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6 Things To Remember On Your First Day Of University

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It’s finally here: your very first day of university. Whether you’re expecting to see half your high school, or you don’t know anyone going to your university at all, the first day can be a pretty daunting experience. But it’s also very exciting. To get started on the right foot, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure you’ve got everything

Draw up a detailed list of what you need to have with you ahead of time so that you’re properly prepared on the day. Charge your phone and your laptop, pack the textbooks you’ll need, slot your student card into your wallet, and grab some pens, pencils and cash. If there are any forms you still have to submit to the university or your various departments, make sure you’ve got those too.

Get there on time

University can be a pretty overwhelming place, and finding your Chemistry I lecture in room 2-3-1 of H block’s north wing might take you some time. Don’t slam into the lecture theatre late and frazzled, irritating both your prof and classmates. Rather get up early, get there on time, and enjoy soaking up some of the first-week buzz as you make your way to class.

Check your course requirements beforehand

There’s every chance that you could walk into your very first anthropology lecture and find that you were supposed to have completed a reading. Or maybe you’ll be expected to have an opinion on a certain topic. Check out your course’s requirements online before university kicks off.

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Don’t slack off

At university, the pace picks up – and fast. If you start missing early classes because you had too good a time at the climbing club party the night before, you’re going to fall behind. Your social life is important, but so are your studies. Put good habits in place from the beginning, and try and find a balance between the two.

Chat to your classmates

Leaving all your close high school friends behind to sit in a room with a bunch of total strangers can be nerve-racking. But you’re probably not the only one feeling shy and awkward. Be brave; strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. You never know, they could be your new BFF or a great study mate.

You’ve got to hold yourself accountable

One of the biggest ways in which university differs to high school is that no one’s going to chase you if you don’t come to class or don’t complete your assignments. Being on top of things rests with you. Take this responsibility seriously.

Of course, the most important part of your first day is also the easiest: have fun. Your whole world is about to change – it’s a time of great possibility! Soak up every moment.

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