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A Study of The Functions of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with the help of technological innovation and presented to a user in such a way that they create a very different understanding, which is very different from the real life as we are used to.The ability to view images in 3-D has been enabled through the invention of virtual reality. This is the latest technological innovation, which is having a great influence on how humans can view images in another form. Virtual reality works in different ways and this essay provides a significant focus on how virtual reality functions.

Virtual reality currently can only be experienced based on two senses, which are sight and sound. The aim to create a superior world from the real world makes virtual reality a highly engaged technological innovation based on illusions and seeking to create something out of imaginations. The existing simplest form of virtual reality that exists today is the 3-D image, which can be exploited interactively using a personal computer. Human being sees on based on 2-dimensional, and this means that 3-D provides a very different focus to the real world, which aims at modifying the existing environment and create a well-developed technology that is based on the imaginary world. The interactive world that is developed based on virtual reality focuses on important aspects in technological development aiming at improving the manner in which human beings can perceive things (Dorta, 2016).

The focus on virtual reality is aimed at navigating through the limits to an individual since it is aimed at making it easier to allow an individual have a high definition 3-D view, which is impossible in the real world. The development of an imagined world focuses on improving the overall focus on the existing human challenges. The developments in the field of technology have led to a very complex and surprising world where it is very difficult to predict the next line of innovation. Virtual reality can be experienced based on virtual reality headsets that an individual is using. Different companies have developed highly developed virtual reality headsets, which can provide top quality sound and images. However, with the advancement of virtual reality, there is also an improving where the applications of virtual reality can be highly defined (Gan, 2017).

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The current virtual reality used is mainly implemented based on computer technology where virtual reality is an innovation, which has advanced key aspects of computer technology, which was one of the unique innovation to date in human history. There are some systems, which are used to achieve virtual reality. These systems include headsets, omnidirectional treadmills, and special gloves. These systems are used mainly to stimulate our senses uniquely so that we can be able to create an illusion of reality. The manner in which this illusion is created is much more difficult to understand although the imaginary environment that is created plays a key role in influencing the important aspects that are being considered within a given environment.

The virtual environment systems need to display images to a user using a high resolution. It is important to note that virtual experience system can only be effective if there is positive understanding of the underlying aspects, which shape the environment under which the system is engaged. Head Mounted displays which are headsets having two monitors one for each eye. There is a high-level coordination between the images displayed on both sets of monitor, which are key in improving the virtual experience. The images that are developed in this case create a stereoscopic effect which gives illusion if depth.

The early monitors used on HMDs used cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, which were not very good when considering the image quality that, were being displayed on these monitors. Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors have been well engaged creating a unique environment where it is very easy to develop a crucial understanding of important considerations that are being considered within the virtual environment. The LCD monitor displays are more improve based on the screen resolution and high color saturation. The LCD monitors have become more common than the CRTs because they are more engaged and focus on important issues especially screen resolution, which is an important aspect of the virtual environment. The display technology is highly improving which is aimed at creating a better environment where it would be easier to develop a better understanding on virtual experience, which is highly depended on the hardware that is being used within a given environment.

Having a better Virtual environment experience depends on the output devices that a given user is using. Headsets have formed a key part of virtual technology. Many technology and electronic based companies are developing high tech headsets, which are aiming at enhancing user experience in the virtual world. The quality of headsets that are developed for virtual technology purpose are unique and have specialized features which seek to create a better environment where it would be essential to have a high-level interactive environment based on enhanced features that are developed on these headsets.

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