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A One-Weekend Skiing Trip to Quebec

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.

Traveling is one of the best ways to help people get to relax and spend time with family. Most people might go for a trip two or three times a year. Not everyone has a long vacation for the trip. People usually go for a weekend trip because a weekend trip does not need to prepare a lot of things. For the people who live in Ontario, Quebec is a nice place to enjoy the trip. Having a one-weekend skiing trip in Quebec is a wonderful choice because it has wonderful food, hotel, and ski resorts.

First of all, Quebec has a variety of cuisines, some of which are everywhere, some of which are traditional Quebec cuisine and some of which are unique to Quebec. Poutine is everywhere in Canada and around the world, but many people do not know is that poutine originated in Quebec in 1950. Even though fries with cheese and gravy are nothing new in Quebec, but poutine has been around the world for years. Tourtiere has long been a traditional Quebec patty. Mince varies by region but is usually ground pork, beef or game. “Charlevoix lamb is one of a kind, and its producers have the law backing them up on that” (‘Top 10 Foods to Eat in Quebec’, 2010). In 2009, it became the first legal food-protection region in North America, just like French Champagne or Italian Parma ham, only authentic Charlevoix lamb can be marketed as such” (‘Top 10 Foods to Eat in Quebec’, 2010). In general, Quebec has poutine, Charlevoix lamb and other variety of food, they all originate in Quebec, some are popular and some are only sold locally.

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Second, Quebec is the best city for tourists also because it has beautiful places to live in. Quebec has many interesting sights. Hotel de Glace can be a logo for Quebec because it includes a lot of Quebec traditional activities and the hotel rates are not too expensive. Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America. Every winter, the hotel can give different themes to people because people like to try new creative works and things. When people live at Hotel de Glace, people can try to join in some great winter activities at Village Vacances. For example, “Valcartier, including the 35 snow slides, the ice skating paths, snow Rafting, and the Tornado” (Sigmund, 2019). Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac is also a nice place to live. Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac was an old castle and was rebuilt as a hotel 20 years ago. People can live there just like a prince or princess live in a castle. In summary, Quebec has a lot of places to live and it’s a good choice for a trip.

Finally, Quebec is a good place for a one-weekend skiing trip also because it has many fantastic ski resorts. Quebec has a long of ski resorts such as Le Massif Ski Resort, Mont Sainte Anne, etc. Mont Sainte Anne is one of the famous ski resorts in Quebec. Mont Sainte Anne is dominated by advanced slopes, about 15% of which are expert slopes. Mont Sainte Anne has 69 slopes and also has the largest cross-country ski resort in Canada. Quebec also has some ski resorts for the rookie skier. Stoneham and Mont Blanc also be the choices for beginners. Skiers of all levels can find a ski resort that suits them in Quebec. To sum up, people can enjoy their skiing trip to Quebec and have a nice feeling for the one-weekend skiing trip.

In conclusion, Quebec is a good place for having a one-weekend skiing trip because it has delicious food, special hotels, and all-level ski resorts. A one-weekend trip in Quebec can enjoy local food such as poutine, tourtiere and live in an old castle or ice hotel. Also, the most important thing is people can have a wonderful skiing experience in Mont Sainte Anne. Maybe people can watch the drama named ‘Mont Sainte Anne’, when they are lying in bed. If the world is a book, people should flip through this chapter of Quebec and they will discover its charm, and more people will come here to explore its beauty.


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