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A Modest Proposal Essays (by Jonathan Swift)

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Speaking of the world’s literature, it’s hard to find a satiric essay that would be so frightening and even savage as the “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. Even though the narration is presented as an economic treatise, the purpose is to highlight England’s exploitation of Ireland. It is considered a masterpiece of satire, yet some students will find it overly difficult to read and process. As you will see from A Modest Proposal examples, what we have here is an essay. It has been published in a pamphlet due to the content and the length. It caused a shocking response in 1729 since the subjects have been presented with dark satire and allegories. The proposal is offered as an outrageous solution in relation to the children of the poor. The narration is filled with symbolism as the children are presented as the most vulnerable, as the proverbial “food” for the English landlords since the young ones are those who suffer the most.

The Main Ideas Portrayed by “A Modest Proposal”

The main idea is addressing rich British people, which is why a good A Most Proposal ideas should focus on the socio-economical processes and the people affected. The main idea and the message of this satirical essay is the ignorance of poverty and hunger. It is essential to bring the element of shocking truth, in the author’s opinion, to help people act before the situation gets out of control.

Therefore, when you are starting with your “A Modest Proposal” essay, you should ask yourself what the narrator seems to value the most. You shall see the symbolism and the parenthood, butchering, and the food that is made possible by the poor people who work hard. These are the main ideas worth considering as you reflect, review, and use various modern examples to contrast and compare.

5 Topics Based Around A Modest Proposal

Starting with your A Modest Proposal essay, consider exploring the topics that have been offered by Swift. It can involve various satire ideas that are related to hunger and the solutions that are being offered by the politics that meet at the luxury hotels or address an issue of poverty. Here are five ideas to consider:

1. The attitude to the poor by the English landlords in classic literature.

2. Rhetorical analysis of argumentation by Jonathan Swift.

3. A Modest Proposal essay through the lens of sarcasm and hyperbole.

4. The symbolism of children and the parents as central ideas in A Modest Proposal.

5.An outline and summary of ignorance of the basic needs as portrayed by Swift’s narrative.

How to Compose Your “A Modest Proposal Essay”

– Always check your grading rubric as it may already have a prompt with a subject that must be explored. For example, if the talk goes about the social problems in the local area, you can use the satirical tone as an outline for your narration. Focus on your topic choice first.

– Continue with the tone and the irony found in the verbal constructions. It will help you to determine the words between the lines and see the real meaning behind allegories and comparisons.

– Exploring A Modest Proposal ideas, implement quotes from the essay to keep the message clear. Cite according to the style specified to avoid plagiarism.

– Explore your delivery and read the final result aloud to see if you could explain and suggest an important moral lesson.

Why Use A Modest Proposal Examples

It’s always good to learn by example, especially when you are dealing with satirical writing or analysis of complex subjects. We have provided you with a great selection of complete assignments that will help you learn. Our A Modest Proposal essay examples contain relevant quotes that will show you how to implement citations correctly and keep things unique. The same relates to a wide range of topics that explore the economical situation between England and Ireland and the perception of poverty by the rich. Since it’s not an easy essay to read, turning to examples will save you a great deal of time and will help to deliver your assignment on time!

Make Your Modest Proposal Ideas Unique

When you are told to compose a review or a summary of “A Modest Proposal”, do not just write about the main topics or provide a list of quotes that helps to explain the problem of poverty and hunger of the poor. Provide examples from the present times and see how things can be compared, what solutions can be found, or what challenges are always encountered. As you learn how to write A Modest Proposal essay, brainstorm more than one topic, keep every argument accessible, as you speak of the causes and the effect, and you will always remain unique!

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A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift: Sannibalism And The Eating Of Babies

“A Modest Proposal” is a satirical story written by Jonathan Swift in 1729. The story proposes to solve the problem in Ireland of tenant farmers who cannot feed their children because the owners are adamant about the lease. After discussing the problem, he suggests a new solution: parents should sell their children to rich landowners so they can eat them. Many Swift contemporaries did not understand the satirical intent of Swift’s essay and received criticism for his writing. The author’s...
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A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift: Incompetence Of Politicians In Ireland

“For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public” (Swift 2431). If you have ever heard of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, but have not read it, you probably have heard something along the lines of it being about eating babies. While it technically is about eating babies, there is a much deeper meaning behind it. A Modest Proposal is a severely satirical...
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A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift: A Satirical Solution Of Poverty And Famine In Ireland

Politicians, religious leaders, and group leaders alike have preyed on the weaknesses of their constituents and taken advantage of their disposition to be persuaded easily into circumstances with the lack of rational thinking and reasoning. In his controversial essay “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift, through his use of satire and logos, expresses the dangers of relying on speculative reason to solve problems which may lead to thinking the unthinkable rather than following what should be more natural and humane. Despite...
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Age of Reason: A Modest Proposal And Gulliver’s Travels

The Age of Reason was a period of time between the years 1715 and 1789. It is also commonly referred to as the Age of Enlightenment. Jonathan Swift was a writer during this period of reason, in which many individuals became more aware of the world around them and as a result had many intellectual and philosophical awakenings and ideas. It is during this period of reason that the focus of many writings took the shift from more serious work...
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Concept Of Things In A Modest Proposal, A Story for Children And The Street Sweeping Show

Behind every person, object and event, there is a veiled motive, undetectable by the public. Deception is an act or statement which misleads, hides the truth, or promotes a belief, concept or idea that is not true. Appearance leads to the formation of an opinion, which can be inaccurate due to deception. There is a thin line between perception and reality, and a great amount of distinction may lie between the two. In the short stories “A Modest Proposal” by...
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Use Of A Modest Proposal And Catcher In The Rye A Gay Conversion Therapy Program

My imaginative piece, crafting the viewpoint of a homosexual participant within a gay conversion therapy program, uses the influence of Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger and Jonathan Swift’s satirical essay, A Modest Proposal to reinforce the created voice of dissent. Opposing religious belief, societal norm and the totalitarian like the dominance of leading service figures, the narrative draws upon language techniques inspired by both texts in order to convey a “stream of consciousness” literary style writing piece. Through...
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A Modest Proposal Versus Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave: Comparative Essay

Enlightenment vs. Romanticism shows two different aspects of history. In the Enlightenment period (1685-1800) the world was more focused on decisions that were rational not emotional, whereas in the Romanticism period (1800-1850) it dealt more with the emotional aspect of writing. Even though these are two separate time periods the writing texts do have similarities. In A Modest Proposal written during the Enlightenment period by Swift, focuses on how to solve an overpopulation of Ireland. Though in the Narrative of...
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Rhetorical Review Of In Search Of A Modest Proposal

Abstract The essay by Fred Stenson, ‘In Search of a Modest Proposal’ cricizes the current education system and how the curriculum is delivered to children. Key words Curriculum, Education system, displeasure, formula, inefficiency, deterioration, literary styles. Rhetorical Review of “In Search Of A Modest Proposal The essay by Fred Stenson, ‘In Search of a Modest Proposal’, borrows from Jonathan Swift’s work ‘A Modest Proposal’. On the side of the page, there is a box with writings reveals that the author...
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A Modest Proposal By Swift Versus Candide By Voltaire: Comparative Essay

“It is a melancholy object to those, who walk through this great town, or travel in the country, when they see the streets, the roads and cabbin-doors crowded with beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags, and importuning every passenger for an alms.” Swift starts with these lines in his essay in “A Modest Proposal.” This work of Swift is said to be one of the most efficacious satires in the history...
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The Cry of the Children, the Chimney Sweeper, and A Modest Proposal: Comparative Analysis

Europe’s Seventeenth to Eighteenth Century Romantic, Victorian, and Modern eras was marked by a poverty-stricken society. Rapid industrialization gave rise to Britain, but it has brought many social and economic problems. Ireland had no universal provisions, and the poor wandered the streets begging for jobs and money. The ruling class was unsympathetic towards the suffering working class, leaving them with no hope as death was the only escape to look forward to. They were exploited as workers. Their working environments...
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Heroic Characteristics Throughout History: Analysis of Beowulf, A Modest Proposal and Eve’s Apology

Literature is a timeless source of entertainment no matter when it was written. The reader can gain insight on the values and culture from even a thousand years ago. Readers can gather a valuable understanding about how literature reflects the evolution of a hero-like character throughout different periods in history. Throughout the Middle Ages, a hero is shown through physical and mental strength and honor. During the Renaissance time period, heroic traits are shown through confidence in oneself. During the...
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Human Being for A Living: Critical Analysis of the Main Idea of A Modest Proposal

To normalize consuming the flesh of an organism from one’s own species might be an exposition to the unceasing poverty. Jonathan Swift, an Irish author and a well-known satirist, wrote “A Modest Proposal”, published in the year 1729. His argument includes a proposition wherein children from the penurious families should be eaten to prevent being a burden to their parents. Swift begins to defend his purpose by writing his essay in a satirical way, or by using humor, exaggeration and...
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Link to Religion in Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift: Analytical Essay

To revisit that which I previously mentioned earlier within this essay, there is also an implicit critique of Catholicism within this misogynistic proposal, though the link to religion is particularly subtle in its ties to misogyny. Within the proposer’s narrative critiquing poor women with many children, this target of religion exists amidst Swift’s more explicitly anti-Catholic rhetoric, and it supports the stereotype that Catholic families are always large, given their religious views regarding childbirth and contraception. This itself is seemingly...
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Analytical Essay on A Modest Proposal: Use of Sarcasm and Satire

Its normal to believe that if you have only grew in good living conditions and don’t know anything better, then you’ll automatically assume everyone else must also have good living conditions. When you first encounter someone who didn’t live well you would think that it’s because of something they did. This has been a common thing from the beginning of time and is still common today. “A Modest Proposal” published by Johnathan Swift in 1729 is set in Ireland where...
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Use of Rhetorical Devices in Modest Proposal: Analytical Review

Rhetorical analysis Paragraphs In the text, “A Modest Proposal”, the author Jonathan Swift uses multiple different rhetorical devices. Hyperbole is definitely one rhetorical device that Swift uses throughout the text. This rhetorical device is a great exaggeration of fact, used whether for serious or comic effect. This clearly is used by Swift in his writing and using this rhetorical device makes the reader more engaged in the text and it just overall makes it more exciting to read. Swift says,...
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Features of the Neoclassical Era in Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”: Analytical Review

Neoclassicism emerged from a literary movement in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The word neoclassicism was taken from the word “neo” in Greek which means “new” and the term “classic” refers to the type and works of ancient Greek and roman writers. It is the rebirth of classicism. It was a literary movement that focused heavily on the resurrection of the classical style in the time of Dryden and pope. In Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” features of...
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‘The Rape of the Lock’ by Alexander Pope Versus ‘A Modest Proposal’ by Jonathan Swift: Comparative Essay

One of the most employed literary tools during the restoration period was satire in Britain. A club known as the Scriblerus club was formed by Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift and John Gay. These literary geniuses made satire what it is today and made an impact on society, in order for change. The two very different modes of satire in my opinion best captures the spirit of the period 166-1760 because Alexander Pope mainly focused on making a parody of high-class...
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