Abortion: It Is Nobody’s Choice What A Woman Does With Her Body

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There is a major problem in this country and the world. A great big heap of people believes that abortions should be illegal. But that’s just not how things should be. Katha Pollitt, an American author, poet, essayist, and critic, once said. These are words of wisdom plenty of people could do to hear. Abortion needs to be legal because if not, women will be forced to find unsafe ways of going about it. It is nobody’s choice and nobody's business just what a woman does with her body except for the woman herself, and some people just aren't in a place where they are ready to carry and/or care for a child. The idea of illegal abortions is just horrible and cruel. It’s inhumane. Nobody should feel be able to make irreversible, life-changing decisions for anyone and live with themselves.

That is more than half a million people in the US alone. access to legal abortion does not actually, automatically prevent them from having abortions. Illegal abortions can be dirty, sketchy, incredibly dangerous, etc. It’s a lot you have to gamble if that’s the choice you have to make. You might argue that it was her fault and that she did it to herself, however, she wouldn't have even been in that situation, were it not for the legal status of abortions. She clearly must've been desperate. Nobody should have to go through anything like this. Not ever.

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One of the big parts of our government is that the people are supposed to rule, meaning we choose things by voting on everything as a country. This is great in theory, but when it comes to laws affecting major personal decisions for individuals, it crosses the line. By voting, you affect everyone in your city, state, country, and sometimes even the entire world. Just one vote changes the numbers, changes the results, changes lives. No person should feel empowered to make irrevocably life-changing decisions for anyone, especially not somebody from all the way across the country that you will never have any connection to or even somebody on the other side of the world. The sole fact that it is legal does not make it right. Roe v. Wade was very unfortunately seriously limited, however, later in 1989 by Webster v. Reproductive Health. There was also a major group in Minnesota fighting for abortion education and rights. This collection of information serves as part of the reason that I wholeheartedly believe that Roe v. Wade and the MCLTP are the kinds of things we need to see more of, and soon.

Some people feel that it is wrong to kill a baby and at first glance, that sounds reasonable, right?. But for a decent chunk of the pregnancy, they are just wads of assumingly sticky cells. And even if you want to call it a baby that early, it is not your child to decide whether it lives or dies. The mother is to make that choice for herself and the baby. She is to do what is best for her first, then the baby. Nobody deserves the power to take that choice away from anybody... That is approximately 22%, including only surgical and medical procedures, of women who would be forced into birth and motherhood, adoption, or as dangerous illegal abortion if they were to have the decision carelessly revoked. To top that off another Sabrina gave her suffering baby peace, as well as protecting her own life so she could be there for her future children. An anonymous woman posted this next excerpt. This unsigned, first-hand, disturbing account, as well as that painful recollection that came before it, just helps to show that becoming a mother and carrying a child is exceedingly complicated. Choosing not to enter motherhood is just as so. Much experienced trauma, pain, depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, etc. when going through these things. However, it should not be this way. Things need to change. The fact that people can do these horrible things, such as forcing women into decisions by backing them into corners, and live with themselves is absolutely disgusting.

There are many times which abortion is necessary for one reason or another. Finally, it may be concluded, that abortion really needs to be legal because if not, as previously mentioned, women will be forced to find highly unsafe ways of seeking it out. It is nobody’s choice what a woman does with her body except for the woman herself, and some people just aren't in a place where they are ready to carry and/or care for a child of their own. Women need to have all abortion rights 100% access to safe, affordable abortions. After all, it’s a matter of quality of life, and that is supposed to be one of the major concerns of the people in charge of the country and laws, right?

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