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A Causal Analysis Of Dissociative Identity Disorder In Humans

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It is quite unfortunate that a majority of persons living in the world have encountered childhood traumas which often led to this long term mental health situation known as the “Dissociative Identity Disorder”. Formerly known as the multiple personality disorder, this mental health situation has been known to cause an alteration in the accurate recalling of events and certain personal information (Johnson JG, Cohen P, Kasen S, Brook JS, 2006). There are several reasons which usually orchestrate this mental health issue. They include trauma disorders while growing up, exposure to the real life situations which trigger the trauma (Fear), repetition of actions as a result of the past traumatic experience and finally, dissociation.

The Predisposing causes of dissociative identity disorder are natural born tendency to dissociate and child exposure growing up in a toxic family environment. The first reason for this is the kind of environment a child was exposed to and the nature and character of people a child stayed with while growing up. In line with Ross (2011), children who grow up in a very toxic environment where the parents tend to subdue and maltreat them usually grow up with likely tendency of fear. This fear makes it possible for the child to easily suffer a traumatic disorder. The next reason for this is the lack of proper family planning by most families before giving birth to children. When they finally give birth, they let things slide because they have not properly educated themselves on the best way to actually train up the children (As analyzed by Tohid, 2016). An example can be considered in the case of a child who grew up in a home where the father constantly abuses and beats the mother a lot. In this situation if the child is a girl, she will grow up with an impression that men are violent and constantly try to avoid them or even hate them. In conglomeration, the experiences which a lot of people suffer as kids while growing up in various families, has hugely impacted in the way they react and respond to various things around them. This has chiefly led to the dissociative identity disorder which most people suffer during their lifetime.

The Principal causes of dissociative identity disorder are fear and traumatic experience about an event. One of the reasons for this cause is sexual child abuse. According to Manton (2016), the direct exposure and encounter someone was exposed to while growing up occupies up to 80% of the way he or she reacts and treats people. This seems to be true in most cases and this is the reason why a lot of people have been urged to mind the way they treat their kids at home. At the developmental stage in a kid’s life, their brain gets to assimilate more than when they are adults. When a child is abused at a very young age, they tend to dissociate themselves more from people. Another reason for this cause is the maltreatment of a child. This often brings about a great amount of fear which a child would possess. This fear triggers the memories of the past or a certain event which was mind-disturbing and painful to bear (Reviewed by Ross, 2011). Ross went on to state in his work that there cannot be a clear and cut pattern of bringing up a child as various persons who are now referred to as parents tend to follow the same trend they were brought up in raising their kids. This can really be an awful experience for the child especially if the parents or one of the parents grew up in a very harsh environment and allowed the treatments gotten as a kid to overwhelm him or her. An example can be seen in a family where the father sexually abuses his daughter which led to his death as a result of the self defence used by the daughter. When she grows up, such trauma would keep hunting her and thus make her develop the dissociative identity disorder. In brief, these past experiences which a child suffered while growing up will always lead to an adaptation of a particular lifestyle in order to get over the trauma.

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The Precipitating cause of dissociative identity disorder is repetition of thoughts and actions. This occurs as a result of a constant thought or reoccurrence of certain actions which reminds a person about an ugly experience in the past. Tohid (2016) attempted to give a lucid explanation of how constant and repeated thought of something can trigger the dissociative identity disorder. He stated that the human brain is a great tool which can be used for good or bad but reports have shown that bad thoughts and experiences easily get to weigh the brain down. This line of reasoning has also been supported in the work of Johnson JG, Cohen P, Kasen S, Brook JS, (2006). An example is seen when a child who often hid inside the closet any time his parents are fighting develops the habit of locking himself or herself indoors. In summation, when people get to think more of the negative aspect of a past experience which is overwhelming, they are easily triggered into a shock or instant panic which will lead to mental identity disorder. This makes them seek out other ways to get over this fear or shock. One of these ways involves adapting a defence mechanism known as dissociation.

The Perpetuating cause of dissociative identity disorder is dissociation. One of the reasons why patients suffering from dissociative identity disorder often choose to dissociate themselves from people and certain events is to get relieve from anxiety and the stress that comes with the past trauma. Tohid (2016) in his work stated people who often suffer this mental disorder are often introverts who restrict themselves from much encounter with other people. They tend to appear a little bit constrained to just themselves. They feel that much communication with others have a high tendency to spark up the ugly experiences of the past which will create an unwanted feeling. They are often anxious and stressed mentality when they are in company of others. An example can be seen with someone who was always locked up in the house by their parents and never allowed to have any friends coming to visit them. They have just lived their lives with the idea that they ought to stay away from people. So, when these people are in a group with other people, they feel very anxious because they do not know the next step to take or what to say. In brief, people with this mental disorder often try as much as possible to restrict their amount of communication with the outside world.

In conclusion, dissociative identity disorder has greatly affected the way people act in the society. In order to tackle this problem, there should be adequate child care and advocacy programs in the high schools scattered across various countries. This unit should be controlled by one of the government agencies. Its main aim is to encourage students to openly say whatever unpleasant issue that they are facing in their homes. With this information, the government can swing into action to caution and counsel the parents or guardian on the adverse effect of their actions towards the child.

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