A Rose For Emily: Critical Analysis

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In William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily”, Emily was a forlorn lady that experiences a lot to discover love. Emily’s father dies when she’s thirty, at that point a man named Homer arrives at town who Emily winds up falling in love with. Roses have various implications, “red, the lover's rose signifies enduring passion. White, humility and innocence; yellow, expressing friendship and joy. [While] pink gratitude, appreciation and, admiration; orange, enthusiasm and, desire. White lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight” (Teleflora). The rose in “A Rose for Emily” symbolizes and speaks to the love and adoration that Emily never received.

For an amazing duration, all of Emily’s life, she never gets love from any other individual but her dad. Emily was constantly secured up in the house alongside being desolate. Emily's dad powers Emily to just love him by keeping her unmarried and bolted away every time a suiter comes by to marry her. Doing this current Emily's dad instructs Emily how to love in all of the incorrect ways, by keeping them locked away to have all to themselves and demise. This is the main way Emily figures out how to love and she later attempts to utilize this strategy to keep Homer around. Emily yearned for love and fondness, the rose symbolizes the love and fondness that Emily wasn’t used to receiving before Homer (Falkner).

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At the point when Homer Baron, a construction worker, shows enthusiasm for Emily he brings any expectation of affection for Emily. Notwithstanding Emily's age, Homer allows Emily to get the adoration and love she's constantly ached for, Emily at last discovered her rose. Homer takes Emily on carriage rides, and Emily rapidly begins to fall for Homer. The town's people see and accept that Emily has discovered love. Emily's cousins show up and Homer vanishes stripping Emily of her rose once more. Homer later returns and Emily utilizes what her dad showed her while adoring somebody, she kills him so he can be her rose for eternity.


In conclusion, the rose in 'A Rose for Emily' symbolizes love and warmth that Emily's heart aches for. Emily's dad never took into account her wed, which leaves her with urgency and need for affection. Emily's father death negatively affected her life leaving her 30 and single. When Homer shows Emily the attention that she longed wished for, Emily has finally found her rose.

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