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Women’s Rights and Roles in Early America: Influence of Abigail Adams

Throughout history, women have not been given the same rights, freedoms, or respect that men have. Society has always celebrated the great things men were capable of and women were rarely acknowledged for anything that they did until over a hundred years later when women started fighting back. Before and after the American Revolution, women were only very slowly allowed to have any kind of rights in society, mainly fighting for the rights of the Constitution that men were always...
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Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison, and Their Contribution in Shaping the Modern-day Equality as U.S. Presidents’ Wives

U.S. Presidents’ Wives in shaping America’s Value and Equality There is no doubt that women play an influential role in the U.S. political climate today, and female citizens have the freedom to partake in congress while having equal opportunity to win a seat in the senate. However, history has proven that things were not always as equal to what is perceived today. Before the 1760s, American women were seen as having no legitimate public role, and husbands have total control...
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The Path to the Movement Toward Independence

In North American colonies throughout the eighteenth century The Americans start noticing differences between the American and British politics. They start feeling threatened and taken advantage of by the British Government. We start seeing words like tyranny, liberty, equality, and slavery used a lot which gave way to the American Revolution. One of the persons that set path to the movement toward independence was Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine was an english government official who argued for two things. One of...
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The Review of Cokie Roberts' 'Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation'

‘Founding Mothers’ is a multi-faceted biography that recognizes the undiscussed efforts and contributions of women during the American Revolution. Roberts uses primary sources written by these women in the form of diary journals and letters to analyze the unseen aspects of women’s achievements during the war and give dimension to their lives. Specifically, figures such as Martha Washington, Sarah Pinckney, and Abigail Adams amongst others are discussed in detail in terms of their contributions to the war efforts and their...
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Abigail Adams and Her 'Fight' for Women's Rights

As the great Birgham Young said, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation”. These words could not have better painted the picture of how women felt in America in 1776 amidst the great American Revolution. At the time the ideas of human rights, liberty and independence were being pursued by white men, however women’s rights were merely brushed off. The source introduces a feminist ideology and approach to rights issue in...
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The Arguments that the American Revolution Was Indeed a 'Revolution'

The American Revolution and its Declaration of Independence are a hallmark to the Enlightenment ideals of individual liberty, social equality, and the opposition to government tyranny and despotism. It persisted from 1775 until 1783 between the mercantile British mother country and its 13 colonies in America. Led by the efforts of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, John Adams, Abigail Adams, Elizabeth Murray, the prominent Sons and Daughters of Liberty, American colonists waged a war that revolutionized politics, economics, and...
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The Declaration of Independence and Reimagining the Role of Women

The ideals of the Declaration of Independence were established in 1776 which was all for equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but were not entirely evident when it came to the re-imagining of a women’s role. Abigail Adams had been unable to convince John Adams and congress to grant women more rights as they were about to shape the new national government, but it could be seen that John was not going to Remember the Ladies as he...
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