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A Way That Poetry Can Have An Influence On Society

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Many individuals who read poetry never think about the influence that poetry can have on society. Poetry can have a great influence on society. Poetry is often expressed of innermost thoughts, beliefs, desires, and struggles. A way that poetry can have an influence on society is when a poet has written a poem, and reader who is which in society reads the poem, they tend to go about things that are expressed throughout the poem differently or an individual that has read a poem that talks about a struggle in society, and has also been through a struggle may be influenced on how to overcome the next struggle.

Poetry is often a reflection of a poet’s innermost thoughts, beliefs, and desires, which can be personal to each individual. But first and foremost it can be interpreted in different ways by society and may take many different responses. Most poetry is made to elicit a reaction of a feeling within somebody, but not everyone can always agree on the reasoning of specific topics. It’s a valuable way of influencing people because of its emotional and communication action upon its people. If a poet can plot a person and challenge them the poet will have a chance of persuading them in a way of thinking or shaking them into their thoughts. Influencing society can be enacting such powers on a large scale.

A Poet normally writes a poem off of experience throughout society or knowledge about society. A poem that relates to how poetry can be an influence on society is An Obstacle by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the poem, it states, “I was climbing up a mountain-path With many things to do, Important business of my own, And other people’s too When I ran against a Prejudice That quite cut off the view”. She was explaining how she was a feminist in women’s suffrage and was trying to gane voting rights, the prejudice standing in her way was her way of describing the government.

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Society revolves around people’s feelings and thoughts. In the poem An Obstacle, Charlotte Perkins Gilman states “ So I spoke to him politely, For he was huge and high, And begged that he would move a bit And let me travel by. He smiled, but as for moving! — He didn’t even try. Basically saying that during the time of women’s suffrage, women pleaded to the government for their voting rights. The government heard what the women had to say and he listened but as for giving them their rights, it wasn’t going to happen. Poetry has an effect on people’s lives many people who read poetry mainly the individuals who can relate to whatever the poem is about, then the poem will have an even bigger influence on the reader.

In the poem The Melting Pot by Bryan Oden, he says “American immigration is a very great thing: New life, new job, new hope waiting, People come from all over the place. People come of all different race”. That line influences society because it tells society that American immigration does not consist of one race and place it tells society that anybody in America can immigrate to another place for either a new job, new life, or even new hopes. When society reads poetry they tend to believe or not believe it will be one of the two but there is still an influence happening.

In conclusion, poetry can have an influence on poetry by relating to the reader in a way that individuals can change their lives for the better on the worst. Society takes on to poetry the same way they take to the news, it’s all the same. Poetry can be news to a reader just how society can be news to a poet. Mainly saying that poetry and society are run hand to hand and that is how poetry can have an influence on society.

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