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We as human beings owe a large part of the reasoning to our actions to be because of the fact that we are human. The codes ingrained into our species direct our way of living, and more importantly, the reactions we have to different circumstances. Franz Kafka’s “The Hunger Artist” demonstrates the complexity of human desire and how these desires drive us to hold its importance over the basic necessities of life. In the story, a skeletal man struggles for...
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Stop trying so hard to fill my void for I have started loving the way it makes me ache.” What does this mean to you? In my opinion, this was the thought process the Hunger Artist had. When you have a void that you want to fill you start filling it with superficial things, in the Hunger Artist case his void was filled with fasting. The theme of this story is how he goes about his journey. The artist shows...
1 Page 496 Words
Everyone feels the obligation to shift sometime in their life. The issue would be if the difference would be for the best. Kafka elaborates on how the public pressures society and forces individuals to view themselves negatively which may be portrayed as an illusion. In the literary novella work, The Metamorphosis, Kafka elaborates on how Gregor is portrayed as a disgusting, repugnant beetle from the eyes of whom may approach him. An interpretation could conceivably be that he maybe was...
3 Pages 1371 Words
Franz Kafka is known to be one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Kafka’s grim writing style is known and recognized by many. Many of his works leave the reader questioning life and often taking away a pessimistic message. The dark nature of his short stories such as “The Judgement”, “A Hunger Artist” and “In The Penal Colony”, poses the questions, why such a dark view on life and it's situations and what factors affected his writing?...
2 Pages 1121 Words
Because of how Gregor was viewed resulting in his transformation, he was unable to be labeled as a member of society. He was treated as a “less than” and was no longer loved by his family. “The Hunger Artist” is about an artist who physically isolates himself via his cage, but he is also isolated from the world in that he can only understand the seriousness and importance of his art. The artist was viewed by everyone else as weird...
2 Pages 696 Words
Human beings go through the life process in search for happiness. it is the constant search for happiness that makes us value all the good memories life throws at us. However, this illusion of happiness does not always seem to be attained throughout the human life. There are periods people go through endless suffering and they have to deal with it, with the hope that all shall pass and a happy moment will come their way again. Being preoccupied to...
4 Pages 1635 Words
Two short stories “Bartleby, The Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street” by Herman Melville and “The Hunger Artist” by Frank Kafka were both written by two different authors at two different time periods. Even though both stories are separated by over sixty years from one another, character wise both stories share the same main idea which is social acceptance. Both protagonists Barely and the hunger artist were rejected by society just because they chose to act differently than what was...
1 Page 430 Words
Trapped, stuck in the same routine. Anything ranging from anxiety to severe depression can make people feel imprisoned every day. The characters Miss Brill, Chanyi, and The Hunger Artist all have something in common, which is the feeling of being trapped. Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill” portrays the main character, Miss Brill, as someone who enjoys her own little world but, goes through a drastic change that leaves her feeling heavy hearted and confined. “The Hunger Artist” by Franz Kafka, is...
2 Pages 1042 Words
The story “A Hunger Artist” talks about a man who was a professional hunger artist and was really dedicated to his profession. He believed that fasting is not such a difficult task and decided to embark on a forty days fasting journey to prove that to the world. The character according to the description of the writer would be in his late 40s to fifty and had a strong appetite for fasting. The character can be said to be a...
1 Page 470 Words
The hunger artist’s remote relationship with the town’s citizens suggests that the artist separates himself from society and is most likely heavily misunderstood. Within the story one may quickly think that the story is simply about the art of fasting. However, there is a much deeper meaning in the art itself. In the beginning of the story the narrator makes very general observations about the popularity of hunger artists as a whole. Shortly into the reading the protagonist is introduced....
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