertilizers, farmers are forced to depend on overpriced imported fertilizers, which they can hardly afford. To bridge this gap, my company will deal with the production of affordable fertilizers, and irrigation system designs as well as educating farmers on the proper use, dangers, and disposal of agrochemicals.

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