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A Day Without the Internet: An Essay

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Today almost half of the world’s population is using the Internet, and that number is increasing every second. The public, governments, forces, businesses, airlines, industries, educational institutions, the media, there is no other sector in the world that does not rely on the Internet. What if the Internet of the world shuts down for a day? The answer to this question may surprise you.

It’s not inconceivable to happen. The Internet can be interrupted by cyber-attacks on a national or international scale. Internet wires connect countries and continents under the sea. These wires can be cut or cut, for some reason. I meant someone can cut the wires. Some countries have an ‘Internet kill switch’, which allows them to cut off the Internet of all countries. However, the biggest threat to the Internet is solar flames. The waves of these flames emitting from the sun can disrupt not only the Internet but also the communication system, but there are good ways to eliminate any disruption to the Internet. The experts are always ready to fix it.

But for any reason mentioned above, what would happen if the Internet gets cut off for one day? In 2008, the US Department of Homeland Security asked Borg to look into what might happen if the Internet went down, and how will such a situation affect the economy? Borg tried to find out what the economic implications of this would be by examining the Internet’s disruption in the United States. He reviewed the quarterly financial reports of 20 companies that claimed they were the most affected by Internet disruption. Surprisingly, Borg found that these disruptions had no significant effect on the companies. Borg says, “Our economy is ready to cope with this kind of situation because everything is closed for two days on weekends, anyway. Among the companies that Borg reviewed, the Internet was closed for a maximum of four days”.

The upside is that if each company turns off its computer for a few hours every month, it will have a positive effect on employees’ ability to work. If the Internet is shut down for a few hours, employees try to tackle deadlocked tasks, such as paperwork, which benefits the company, rather than doing nothing.

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Travel will not have much effect too if the Internet did not stop more than a day or two. The planes can fly without the Internet, and so is the case with buses and trains. However, the side effects of long-term closure will have effects.

In 1998, ninety percent of the fifty million pagers in the United States stopped working because of a satellite failure. A survey conducted in Los Angeles revealed that it was more likely to hurt the lower classes. For example, carpenter or plumber have trouble finding work, but those belonging to the upper classes remained mostly unaffected by its negative effects. For them, this event was like a holiday.

There is also a social aspect to the Internet besides economic. People also use it extensively for social interaction. Borg says: “When I forget my phone home, it feels like I’m not wearing clothes. I wonder, do I know the way? What if the vehicle is damaged?”.

As a conclusion about whether the world can get through a day without the Internet, we can use a quote from Stine Lomborg at the University of Copenhagen: “The world wouldn’t fall apart if we didn’t have access to the Internet for a day, but for most people, I think even one day without it would be terrifying”.

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