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A One Day in Space

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My hero of all times and one who inspire me to set my aim to become an astronaut was “Neil Armstrong”. First man to the Moon. He said that “Pilots do not take any special joy in walking but Pilots like flying”. I love to go to Space and live in ISS for six months. Astronauts live a difficult life in space. They have to carry their Oxygen cylinder with them on their back. They have to sleep in sleep bag. Their food is packed like toothpaste and the food is dry. I like to go to spacewalk. They spent many hours getting ready for space walk. The first American to perform spacewalk was by “Edward White” on 3rd June, 1965. ISS: International Space Station (ISS) is a human made structure ever build. It covers a large area which looks like a Football Pitch. ISS is divided into two parts, Russian Orbital Segments and United States Orbital Segments. The time in ISS use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It Orbit the Earth approx 400 kilometer above the surface at the speed of 27, 600 kilometer per hour. Astronauts perform several experiments in Space Station like Weather taking, Blood samples etc. They have three meal times in a day. They have to fix their needed things on the ISS like laptop, tooth paste etc. , after brushing the teeth they have to swallow or they can split it in the tissue paper. If we did not fix our needed things it starts to float inside the ISS because there is no gravity in space even their hair will be flying and water will not spill down. Astronauts don’t have shower for six months. Harmony, Destiny and Unity are the parts which were sent by US to build ISS.

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Astronauts live a difficult and risky life in space. In space we can experience sunrise every 45 minutes and we can see 16 sunrises and sunsets a day. Since 1961 more than 400 human have gone to space. The first US Satellite was Pioneer-5 to be success. In the space last two hours they do exercise this is essential to keep them fit and healthy. They have to wear their space suits and helmet. Space suits don’t just make Astronaut look cool, without Space suit we cannot work outside the ISS. In Space our weight will be change but our mass will not change. Life on the ISS is extremely busy. Oldest Astronaut to fly in Space was an American Astronaut – “John Glenn” born in July 1921. He was seventy seven years old.

A daily need of a man in a Spacecraft have been estimated to be 1, 530 gm of food, 876 gm oxygen and 2. 5 kg of water weighing in all 4. 9 kg. In my view in future only Robots will be sent to the Space and Rockets will be return to earth after leaving the Satellite in Space. As the Rockets returns to the Earth the Space Wastes can be reduced.

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