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A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Djarum 76 The Island Version Advertisement

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The study identifed and analyzed linguistic, visual, audio, strenghteness and weakness components associated with the selected advertisement of Djarum 76. The research uses descriptive qualitative method to analyze and elaborate the data. Data analysed in this research are the words and sentences converted to written text of Djarum 76 advertisement. The steps of data collection technique are by downloading the advertisement, reading and listening the text, checking the video verbally and visually, and identifying the data. The results showed that such linguistic, visual, audio, strenghteness and weakness resources as verbal, visual and verbal-visual texts enhance the semantic quality of the advertisement. In the whole, the study emphasizes the advertisement as unique and best concept as possible to describe the ciggarate is consumed by various groups and situations. Eventhough the superiority of the product is not conveyed.


Advertising is a form of information carried out by a person, agency / agency, or company, the contents of which are interesting messages about a product or service aimed at the public. The purpose and purpose of advertising is to persuade / encourage the public to become interested in using the products / services offered.

Advertisements usually are placed in various media so that it is seen by many people, both offline and online media. Some of these media include newspapers, magazines, tabloids, television, news sites, blogs, social media, search engines, and public places.

In general, advertisements take the form of non-personal information about a product or service, company, brand, and others, with compensation for certain costs. All communication in the form of advertisements aims to attract attention or persuade others to buy or do something that benefits the ad maker.

One of the advertisements take of non-personal information about a product is cigarettes. Cigarettes are cylinders of paper measuring between 70-120 mm long, with a diameter of 10 mm, which contains tobacco leaves that have been chopped. Cigarettes are burned at its tip and let to burn so the smoke inhaled through the mouth at the other tip. The basic ingredients of cigarettes are tobacco. Tobacco consists of various chemicals that make someone addicted of it, even though try don’t want to try it again. The dangers of smoking on body health have been studied and proven by many people. The adverse effects of smoking are clearly known (Wikipedia, 2016).

Research shows “smoking habits increase the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and vascular disorders, lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer, ocular cancer, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus”. In fact, smoking is hard to break and is rarely recognized by people as a bad habit. “Especially people who smoke to distract themselves from stress and emotional distress, it is more difficult to break away from this habit than smokers who do not have a background of depression” (Mewengkang, 2001).

Djarum 76 is one of the famous cigarettes in Indonesia. It was named Djarum 76 because the cigarettes brand was introduced in 1976. This product is sold in stretched packaging, two wide cigarettes, and ten long cigarettes. Meanwhile, the cigarette itself is rolled up in white paper. PT. Djarum is a cigarette company in Indonesia based in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. Djarum’s history begins when Oei Wie Gwan bought a small kretek business was named Djarum Gramophon in 1951, then the name was changed to Djarum. Oei started selling the kretek with the “Djarum” brand that turned out to be a success in the market. After the fire destroyed the company in 1963, shortly afterwards Oei die. Djarum again and modernized the equipment at the factory.

Some research of multimodal analysis in the advertisement has been done by several people. Savitri and Rosa (2019) in their journal entitled A study of multimodal analysis in smartphone advertisement. the study also carry out by Ayodeji Olowu and Susan Olajoke Akinkurolere (2015) in their journal entitled a multimodal discourse analysis of selected advertisement of malaria drugs. the research is also conducted by Chunyu Hu & Mengxi Luo (2016) in their journal entitled A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Tmall’s Double Eleven Advertisement.


Multimodal is a study of semiotics aspects as a study of signs in the society (Saussure, 1969: 16). Chandler (2007: 2) explains that semiotics involves a study not only about signs in daily conversation, but also about everything referring to the others. Moreover, the signs are figure, sound, gesture, and object. Bateman and Schmidt (2012: 28) use language terms (verbal and written), visual, acoustic, and place as the signs studied in semiotics. The signs is also called as Multimodal. A text said as multimodal text if the text has two or more semotics system. There are five semiotics system: (a) Linguistic, consists of words, generic structure, and verbal and written language grammatical; (b) Visual, consists of color, vector, the angle of moving and unmoving objects; (c) Audio, consists of volume, harmony and music rythm and sound effect; (d) Gesture, consists of move, speed, and the silent in face expression and body language; and (e) Location, consists of the position of the object„ direction, layout, and distance based on layout.

According to O’Halloran and Smith (in Sinar, 2012:133), multimodal analysis includes the analysis of all communications which have interaction and integration of texts based on two or more semiotics sources or as a communication media to reach the communicative function of the text. Simply, multimodal analysis emphasizes that verbal and non verbal communication media have important role to express meaning. Kress and Leeuwen (in Sinar, 2012: 132) state that reprentative and interactive meanings by image exist in analyse multimodal can be done by three system: (a) information value; (b) salience; and, (c) framing, exist. The theory Kress and Leeuwen (1996) are used in analyzing the aspects of visual text. To reveal the meaning in the message of advertisement.

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Advertising (advertisement has a variety of purposes, among others, for „marketing‟ products in the form of ideas and materials. Goddard (1998: 3) said that in the process of marketing ideas or materials a cumulative effect will be produced in the long term. This effect, used to construct reality, is created by communicating verbal and visual language displayed in pictures, graphics, layouts, colors combined with sounds, words, phrases, clauses, sentences and other effects.


The research uses descriptive qualitative method to analyze and elaborate the data based on Rakhmat (2005) and Mahsun (2007). Rakhmat (2005: 25) says that descriptive aims to collect the actual information in detail. Meanwhile, Mahsun (2007: 257) states that qualitative method focuses on the description, elaboration, and filteration of meaning and also the placement of the data to its context and often explain the data by words than numeric. Data analysed in this research are the words and sentences converted to written text of Djarum 76 advertisement of PT. Djarum from in consideration that the data is interesting and with short duration for an video electronic advertisement. The steps of data collection technique are by downloading the advertisement, reading and listening the text, checking the video verbally and visually, and identifying the data. Verbal texts transcribe to be written text. Descriptive analysis technique is used to obtain the result and the conclusion.


The first Value Brand is from Djarum 76. Djarum 76 is one of the biggest and famous cogarette brand in Indonesia produced by PT. Djarum. Among the rows of commercial television videos, Djarum 76 often attracts attention by emphasizing the figure of Om Jin who is always considered bring the solution. Even though it is strange, Djarum 76 advertisements are easily remembered by the people of Indonesia. The picture covers substantial part of the image. The reasearch describes the analysis of advertisement based on the multimodal theory by Kress and Leeuwen (2006). the following are the five semiotic systems in Djarum 76 advertisement.

Linguistics Analysis

The language variety is informal used which meant to express the natural use of the language as in the daily life. The language in this advertisement also heard with the sundanese dialect. Orally, the verbal utterances in the commercial as follows: “saya beri tiga permintaan” “Aku mau pulang” “Sama” “Sepi rek” “haa aku mau mereka balek” hahaha.

There are three of written language in the commercial. the first one is “Djarum 76” showed as the last image mean much become the key point of what is being advertised, the second is “yang penting heppiii…” as tagline positioned at the right significantly portray supporting message. The product which can observe the entire of problem, the difficulty and the barrier by relax and “heppiii” and the last of written language in the commercial is “Merokok dapat menyebabkan kanker, serangan jantung, impotensi, gangguan kehamilan dan Janin”. As the last tagline to warn the custumer about the effect cause by smoking. The backsound and the utterances designed to support the commercial. There are backsounds which sounded as follow “76”, and Djarum..Djarum..Djarum..76…..

Visual Analysis

Visually, the advertisement portrays 33 second in process in experience the three young men to send them home and also return back to the first place. The advertisement of Djarum 76 created the commercial with a genie, the three young men, beach, magic lamp, twigs and wood.It uses motion images. It starts from the images of the three young men who were stranded on an island and found a magic lamp, then the genie came out of the lamp. the genie offered 3 requests to them. the two young men asked to return home but the last young man asked him to sent back his friends caused by he felt lonely. Djarum 76 exploited colors and view of the island. it showed the blue colour of the sea and the green colour of the forest. The focus of the message are the area of the beach, a goblin and the three of the young man. There is a painting that looks like Javanese custom carvings which are connotatively looks like clouds accompanying the sun.

Audio Analysis

There are two sound that support the commercial: “76…” the scene appear to initial the commercial whichcreflects the commercial of 76 is familiar to the consumer’s ears because the similar commercial has been presented in previous time. The last scene appear logo Djarum 76 and followed by the song “Djarum Djarum Djarum 76…” which label as the famous cigarette


The commercial illustrates that Djarum 76 is a cigarette for various groups and situations. this is reflected in the clothes of each different youth like the first young man wearing neat clothes that illustrates that he is an employee. the second young man dressed more casually which illustrates that his daily life does not work under the company. then the last man seen dressed like he was on vacation at the beach. Advertising can be impactful for many reasons, and humor can help drive brand loyalty and bring remembrance to consumers cognitively. There is humour quality that makes people interested to view the ad more than once.


The ad does not focus on the superiority of the product. So that consumers’ attention is limited to the humor of advertisements that are served. So that so the short ad is not enough to make consumers extremely interested to the product. For the new consumers the ad is quite difficult to understand because it does not reflect the ciggarete in each video session.


One of the advertisement function is to promote and market the product. With the unique and best concept of the product advertisement can deliver the meaning and describe the product to the customers perfectly. Advertisement can change people.s perspective about the product. From the commertcial of Djarum 76 products we can conclude that they make the advertisement as unique and best concept as possible to describe the ciggarate is consumed by various groups and situations. Eventhough the superiority of the product is not conveyed. In the Djarum 76 advertisement, the multimodal construction successfully conveys and realizes the purpose of the ad—promoting the festival culture and trigger consumption. Based on the previous analysis, the research questions are hereby answered.


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