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A Holistic Approach To Hinduism And Vedas Simplified For The Modern World

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To begin with, when we think about Hinduism, we think about the holy scriptures like The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana, Mahabharata, when we read this we get lots of confusion, so many superficials things which do not make any sense and then most of us lose interest. The sole reason for this is because we are reading a book of Shakespeare without knowing the basic English language or Alphabets. So due to our own ignorance of the basics we blame the books and claim it has no clarity. Vedas are the basics of Hinduism, if we don’t learn or get a glimpse of it, we are never going to understand Hinduism which is actually Sanathana Dharma( Moral Way of Life) and Vedas means The Eternal Knowledge or Truth which is forever existing from the very beginning until now.

What are The Vedas?

To understand Rig Veda, you just have to rewire your brain and get rid of all social conditionings, Imagine you are born alone and there is no one to guide you in this world, no humans, no books, no religion, no schools, you are like Mowgly or Tarzan just living alone and exploring the Earth. So what all do you see? You see the Sun, Stars, Moon, Sky, Fire etc and these things are helping you live now and then, so the ancient people, our very own ancestors personified these nature and principles as deities as they wanted to show their gratitude, love, oneness with these things they saw in nature which is helping them live on Earth. Most Hindus have forgotten these deities especially the Deity INDRA DEV (The Thunder, The Storm, The lightning etc. was personified into INDRA, who is seen as the main deity cause of the power it creates on Earth) Then comes Deity AGNI DEV ( The Fire, which was used for many things and also as a portal to talk to nature and spirits). Varuna ( The Sky, The rains, The clouds, Sea etc) Deity SURYA DEV (The Sun, which is sustaining all beings on Earth) Deity Prithvi Devi ( Mother Earth herself ) there are other deities but the most prominent Visible Nature Deities were INDRA, AGNI, SURYA, VARUNA and PRITHVI MATA(Mother Earth).

So RIG VEDA basically tells us about these deities, Yajur Veda basically talks to us about how to salute, show gratitude, worship, love these nature deities Sama Veda is basically the poetic/singing version of Rig Veda and Yajur Veda Then we have the Atharva Veda which is basically about how as humans we have to coexist, love, share and how to live in a community in unity without causing harms to others including nature, animals and humans.

Who are the Trimurthis


Our very own ancestors like how they personified nature they personified the phenomenas of nature and universe as deities. Brahma ( The Creation, creator) Vishnu ( The maintainer, preserver) Rudra (The Destroyer, The Destruction) and all these phenomenas are within us, to make you understand the closest thing we have is our body so there is creation (BRAHMA) happening within our body, new cells, bloods etc) Our body is being maintained (VISHNU) , blood circulations and other things which sustains our body. There is many things being destroyed(RUDRA) within our body, cells, tissues etc. Now if you consider these three prominent phenomenas, its happening not just within our body, its happening all around the earth, the universe, the cosmos and whatever exists. There are other phenomenas personified as Deities too but these three are the main. So our ancestors thought why not be grateful/show salutation, worship them as well as long as we are alive. How grateful they were with everything that was sustaining their lives that they saw divinity in everything.


This is the most interesting, because we are all a part and descendants of Shiva and Shakti and we can live like them entirely , wondering how?

When all these so called deities of nature/principles/phenomenas be it (INDRA,AGNI,VARUNA,PRITHVI,SURYA, BRAHMA VISHNU, RUDRA etc) joined together the first Sacred Human formed our very first ANCESTOR, SHIVA, THE ADIYOGI, THE FIRST GURU who gave all the human beings knowledge of MEDITATION, YOGA, HOW TO LOVE & MAKE LOVE(TANTRA),MEDICINES AND HERBS (AYURVEDA) WHAT TO EAT, ARCHERY(Use of weapons for protecting ourselves and people around us)HOW TO PROTECT NATURE, BREATHING TECHNIQUES, HOW TO TALK, SING & DANCE, HOW TO LOVE ANIMALS AND OTHER LIVINGS BEINGS, HOW TO COEXIST IN A COMMUNITY IN UNITY by his own way of living along with his consort SHAKTI ( THE SACRED FEMININE HUMAN Who was also formed the same way and is equal and same as SHIVA, thats how the term ShivaShakti is derived, it means the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the Universe symbolizing that both cannot be without the other, one is incomplete in the absence of the other and how sacred making love is as once SHIVASHAKTI was making love the whole universe trembled , it signifies how powerful and sacred sexual energy is which is seen as a taboo now and people suppress or misuse it. I would recommend all married couple embrace and learn tantra/kamasutra to reach their full potential as ONE. Meditation – All the inventions and discoveries were brought into this world by great minds in deep meditative state, concentration and focus is a very powerful tool we have, we have to sharpen it. Yoga- taking care of ones Body, any activities related to fitness was formed through this very knowledge of Yoga. Treat your body like a sacred temple. So basically ShivaShakti through their life and by their teachings taught how powerful and infinite our mind, thoughts and body is and SHIVASHAKTI teachings are infinite, Now what is wrong in showing respect, devotion, gratitude to such a LEGENDARY CONSORTIUM. We all have mastered of art of distraction and have been self centered that most of us don’t even remember our grand parents names, and the way of life

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is not just to worship or thank them, we are all born to live that way, once we start living their way, we don’t need to die to go to heaven, we can turn this Mother Earth into the Heaven which it was.

Did Shiva smoke Marijuana?

There is another common notion that depicts Shiva as smoking Cannabis/Marijuana. In his Ayurvedic teachings he has named many herbal medicines and a drink named soma was made using many herbs including Shilajit, Marijuana, Ephedra and few other plants, the ingredients are not fully known to most mankind now but like everything else people justify smoking marijuana sayin Shiva smoked, not in any teachings they embrace or suggest smoke inside our lungs, consuming it moderately mixed with a drink(Soma) it could be known as Ayahuasca now, cause both have similar way of preparation and helps to enhance spiritual realm.

What are Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita

So once Shiva disappears to Mount Kailash ( The mountain which no man ever conquered) he is known to be Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent. During ancient days the knowledge were called Shrutis as they were all passed directly to the ears of disciples (Saptharishis). There was no need to write it down as they had very powerful intellect, memory and minds those days, when ages passed on some rishis( One being Ved Vyasa) foresaw the future generations won’t be able to memorize long and broad information and they started to write it down and thus formed the Upanishads(Meaning read it and be free from the illusion and delusion of reality) which is derived from the Atharvaveda (How to live in this world, ethics, principles) They wrote it as poems and stories, to make it more interesting for their disciples/students, they created marvelous and superficial characters and stories in a beautiful way that made people believe they were real or they praised people who lived closest to Shiva’s Way of life or to the Sanathana Dharma. We as humans can learn from good and bad things people do, so when we see someone doing wrong we have the conscience to know its wrong and stay way from it. Why I emphasize on this is most people ask me why should I worship Lord Ram, he left his wife after questioning her virtuousness or virginity ( This is a lesson for all Men, that we should’t disrespect a woman or question her virtuousness, we shall lose everything if we do) at the same time (It’s a lesson for woman as well that they should maintain their chastity, dignity and be virtuous to their husband) Basically I recommend people not to give importance to these characters and give more importance to the morals and principles they convey through the story. It is like people are worshipping/idolizing Einstein but has no idea what E=mc2 is. If you read these books as moral science without judgements, you would actually get the fruit of it. These characters represented how powerful( Hanuman) , wise(Krishna) , righteous(Sita), Truthful( Harishchandra) we can be in our lives. I would recommend all of us to focus on their way of life, and try to live by these principles. There is no major advantage for anything and any of us in this world by merely worshipping them but living the opposite versions of theirs.

What is caste system why does it exist?

Caste system is a social norm which still exists in modern days in different names and concepts. Ancient society created it and categorized Priests and Academics as Brahmins, Warriors and Kings as Kshatriyas, Merchants and Landowners as Vaishya, Commoners,Peasants, Servants as Sudras and Sweepers, Latrin cleaners, Laborers as Dalits. Even in the modern days people are categorized in different professions ranging from CEO, DIRECTORS, MANAGERS, SUPERVISORS, FOREMAN, WORKERS/LABOURERS also Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs are given special status. Even in modern days when asked to treat people in all professions with due respect people still discrimination is there in any country, hardly we would find any CEO having lunch with a Janitor. And also its clearly mentioned that a Brahmin is a brahmin not by birth but his way of living and his deeds. Intercaste marriages were a issue because if you look at current situation as well it would be a challenge for a CEO of company to marry and live with a janitor as their lifestyles and thinking would be different. It is never mentioned it is not allowed, if two people are willing to sacrifice everything for their love and need to be together it is the way to go and through many Puranas they have showed how beautiful relations were when wealth and social status didn’t matter in marriage as there were many Rishis who lived happily though they married from different caste/social category. Some people transformed and altered the teachings and beliefs for their own self interest and to maintain their social status. In the very ancient times there were only three categories which were Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas later on people added just like how even in modern days new job roles and positions are added.

Why so many religions and beliefs?

I respect all religions and their teachings, all of them is giving knowledge to humans and has their own way of life, I don’t want to comment further about it or about all religions because I haven’t deeply studied all of them but according to my perception, some learnt few aspects of Hinduism , if we take the instance of Buddha, as Buddhism is derived from Hinduism itself, Buddha was more attracted to the meditation aspects in Shiva’s Teaching, Buddha did’t want to have a family, so left his wife and kid and passed on his teachings incorporating his self-interest in it. Buddhism is a beautiful religion or teaching if you are only interested in meditating and living. Question is is that all you want in this life? On the other hand OSHO created his own culture just using the Tantric aspects in Shiva’s Teaching again he was more inclined to sex and love making aspect and he formed a culture or belief. Now you can use your own rational thinking and conscience and find the answers to the question. Shiva is still worshipped by other religions in different names, forms and systems , just like how its mentioned in the Rig Veda 3000BC, Truth is One: Sages call it by various names, Systems of faiths maybe different, But God is One!

I would like to remind all of us Shiva never asked us to follow any religion, books or writing, live life the way he lived and you shall find all the answers, all the truth is within us, use our own consciousness and explore it and the world shall be a better place for all livings beings, nature and for humans. Nature has proved us already that we don’t need to protect nature, she knows to protect herself. Now our duty is to protect ourselves by living like how our ancestors lived seeing God in whole of nature and causing no harm to Mother Earth. When organized religions ask me to join them, I respect them and their beliefs but when I have access to infinite knowledge without any restrictions, when Shiva guided me with all aspects of life emphasizing on universe is within you, God, truth and knowledge is within you and see God in everyone why should I limit myself? I believe Shiva is OMNIPOTENT (Having Unlimited power) OMNISCIENT (All Knowing) OMNIPRESENT (PRESENT EVERYWHERE) AND ARUPA, RUPA-ARUPA and SWARUPA ( Which means he is formless, He forms emerging from the formless and also with a form)


I hereby humbly declare that the above thesis consists only the very basics of ancient Vedas, the knowledge and information is infinite and covers many other aspects of life, science, universe and chemistry etc. I’ve discussed just the ABCD of Vedas and Sanathana Dharma.

I’m ready for an argumentation through peaceful exchange of views with any world renowned spiritual leaders or religious scholars including SadhGuru, Zakir Naik, Dalai Lama(14th) or anyone who has a contradiction with my thesis/revelation. I’m eligible in my own ways, and I can also prove how some of the world scholars or spiritual leaders are ineligible as they still haven’t conquered their anger, aggression and agitation when asked adverse questions. I’ve learned psychology as well and just to give everyone an insight, if you observe most of the spiritual/religious scholars they use Truman’s law of ”If you cant convince them, confuse them through manipulative and irrelavant phrases or sentences. I don’t have to be a spiritual leader or change my name to propagate my philosophy I shall always be known by my birth name Abhiram which means: Lord Shiva, the most handsome and pleasing and giver of pleasure. I shall answer all of your questions with a genuine smiling face.

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