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Abortion Overall Must Never Be A Person's First Choice Of Action

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As a person, one is faced with many dilemmas in life. A tremendous epidemic that has been debated for many years is abortion. Abortion is a major moral dilemma in today’s society, which most people do not take into consideration. The thesis I am arguing is that abortion must be liberated in society and it is unacceptable that innocent lives are terminated due to a lack of inhumanity and integrity. There may be certain situations that may be reasonable to abort because of severe circumstances. Although, unfortunately, most people go through an abortion because they do not want more responsibility or accept the consequences of their actions.

I strongly believe that getting an abortion is a heartless act of one’s ethical principles. I applied this principle because abortion is taking away the life of the unborn child, which is morally corrupting society. A person who can live with taking away life without cause is immoral. I believe this because even if the pregnancy was an irresponsible accident or viewed as a burden it has a purpose to live. There are many different ways to avoid pregnancy today in society. Birth control, condoms, getting a vasectomy, or even abstinence are possible alternatives for people to prevent pregnancy. Also, it would greatly reduce the abortion rate for people to be responsible for their actions. These may be ways to prevent birth at that certain time in a person’s life, but like anything else you do it will always have a consequence. The consequences of birth control could be that when you are ready to conceive later on in life the fetus could be deformed or have other unpleasant disorders due to you having a reaction to the past medication used for prevention. However, there is always the people who slip up thinking they would be fine and could never get pregnant. Many people who get an abortion only think about the bad that comes from conceiving the child. Such as, if the doctor informs a family that the baby would be born with down syndrome, have an unnatural, or have any other major disabilities. That should never give someone a reason to abort an innocent child with no choice. Unfortunately, they usually do not take the time to look at the good outcomes. Even if the child is born different it should not take away the importance the child still has as a human that needs to be loved and have a purpose. People turn to abortion for the easiest way out because society has pushed it into people’s faces. Today society is making it seem like abortion is the only way to deal with unwanted babies. Society has made it seem like in order to be socially accepted or to view what they say is right, you have to comply with their lifestyle. Society uses abortion as a sense of false dichotomy where they portray, you need to have an abortion, or you will be stuck having to take care of it.

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The strongest objection of the laws against abortion would be that it violates the autonomy of women’s rights to choose what they think is right. Women have the freedom and the right to make decisions to do what they please regarding their bodies. As a woman and because of those rights as a human they cannot be denied by their wishes. By the increasing innovative technology today it has made it easy and also safe for the mother to go through an abortion and do not have any effects from the operation. In some severe cases such as rape or major medical reasons, women have the right to get an abortion. In a scholarly source “The Future of Women’s Health” it reports, “Any regulation of abortion care must recognize the full range of health risks that pregnant women face. Making access to abortion much more difficult ignores a portion of these women, who may have to terminate a pregnancy out of medical necessity” (Skiba 571). In rare situations, some women are faced with life-threatening reasons that give them cause to get an abortion. Such as, if the mother could handle the birth which has a possibility to be fatal instead of both the mother and the fetus dying the mother could be saved. The mother may feel that she is incapable of caring for the child and because of her rights she could abort for her sake.

In a pregnancy, abortion should never be the first step of action. Even though women have the right to get an abortion does not mean it is the only way. There is another way in which an abortion would not be considered, such as adoption. In an academic journal, it states, “Various states (Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin) have laws mandating pre-abortion counseling, where women are read a state-prepared script meant to warn them about the dangers of abortion” (Manninen 34). This provides help for women to rethink their decision and make the right choice for them and the baby. Abortion rights have become less strict today and it has made abortion so rampant in society. On a spiritual level, abortion is strict and goes against many religious organizations. Many doctors do not comply with being a part of an abortion operation because it goes against their moral values. In past cases, doctors stepped down from the procedure because their beliefs contradict such an immoral act. In an anti-abortion academic journal, it says, “Pro-life groups have also been quite active in attempting to directly discourage and/or prevent women from having access to abortion services. These actions have taken several forms, including picketing, blockading, and demonstrations as well as other forms of disruption”. People are fighting for what they believe in and I stand with the pro-life movement because each being has a purpose. The battle for life and death has been an ongoing struggle between two political views the pro-life and pro-choice groups. A positive way technology has helped save a life from abortion is from a sonogram. When families hear their child’s heartbeat or even tossing around in the womb for the first time they fall in love, but also complete guilt because they almost killed a precious being. When the parent sees and hears the innocence of a living being it almost always makes them reconsider their decision and choose not to abort it.

In conclusion, abortion has been an ongoing struggle in a society that is immoral. I have brought into consideration many reasons why abortion has torn into the morals of today’s society. Many people’s views toward abortion are widely varied and mostly never the same. I know without a doubt that every child is born to have a purpose and survive the obstacles in life. I strongly believe abortion will not prevail as long as we speak up and fight for life. Abortion overall must never be a person’s first choice of action. All in all, because abortion rights have been lenient, it has caused an outbreak of the increase in the percentage of abortions around the world. This careless act has affected the moral grounds of the human race, which has become a colossal controversy among society today.

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