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A Brief Intervention To Reduce Procrastination Among College Students

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Research has revealed that the caused of procrastination are neglecting of doing particular task that has to be reminded, fear of failure and salience of the assignment. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) conceptualizes these variables as indices of psychological inflexibility and provides a new as well as encouraging strategy to therapy by developing embracement of ideas even unacceptable ones. Moreover, having the potential to adapt whenever the situation is occurred. Furthermore, to have the ability to recognize the character and react without changing the state of mind. Together these processes promote psychological flexibility (Hayes et al., 2011) and can enable procrastination-prone students to make self-regulatory choices that promote their well-bring and support their life goals.

The goal of the treatment is to raised the phycological flexibility, also to have the knowledge of making decision during others were not agree with the result. From the writer point of view, the purpose of the study is to improve the students problems by creating a new treatment and to encourage student to be more active and finish things on time instead of neglecting and doing something that is pleasure based on their mind. Even though the treatment was a successful, however there are some gap that needs to be filled which is the workshop regarding the delusion should be combined as one rather than differentiate in each by themselves.

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The methods that were used in the journal was a quantitative study because there were data collected and also questionnaire that were given to the participants. The activities were called as the workshop and also divided into two workshops. The first workshop was based on the daily life experiences and to understand easily by the participant, metaphor was used in this method. Whereas the second workshop were about the mind and the feelings were tested. The two session workshop were really successful and most of them were given a positive feed back and one of the students were find out that it was really useful to help him understanding and how to get better from being a procrastinator. However, some of them were find it difficult to apply in their life, especially most of the participants were puzzled on the second workshop. In additional, the author mentioned that the treatment could introduce in advance so that students can use it for their life values.

The significant contributions from the experimental work was many students were asking for guidance, phycological health affairs, by providing an ACT workshop like has been described which can be use by the college advisors to guide the students. Over and above to cope with the millennials, an online workshop is a compulsory which could be an advantage to the student to grow their skills for mental health. It was a strong scientific study due to there were plenty of support from the expert. However, it was a weak scientific article considering that there were still problems that need to be solved.

In conclusion, the results were too broad given the fact that there were problems that were mentioned which could be accept because there were no inventions were made before and also there mentioned of the improvement and various ways of reducing procrastination.

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