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A Writer's Choice of Words: The Truth That Lies Beneath

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What is the controversy? The controversy is a disagreement in opinion relating to events. It is meant to not only bring awareness but also to allow others to voice their opinions. This becomes a problem because it is hard for people to agree or disagree. Dave Chappell is infamous for being the focal point of controversy. Not because he does not agree with society but because he brings light to the current events that may not be the best conversation starters. Most would say even jokes about sensitive topics in an offensive matter but, that raises the question of; whether it is really offensive or does society just find it hard to accept the raw truth. Are Americans so used to sugaring things that when it is unfiltered, they sing a bit? In the Chappell Netflix comedy series ‘Sticks and Stones,’ he jokingly addresses tough topics such as decimating minorities through police brutality, cultural and sexual discrimination within the LGBTQ community, and the drug epidemic difference between African Americans and Caucasians. The series shows that the comedians use everyday events like comedy as an opportunity to shed light on the brutal reality amongst different cultures and communities.

Dave Chappell’s comedy series crystalize its subject matter through his epic choice of words. The comedian uses naked words, including obscene utterances, to communicate with his audience. His words allude to a profound sense of humor, even when addressing the gravest of concerns. In addressing culture and sexual discrimination in the LBGTQ society, the comedian uses each letter of ‘LBGTQ’ to discuss his issues surrounding the group which the acronym signifies (Chappell n.p). He tries to convey his disappointment over a discussion with a representative from Standards and Practice, regarding his show as it uses the gay term ‘faggot’ (Chappell n.p). As he addresses the realities of the community, the comedian further states that its discussion is an ‘unwritten and spoken rule of the show business’ pointing out that the societal debate on the LGBTQ community is kind of offensive and cannot be an open one (Chappell n.p). He further implies that it is not open for discussion and that people should not upset the controversial community.

His idea presentation is also one that the audience can identify with as it involves the incorporation of controversies in daily life. For instance, his discussion of transracism and transgender is through narrating the analogy of a car ride (Chappell n.p). It is worth noting that the driver of the car in the discussion is gay, who states that he is knowledgeable regarding discrimination as he paved the path. As a response to the driver’s statement, Dave claims that the famed racism in which some individuals from the LGBTQ group continually point to other ethnicities. It is consistent in particular with the black queers, who are the lesser minority and have a kinship (Chappell n.p). Inside the stated car are other riders of white descent, comprising of the entire LBBTQ society.

Moreover, Chappell states that the blacks suppose that their queerness is more notable than their race and affiliated grapple in the U.S.A. The comedian is careful to note that the LGBTQ community is not coherent as there is nothing that ties the individuals together in society. As a result, LGBTQ is nothing but separate movements that fall under the categorization. While cementing the drug crisis, he refers to it as a concern for a diverse population who deals in drugs, implying it affects African Americans and Caucasians differently(Chappell). In his presentation, he explicitly talks about the absolute distinction betwixt crack and opioid scourge. He, for example, states that ‘This opioid crisis is a crisis,’ emphasizing how serious the social concern is (Chappell n.p). Also, the comedian implies that he witnesses the disaster on an everyday basis and gets concerned that the issue destroys lives and tears apart families.

Further, the comedian states, ‘Sadly, you know what it reminds me of seeing it? It reminds me of us. These white folks look like us during the crack epidemic’ (Bogues n.p). Chappell use of words such as epidemics, crisis, and sadly exposes the seriousness of the problem with substance use. His funny way of illustrating an encounter with a woman intoxicated by a heroine presents the realities of the desperation among drug users, irrespective of their race.

Withal, Dave Chappell appears to empathize with the whites for the struggle by saying, ‘Hang in their whites! Just say, no!’ (n.p). He further questions how hard it is for them to quit. The subject under discussion is serious and sensible, but the involvement of the whites in a ‘minority crisis’ is indeed controversial. In an equal measure, the comedian considers opioids intake by the whites as wild as he can perceive how they could have discerned the blacks go through the crack affliction (Bogues n.p). It is funny how Chappell incorporates a sense of humor after emphasizing with the whites as he, in the end, remarks ‘…because I don’t care either (n.p).

Through considering how the comedian presents his thoughts, it is evident that he picks precise words to convey his thoughts, all of which are controversial, and lessens the gravity of the subject matter by invoking a sense of humor. Also, the comedian’s tone and body language, facial expressions, stage movements, and hand gestures help him capture the scope of his subject matter all through the show. For example, as Chappell imitates Homer Simpson’s tone, he feebly sways his arms while saying, ‘Uh, duh. Hey! Durr! If you do anything wrong in your life, duh!’ (n.p).

The film brings out different reactions as some find it simplifying rather than complicating the broader discourse, and it is neither typecast nor derogatory. On the other hand, others find it convoluting a larger conversation, yet others perceive it as stereotypical and insulting. Throughout the film, Chappell tries to advance the limits of what he knows offends his audience, and the audience feels the impact. One can point out that after the comedian cracks a joke, the audience takes time before deciding how to react. In addition to that, his jokes evoke considerable tension in some scenes.

An instance is when Chappell discusses the Michael Jackson defilement film and sums up, ‘…that is how gross the documentary was (n.p).’ Notably, the audience takes a longer time than ‘normal’ to react. The reaction is also mixed up with some awed while others laugh.

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From the reaction, it is evident that some individuals perceive the subject matter from a pure perspective, while others take it as offensive. The atypical uneasiness might be from the comedian’s criticism of Michael Jackson deepening more than a standard jest. However, the tension melts away when Chappell discusses a wrongdoer whose deeds are without controversy to deserve the labeling as illicit (Gordon 1). Also, the audience agrees with him as he explains non-controversial persons, such as the wealthy white, which happens less than expected. Instead, the comedian devotes much of his stage time, as if he has a particular purpose, discussing the LGBTQ community, ‘bitches and punks’ (Gordon 1). The extended discussion of the category in the comedian’s performance attributed to the concerns’ effect from the patriarchy to Chappell alludes.

Also, Chappell’s film proves that he is unapologetic for what he says since, after cracking some nasty joke, he says, ‘And if you’re at home watching this shit on Netflix, remember, Bitch, you clicked on my face (Chappell n.p).’ The statement alludes to the fact that by viewing the film online, then one should have known what to expect from him. Chappell’s courage to present clear ideas to his audience from his perspective could source from realizing the protection of his speech by the law. The American constitution protects his statement under the ‘First Amendment’ protects his speech (United States Courts n.p). Despite the negative impacts the film might evoke on different people, it remains lawful as he tries to communicate a controversial message through the use of offensive words and phrases.

Critics observe that making fun of the LBTQ community is undemanding and must have been so uncreative for Chappell to focus on the group in his film. Also, other than offending individuals who affiliate with the group fail to push any comic or political territories. As an outcome, Chappell’s creation of ‘Sticks and Stones’ means that the comedian is nothing but clichéd and indolent (Braswell 1). In a similar vein, when Chappell jokes about celebrity defilers and those with failed dreams, and the LGBTQ community, it is apparent that he does not fit into any of the categories. Detractors presuppose that his efforts to discuss the categories’ insiders make him more of an insider as well (Braswell 1). While censuring anyone, critics point out that it’s best to first decide if one is on or against the group under scrutiny.

Throughout the show, the comedian takes a considerable length of time to discuss the LGBTQ society, to the point the subject matter felt over-represented. It is irritating to see the comedian single out every alphabet of the acronym and offer his humor-coated truths. Observers think that the scene portrayed the comedian as lazier than the other sections of the presentation (Braswell 1). Withal, the scenes describe him as resentful and irritated after discovering that he could not pitch his sense of humor in a vacuum. Others attest that they have seen the comedian perform better jokes, in his previous work.

From the instance, the comedian implies that in his second impression, he betrays his anxieties regarding community groups that determine the country’s atmosphere. His thoughts on the different topics he discusses point out aspects with which he finds compassion. Chappell’s choice of words while talking about his friends is, to some extent, offensive. For instance, by stating his friend, Kelvin Hart is a few tweets to perfection and Louis C. K was as well a companion up to the example of his demise, sourcing from the greasy self-gratification mishap (Giorgis 1). Other comedians present the realities of Michael Jackson’s molestation accusations. However, Dave Chappell further complicates the controversy by stating that he does not share the comedian’s supposition. In as much as the comedian tries to offer his thoughts humorously, it would be demeaning for the two referenced to realize how Chappell thinks of them.

‘Stones and Sticks’ also offends the audience in the scene where Chappell discusses Michael Jackson’s defilement by indicating that he could also partake in pedophilia. He goes to the lengths of claiming he would defile Macaulay Culkin, and his use of obscene words proves him unapologetic (Giorgis 1). Similarly, it is disrespectful of the comedian to assert that when he heard of Chris Brown’s aggressive behavior towards Rihanna, his first thoughts were what misdoing Rihanna committed (Giorgis 1). Judging from such comments Chappell makes, the viewers could find the comedian as one who does not uphold any moral standards despite his attempts to tie the ideas to comedy.

Chappell’s film provokes the audience to hold a pessimistic perspective in their thinking of him. For instance, by first wondering what wrong Rihanna committed to earning her Chris Brown’s assault in 2009, he appears as one who thinks of females as triggers of their intimate victimization. In a similar vein, by claiming he would as well defile children, just like his C.K. and Michael Jackson, his audience thinks of him as horrible. In their minds, he qualifies as a purposed pedophile, and is presented with a chance; would commit the crime against Macaulay Culkin.

Moreover, by advocating that everyone deserves to have a gun license in an attempt to achieve exemplary gun control in the U.S., Chappell sends a message of embracing gun violence. In a typical society, not all adults qualify for the licenses, therefore, permitting all to have guns in possession would create a hyper-violent community, which Chappell does not seem to mind. The overall film leaves the audience with the notion that Chappell directs his disposition outbursts to his presentation (Giorgis 1). He sounds as if he intends to acquire all the control, stardom, and profits in the American comedy industry for himself, and the acquisition should be unquestionable.

In brief, Dave Chappell’s comedy film ‘Sticks and Stones communicate agreeably controversial thematic concerns. In his movie, Chappell addresses matters such as culture and sexual discrimination in the LGBTQ community and the distinction betwixt African Americans and the Caucasian drug abuse crisis. His techniques of using comedy are outstanding and non-complex as the comedian uses everyday activities to deliver his thoughts. His ideas, without the humor elements, are hard to swallow by accepting them as Chappell presents them. A substantial number of individuals embrace his ideas while an equal amount of persons disagree with his perspective. His choice of words and non-verbal cues enhance how he sheds light on his themes. However, the firm widens the conversation on the subject matter, yet other people feel that his ideas are disrespectful. Towards the end of the film, the audience has a pessimistic image of him in their minds since his ideas prove him non-ethical, and a few share in his thoughts.

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