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View from The Bridge': A Critique of a Play

Eddie Carbone who is the main protagonist of Arthur Miller’s play A View From The Bridge’ has a very stereotypical view of how a ‘real man’ should be. As can be evidenced with is attitude towards Rodolpho, Eddie is intolerant and even hostile towards those who do not follow the traditional image of a man. Threats to his honour or the image of his masculinity, in the form of hostility and aggression, is what causes the conflicts that appear throughout...
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The Balance of Power in a 'View from The Bridge', 'The Lion' and 'The Jewel'

Many plays use the balance of power as a theme to drive the plot forward and to define their characters. In A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, the patriarchal figure of Eddie becomes a tragic hero through his loss of power and reaction to this. The character of Baroka in Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel displays a similar level of power at first, yet humorously feigns weakness in what is ultimately a show of strength. For...
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Unorthodox Love between Parents and Children in A View from the Bridge: Analytical Essay

Although Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge is not a love story, various types of love are shown in the play as the motivation of the characters’ actions. Unfortunately, most of their love does not lead to a happy ending, but only pain and tragedy. This essay examines the unorthodox love between parents and children in A View from the Bridge, love between couples, family, brothers, places, and the issue of homophobia. Firstly, the obsessive love between parents and...
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Sympathy for Eddie Carbone: A Picture of a Family in the 1950s in A View from the Bridge

What do you think will happen when you are hated by your family and everyone you care for? Even when you try to protect them? In A View from the bridge, Arthur Miller paints a picture of a family in the 1950s, in Red Hook of when two illegal immigrants come into this family’s house and change their lives forever. Arthur Miller skillfully creates Eddie Carbone as a character who is made to be felt sympathy for and as a...
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A View from the Bridge' as a Modern Tragedy: Argumentative Essay

Alfieri is a key component in Arthur Miller`s ‘A View from the Bridge’. This is because he is the narrator, he comments on the action that happens throughout the play which gives the audience an understanding of the social complexities in Red Hook. He is also the champion of the law, as he is the man who guides the characters in the play when it comes to the law as he is a lawyer, and this is important as many...
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Essay on 'A View from the Bridge' by Cherokee Paul McDonald

A View from the Bridge is a tragedy set in the industrial dockyards of Brooklyn in the 1950s after the destructive Second World War. Eddie Carbone, middle-aged, working class, and suffering from deep-rooted confusion generates conflict with all the characters he interacts with due to his toxic masculinity and manipulative personality. This is principally expressed through the conflict between the various characters in the play as well as Eddie’s internal conflicts which stem from his hamartia and tragic flaw: his...
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A View from from The Bridge': The Use of Tragedy, Perspective and Clarity

Arthur Miller wrote A View from the Bridge, a work set in the late 1940s, as he became interested in the Italian immigration at the Brooklyn docks. Fascinated by the life of Pete Panto, a longshoreman who challenged the work of the Mafia, Miller wrote the play in the form of a Greek tragedy, of which Alfieri is the chorus. Annoyed by critics not capturing “the real and inner theme of the play,” Alfieri acts as an impartial, omniscient figure...
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Conflict of Legal, Moral, Ethical, and Social Issues in A View from the Bridge

On Brooklyn Bridge, American playwright, Arthur Miller, had noticed graffiti during his walks that read: ‘Dov’è Pete Panto?’ which translates from Italian as: ‘Where is Pete Panto?’ The message also began appearing on subway stations and on office buildings at Court Street in downtown Brooklyn. After he was known the story behind the graffiti, he learned about the lives and culture of the longshoremen, their homes in their Red Hook neighborhood. Arthur heard the true story from a lawyer, Vinny...
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Critical Analysis of the Protagonist Eddie Carbone in ‘A View from the Bridge’

Coursework English literature Miller constructs protagonists who are destroyed by their obsessive need to defend their masculine self-image. How far do you agree this applies to both Willy Loman and Eddie Carbone? The 1950s, in the USA, was a period of radical change for men in the workplace, as academic attributes became increasingly appreciated and the white collar and corporate worker become a common position in society for men. But social critics of that era saw this rise as terrible...
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Eddie’s Tragic Downfall: Critical Analysis of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

In his play A View from the Bridge, Arthur Miller tells the story of the life of italian immigrants living in new york city in the 1950s. Eddie’s obsession with Catherine and his paranoia turns out to be his fatal flaw, and leads to his downfall. Eddie goes from being a kind, loving father figure to Catherine, to a mean, jealous, overprotective and possessive person towards Catherine, and finally dies when his jealousy and paranoia gets to the best of...
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