A Study Stress Management and its Impact among Students

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In this article provided reveals a vast amount of ideas on stress management and its impacts among students analyzing the reasons and some problems of stress. As well as, suggesting possible solutions to reduce them.


Stress is a frustrating feeling, that has an influence to individuals’ psychological and physical system. There is no doubt, that every person feels stress in their daily basis, because of the varied reasons or problems. To be more specific, students considered the most sufferers of stress and they are most affected by stress due to the academic and social success. The reason is that, they face up with a range variety of challenges, hardships and they live under pressure in today’s globalized world.

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Students from science stream goes into further stress by giving entrance exams for different universities or colleges and they suppose that examinations are extremely significant action in their life. Therefore, majority of youngsters do not pay attention to their health during the preparation because of depression.

The reasons of why students have stress about their studies

According to the scientific researches of professors, R. Hemamalini, V. Ashok and psychologist V. Sasikala, stress occurs when one worries about something which is extremely essential or think about the same thing for a long time.

They found some reasons when and why occurs depression among students:

  • Many hours of studying;
  • Language difficulties;
  • Lack of support;
  • Examinations;
  • Misunderstanding of subjects.

Without shadow of a doubt, every student faces up with mentioned hardships during the academic year, especially in examinations they work under pressure and be concerned about their results and fear of failure.

Professor R. Hemamalini gave data on suffering from stress and feeling depression among both genders in his research by analyzing the characters of them. Following pie-chart is concerning this issue:

According to the psychologist V. Sasikala’s data, a number of activities, which majority of students consider would be more stressful. By the way, 33.6 percent of students have chosen that examinations are more serious and they feel depressed during the preparation. Yet by far, many hours of study (26.4%) also can be stressful for them, because of learning for a long time would be frustrating.

Problems of stress

Stress has a negative impact on the brain and the whole anatomy of the body.

Naturally, stress-related diseases, cardiovascular system, metabolism and gastrointestinal diseases are determined by great areas of genetic and developmental factors which are different from a human to a human but also symptoms of this illness would be the same as among humans. According to the researches of professor V. Ashok, stress causes to many serious illnesses, such as heart diseases, blood pressure and other kinda problems of health.

Stress explained as “An uncertain reaction to external and internal factors” that means a negative or positive reaction to environmental stimuli. In this regard, it is how the totality of your body relate to changes and unfamiliar situations that present itself in the course of time. During such a period, significant parts of our bodies, such as sexual organs, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate in the body react speedily. Many hormonal responses are at peak.

Ways to manage or reduce stress

Manage time

Proper time management is one of the most effective stress-relieving techniques. Choose a relaxing break between work and study, even if it is just taking out time to breathe.

Exercise and get some fresh air

A healthy lifestyle is essential for students, especially at university level. Stress is generally lower in people who maintain a healthy routine.

Water therapy

Water therapy is extremely helpful way for reducing the stress and the body relax. It can improve academic performance too.

Take one step at a time

Do not put too many eggs in one basket. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about all the deadlines, it is more effective to sort out them one by one.

Spend time with your friends

A cup of coffee with your friends or family is all you need to bring your stress levels back to normal.


A vast percentage of the students of higher education have many depressions during the academic year. Individuals facing stress at the academic level can be a reason of many psychological diseases in the form of decreased motivation, absenteeism for class and exams, incompletion of all work and others. The stress management is a leading fact that each and every management should concentrate so that they can keep an eye on their academic and personal life. All the students regardless of his or her age, gender, income level or any other priority should treat equally and should manage without any dissatisfaction. The introduction of stress management education into the curriculum could prove useful in combating this problem. Students themselves should become trainers of managing their own stress. This trend will totally lead to empower the students and to get succeed in their academic and personal life. Students facing stress are advised to attend stress management courses which will help them to build up their future life and give them brilliant motivations in order to increase their self-evaluation.


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