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A Perfidious Pursuit Of Power In Macbeth

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Macbeth” is Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy and one of his most popular works. It is a dark and powerful work. The story is set in Scotland, a royal supremacy that explains, through psychological and political warfare, the evils of a perfidious pursuit of power.

The main storyline revolves around four characters, Duncan, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and Macduff. Duncan was the king of Scotland, a simple and innocent man. His blind trust never occurred to him that Macbeth would murder him. At the same time, he was an example of a virtuous, benevolent and farsighted ruler. His death also foreshadowed the breakdown of social order in Scotland. Macbeth was an ambitious Scottish general. The witch’s, prophecy stirred the thirst for power in his heart. The article mainly describes how the evil desire swallowed up his heart. Lady Macbeth is the wife of Macbeth. She is also a person who longs for power and status, but her heart is fragile. Lady Macbeth most scheming person in this article, through her induction Macbeth won the throne. Lady Macbeth, though cruel and sinister seemingly, appears not to care about murdering Duncan. But her mental state and her performance after sleepwalking gave her away. It was the anguish of guilt and fear that drove her to suicide. And finally, Macduff was a Scottish Lord. Everything he did was in Scotland’s interests. He was hostile to Macbeth’s kingship always. He was also the natural enemy of Macbeth.

The first prophecy is Macbeth will be named Lord Grahams. Macbeth’s army defeated McDonald’s rebels and the Irish army, who tried to invade England. So, Macbeth got his honor. The king sent messengers to honor him. The previous Lord court had been executed for treason, and Macbeth had become the new Lord court. So, the witch’s first prediction was confirmed. Since then, Macbeth has gradually developed trust in the witch.

The second prophecy is that Macbeth said he will definitely become king. Macbeth was aware of the second prophecy the witch had made about him. He had great confidence in himself to be king. His wife, Lady Macbeth, is also unsatisfied with the status quo. She wants absolute power. So, she starts to get Macbeth to murder Duncan to get her way. Macbeth and lady, Macbeth brutally murdered Duncan. Which means he’ll never have another chance. Macbeth so became king. But he became more and more cruel and became a tyrant.

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The third prophecy no one born of a woman could harm Macbeth. When Macbeth visited the three witches and learned about the prophecy, he became unscrupulous, more savage and more crazy. He felt that he had no natural enemies and that no one could defeat him. So, he was no longer worried that someone might threaten his throne. But Macbeth was not, yet a fool, and he wanted to purge himself of uneasiness. So, he sent his men to kill at McDuff’s house.

The fourth prophecy was that no one would defeat Macbeth until great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane Hill Shall come against him. After Macbeth has cleared all obstacles, he asks the witch again, what else could threaten his status. The witch tells him the prophecy. This event did not alarm him, but made him more comfortable with his throne. Because it sounds so ridiculous. How could the woods movie? He felt quite safe.

The fifth prophecy is The children of Banquo will rule the country. Macbeth regarded Banquo’s existence as a great threat to him, and Banquo might influence his political rule. So, he devised a cruel plan to kill Banquo and his son. He invited Banquo and his son to the party. Ready to kill them during the party. Banquo was killed, but his son fled. Just as Macbeth reassuringly returned to the banquet, he was horrified to find that Banquo’s soul was sitting in his seat. He felt guilty and afraid. And he was the only one who could see the ghost, so he did a lot of strange things. Finally, Lady Macbeth had to end the party.

In this work, the witch’s prophecy is carried out throughout. Basically, every decision and every turn Macbeth makes stems from the witch’s prophecy. It made me think with horror that the witch was weaving the threads of the people’s destiny. Always, Duncan’s death was a witch’s play. And we can’t fully identify them. Banquo is the opposite of Macbeth. He was also a general, and he Shared Macbeth’s ambitions. But he chose a different path. The ghost of Banquo is like a rebuke to Macbeth’s heart. Macbeth chose rebellion after a difficult choice, while Banquo chose loyalty. That’s why Macbeth can see the soul of Banquo but can’t see the soul of Duncan.

Chiefly, Macbeth’s work is rich and full in describing characters’ characteristics and characters. Particularlyparticular Macbeth’s description of the transformation from a righteous general to a cruel tyrant is vivid and even changes in tone. The article describes the most essential human desire dripping exquisite. The article exudes a tragic atmosphere of despair. Basically, everyone didn’t end up very well. So I must learn to withstand the temptation of others, to find a reasonable way, this event is the right path to success.

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